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Obviously, Internet dating is commonplace right now because everything is digital these days. But it doesn’t mean everyone knows how to use the best dating website correctly; hence, I’ve decided to provide you with a how-to guide today!

best international dating website

  • The first message shouldn’t be a low-effort message.

If you send something like “Hi” to a lady online, she probably wouldn’t even respond unless you look like Brad Pitt. In other words, if you have good looks, you need less attractive behavior; if you don’t have good looks, you need more attractive behavior.

In reality, most men don’t look like Brad Pitt. So, please make sure the first message that you sent to a lady on the Internet is something more interesting than “Hi”.

A low-effort message can be a generic message that you send to 100 women as well. Without any tailored/personalized content, the message’s conversion rate will be lower. (Yes, online dating is about converting strangers into potential girlfriends).

Let’s say you are looking for a job. You would be ill-advised to send 100 generic resumes to 100 companies, for these companies clearly have different expectations, requirements, and cultures. That is to say, every resume that you send to a company should be tailored according to that company’s situation. Then you will possibly get an opportunity for a job interview. Having said that, if you have a unique and sought-after skill, you don’t need to spend too much time writing your resume – a generic resume will be fine! Therefore, a person with a sought-after skill can afford to send generic, low-effort resumes, whereas someone without a sought-after skill can’t afford to do that and must send tailored resumes.

Similarly, women are evaluating men on the best dating websites (some women are doing this without consciously being aware of their evaluation). Thus, it is your responsibility to send the right messages to women online.

Here is a list of good examples (the first message to a woman on the best dating site):

  1. “Hi, Blue_Eyed! Thank you for reading my message. I noticed your dating profile and I really like it. In fact, I have secretly liked Titanic for 22 years as well because that movie is very well done and it’s not overdone.” (Note that this message indicates you have actually read her dating profile which mentions she is a fan of the movie Titanic. Because Titanic has a very strong emotive power, your message will help you build an emotional connection with this woman instantly.)
  2. “Hey, Red_Ruby! Thanks for reading my message. I also miss Spice Girls because I grew up with their music. I guess my ears have a very good memory, so every time I listen to Spice Girls, I feel young again.” (This message immediately shows a common interest that you share with this lady, so she will want to talk to you – Spice Girls is beyond music as it’s about the time you and she grew up!)
  3. “Hello, Rhythm_of_the_Rain. Thank you for checking my message. I like reading, too. In fact, I’m a member of the XYZ book club which is going to have an event this Sunday. I think you should come!” (This message is already inviting the lady to an event, so the first date is not going to be awkward – you will meet this lady in a public place where other people will be around as well. The first date will have an external focus, so it’s going to be very natural and interesting. If it goes well, you can always have a second date! Also, because this message doesn’t ask, “Would you like to come?”, you look high-value and confident – using a statement is always better than using a question – just assume she is interested! If she doesn’t want to go to the event, you don’t have anything to lose.)
  • Don’t become pen friends with a woman!

If you keep talking to a woman on the best dating site for too long, you two are pen pals. Therefore, you would be well-advised to meet her in person as soon as possible.

Let’s say you’ve met a woman on the best international dating website and she lives in a foreign country. You’d better book a flight and meet her there within a few months. Don’t wait for one year! Don’t let another year go by without progress.

Also, when you talk to each other online for too long, you might fall in love with perception in your head. She might be very different in reality, so you should find out the truth quickly. In this way, you won’t waste your time.

  • Use the Primacy Effect to your advantage on the first date.

Remember to ask the lady out for the first date as soon as possible so that you will know whether she is the right woman for you or not.

The first date is very important because sometimes the first impression is also the last impression this is called the Primacy Effect.

Primacy Effect refers to the fact that people tend to remember what they noticed first during the interaction. That’s exactly why when the first date didn’t go well, chances are you won’t have a second date.

Now you are aware of the Primacy Effect, so you should be very well-prepared for the first date. Even if you visit your lady in a foreign country, it doesn’t mean she should take you to places that she wants to go to – you still need to be in control. That means you need to do some research in advance: Which restaurants have the most romantic ambiance in her city? Which movies can you see at the cinema when you are there? Do some homework beforehand, please.

In terms of which restaurant you should go to in her city, you can check Google reviews and Yelp reviews carefully before making a decision. As to which movie you should take her to see in the cinema, you may choose a horror movie so that she will need your physical “protection” then and there! That is the perfect way to build chemistry fast with the lady from the best dating site.

  • Use the Recency Effect when you end a date.

Recency Effect refers to the fact that people tend to remember what happens in the end during the interaction. In the dating context, basically, it means when you end date, you should end it at its peak.

Don’t make the date too long because when a date keeps going for 4 or 5 hours, it will become boring. Or you might feel that you have to get physical on the first date. This can leave the wrong impression.

Ideally, the first date should be 1-2 hours maximum. Make it short and sweet. End it during its highlight, so that the lady from the best dating site will want to see you again!

“Sufficient preparation is the prerequisite of confidence.”


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Is it safe to travel to Ukraine? What is the best time to visit Ukraine? How many days should I spend in Ukraine? These are the most common questions that you ask us regularly.

We will answer each of these questions in this article and video below.

Travel to Ukraine

 1) Let’s face the fact that safeness is a relative term.

All countries and cities have safe and dangerous parts and all you can do is just to be attentive and gather all possible information from the people who have already been to the country you would like to visit.

Most noteworthy, we know that many of you are aware of the situation in Donetsk and Luhansk. Certainly, because of this particular situation, you’re afraid to come to Ukraine for such a long-awaited meeting with your special lady.

However, on our site, we register ladies only from the safe areas of our country. We watch out for our clients’ best interests, and we do care about their safeness. Therefore, all of our male clients who came to Ukraine for a meeting with their special lady got back to their countries safe. Hence, we receive numerous positive feedbacks from our clients regarding their trip to Ukraine. Certainly, Ukraine is a wonderful country with beautiful nature, rich history and culture, delicious cuisine, and smiling people.

2) What is the best time to visit Ukraine? 

That totally depends on you. If you like hot weather, then welcome to Ukraine in the summertime. You and your lady can go to the seaside, have a boat trip, etc.

If you are not a big fan of bright sun and extremely high temperature, then the middle of Spring or the beginning of Autumn is the best time for you. Ukraine in Autumn is a magic place. The cities are mixed with green and yellow, red and golden leaves all around. And this colorful carpet of the leaves covers all streets and makes you believe that you walk on the trees. Certainly, if you are not afraid of heavy snow and cold air outside then come to Ukraine in Wintertime. Hence, you will enjoy celebrating the New Year with your lady.

Most noteworthy, do not forget to discuss it with your lady, so she will be able to take a few days off to spend the time with you.

Travel to Ukraine

3) How long should be your vacation in Ukraine?

The length of your trip depends on how many ladies you would like to visit (we usually advise our client to book the meetings with 2 or 3 ladies) and how many days the ladies can spend with you.  And that brings us back to our previous advice: Do not forget to discuss your trip with the lady you would like to visit. In case, if you are not an experienced traveler and you do not want to spend half of your trip looking for the hotel and you need help with transfers, flight tickets, and accommodation our own in-house travel agency, Simply Travel gladly assist you.

And do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel if you want to get more useful tips.

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Since online dating has become the main way for singles to meet each other these days, how to create a great dating profile is a frequently asked question. Thus, now I’m going to show you how exactly you can create an outstanding profile and stand out from the crowd.

dating profile headline

  • Your photos must be very good (Yes, I said “must”, not “should”).

If you studied how to manage the first impression before, you probably know that people will notice your hairstyle first when they meet you for the first time, and then they will notice your face and your clothes.

Now in terms of the first impression on a dating website, people will notice your photos before they read your dating profile. That’s why you have to upload high-quality photos. In fact, some dating websites proactively delete low-quality photos and low-effort profiles in order to maintain the quality of their platform.

If you already have some very good photos, you can use those on your dating profile. Otherwise, you may ask a friend who is good at taking photos to help you. If you are very serious, you can hire a professional photographer to take great photos for you.

Ideally, your profile photo should be taken in nature, i.e. on the beach, in the sunshine, etc. That’s because statistics show that men’s profiles with photos taken outdoors are much more likely to get positive responses from women online. Further research shows that women associate men who are active in nature with positive emotions, whereas men who stay in a dark room look unreliable in photos.

Please note that you shouldn’t show off your wealth in the profile photo because you don’t want to attract gold-diggers who aren’t serious. A gold-digger is a woman who gets cash fast and leaves the guy.

Hence, don’t show off your expensive car in the photo, please.

Also, if you show off your money, it only means you are “new money” rather than “old money”. “New money” constantly wants to attract others’ attention and show off their new wealth, whereas “old money” don’t care what strangers think of them.

If you’d like women to know that you have financial freedom, your profession should be able to tell them. When women notice that your profession is very good, they will figure out that you are financially successful.

  • Your dating profile headline must differentiate yourself from your competitors.

On almost every dating site, you can easily see countless run-of-the-mill dating profile headlines. Obviously, most online daters never did any kind of training in the dating department, so they don’t know what they are doing.

The second important item of a dating profile is your headline. That’s why a good headline is paramount. Now I’d like to show you how to write an unforgettable profile headline.

First and foremost, your headline has to emphasize your personality. For example, “a bold gentleman” shows a unique pairing about you, i.e. you are bold and gentle at the same time – that makes you very attractive.

In the second place, your headline should emphasize your interest. For instance, “an avid reader” shows your hobby: reading. In this way, your profile will attract like-minded people in the online community.

Next, your headline needs to indicate your wit. A case in point is “willing to lie about how we met each other” – this headline displays your humor and wit.

Furthermore, you would be well-advised to use the headline to showcase your unique selling point. In business, people use the term “unique selling point” to describe why a product or service is different and better than its competitors’ offerings. As a matter of fact, dating is the only situation in which both parties are buying and selling at the same time! Therefore, you can leverage the headline to imply your unique selling point, e.g. “a thinker who doesn’t overthink” shows your high IQ and high EQ & this can be your unique selling point.

Please note that the following elements must be avoided in the headline:

  1. Negativity. Take this dating profile headline as an example – “looking…but with trust issues”. It says you actually look for problems before they arise.
  2. Low effort. Look at this example – “Hey” (it means you spent 1 second writing your headline).
  3. Neediness. Check out this example – “Looking for someone to rescue me” (it means you are clingy and needy).
  4. Very long sentences. Here is an example – “I’m a reliable, trustworthy, intelligent and healthy guy & my hobbies are painting, poetry, football, singing and playing the guitar.” This headline’s focus is gone.
  5. Grammar and spelling errors, e.g. “Are you the love of my life?”
  6. Repetition, e.g. “A lawyer from Los Angeles” In actuality, other members can easily see your location and your profession in your profile. You shouldn’t be so repetitive.
  • If you aren’t sure, you may hire a dating coach to write your dating profile for you.

I hope you have already learned a lot from this article so far, but if you are still not sure, you can hire a dating coach to help you. There are many dating coaches who offer this kind of services online, e.g. Virtual Dating Assistants, Personal Dating Assistants, Dating Advisors, Online Dating Consultants, etc. Some of these experts are professional wingmen who can give you extra help such as sending messages to women on your behalf. In this way, you will certainly receive many messages from qualified female candidates that you actually like. Some dating coaches can even recommend professional photographers in your local area because they will do the research online for you.

Let me show you some outstanding dating profile examples below:

  1. I’m a caring, loving and interesting man with ten years’ experience overseas. I’ve worked in Egypt, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Germany for 10 years. I also love traveling the world. I’ve been to Russia, Japan, France, Argentina, Canada and Fiji as a tourist. I’m very passionate about life because the average person only has approximately 30,000 days in their lifetime – every day is a special day. Make every day count!
  2. As an enthusiastic reader, I read 52 books per year. That’s a book per week. I read books from three categories: A) money and business; B) mastery, i.e. writing, public speaking, etc.; C) health and fitness. I also write blog articles regularly on my personal blog about what I’ve been reading. If you are interested, you may join this journey with me.
  3. I’m a purebred entrepreneur, so I can’t have a real 9-to-5 job. I’ve been doing my own business since 2002 and I really love the excitement and fulfillment that my business has brought me. I’m looking for a lady who is happy to share this passion with me.

Note that these good examples include the following key elements:

  1. They use contractions such as “I’m”, “that’s” and “can’t” because contractions sound more colloquial and more approachable.
  2. They are very specific. None of them says “I’m a good person” which is too generic.
  3. They all show radical self-love, meaning each of them indicates the member’s high self-esteem because they believe “Nobody will value you more than you value yourself.”

“Your dating profile is more important than you think.”

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One decade ago, Internet dating was a taboo topic. In contrast, online dating has become mainstream nowadays. You may wonder why this is happening, so now I’m going to explain this in detail.


  • Modern technologies have transformed the way people interact with each other.

Although we had cell phones in 2006, we didn’t have smartphones at that time. In other words, the Internet was at its early stage in 2006.

After 2006, several things have happened: 1) Major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat were born & have become mature. 2) Smartphones have become extremely popular. 3) People have changed their opinion about entering their credit card numbers online – previously, many people said something along the lines of, “I will never enter my credit card number on the Internet,” but these days almost everyone has entered their credit card number online.

As a result, three findings have been identified: 1) People tend to frequently interact with each other online, so face-to-face communication is declining. 2) Individuals are staring at their phones instead of looking at others even at social events and parties, meaning people’s social skills are not practiced sufficiently. 3) Online daters have decided to enter their credit card numbers on dating websites so that they can find true love in record time.

Therefore, online dating is commonplace in today’s day and age.

  • Switched-on daters would like to maximize their chance of finding love fast.

Even if you are an offline dater, you would be well-advised to use online dating as an add-on. In this way, you can maximize your chance of finding someone suitable quickly because if you only rely on offline dating such as community-based methods, you have to put a lot of effort into the dating department by yourself – you must proactively create opportunities to meet qualified candidates by going to parties, speed dating events, and other social gatherings. Apart from that, you also have to convert people you meet into real candidates.

By contrast, online dating is very different because joining a dating website is just like making passive income. Let me explain.

Let’s say you join a dating site today. I can almost guarantee that the dating website will automatically send you qualified leads immediately. Usually, a reputable dating website will send you at least 5-10 qualified candidates per week without your effort. All you need to do is to create a dating profile and send some messages to other members – this can be done in a few minutes.

Now I’d like to show you two business analogies:

Analogy 1:

You invest in the stock market and you are making money from your investment. When you are watching TV, you are making passive income on the couch. You also make passive income when you are asleep.

Analogy 2:

You sell toys to children. The first location to sell toys is in the middle of a random street where all kinds of people can see your products. The second location to sell toys is at the gate of a kindergarten. Which location will help you sell more products? Obviously, when you sell toys at the gate of a kindergarten, you will sell more products because the location sends you qualified leads automatically. Whenever parents pick up their children, children will ask their parents to buy toys for them.

Now you’ve understood the difference between leads and qualified leads. Therefore, it is clear that offline dating will generate leads (you go to parties and social events, but you can’t guarantee whether people you meet there are single or not). In contrast, online dating will generate qualified leads (you join a dating website and you already know other members of the dating site are single and looking for love). Better still, you don’t need to explain yourself when you are on a dating website because everyone on the site already knows why you are there!

No wonder a growing number of single individuals looking for love are joining Internet dating websites right now.

  • Even celebrities have joined dating websites.

Many years ago, people assumed that only bottom feeders would use online dating sites. But today, in reality, even celebrities have joined the Internet dating scene. As far as I know, seven celebrity couples met each other online: Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef, Jake T. Austin and Danielle Caesar, Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith, Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams, Iggy Azalea and Nick Young, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose & Calvin Harris and Rita Ora. These celebrities found their partners on the Internet!

Hence, it is obvious that online dating is not only for the general public but also for the elite in society. Thus, I can say Internet dating is more than mainstream in modern-day society.

Clearly, a large number of high-value men and high-value women have joined dating websites already and you can certainly meet them online if you like.

American entrepreneur Tom Bilyeu once said, “If I were single, I would definitely join a dating website.” (Note that Tom Bilyeu is the founder of a multi-billion-dollar company Quest Nutrition which is also known as the unicorn company in the United States).

Interestingly, Gary Vaynerchuk famously said, “If I were single, then I must join a dating site.” (Yes, you read that right, he said “must”, not “would” or “should”). Gary Vaynerchuk is the most well-known self-made entrepreneur in America.

  • The real benefits of Internet dating are diverse.

First of all, online dating gives you unlimited opportunities to meet people that you would never meet in real life. For instance, Richard is a British guy living in London, but he is very attracted to Eastern European women due to their authentic beauty and femininity. However, there aren’t many Slavic women in London. Therefore, Richard joined an international dating site and met his Russian wife within four weeks. (Please note that this isn’t Richard la Ruina who is also a British guy married to a Russian wife. Richard la Ruina said British women are fat, entitled and can’t take criticism on TV, whereas this Richard here didn’t say that. They have the same name & this is just a coincidence.)

Second, reputable dating websites give you comprehensive, high-quality service, including matchmaking service, speed dating service, and even international tours. That means if you would like to enjoy premium service, you can access it on the Internet easily. Also, if you want to meet a foreign lady before marrying her, the international dating site can arrange a trip for you, including translators, flights and accommodation. Yet if you only do offline dating, this is going to be ten times harder.

Last but not least, online dating actually costs less. Let’s say you would like to meet a high-value woman offline. Go to upscale parties every weekend. Get on cruise ships in order to meet someone suitable. You travel to another city so as to chat with fellow tourists. All of these activities cost much more money than using a dating website. Besides, some well-respected dating sites even offer a money-back guarantee, i.e. if you’ve had a bad experience on their site, they give you a full refund.

“Since Internet dating has so many benefits, of course it has become mainstream now.”


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October 31, 2019 by

There are many international dating sites on the market, but which websites are trustworthy? We have done the research for you, so you can have a look at the list below.

#1. Simply Dating is a reputable international dating website that is trusted by thousands of western men and Eastern European women.

All of their Ukrainian candidates and Russian candidates have to attend interviews before they can join Simply Dating. Consequently, Simply Dating gives its customers the best online dating experience.

Main Features:

  • Create a dating profile with personal details that you’re comfortable sharing.
  • Search their database and discover beautiful single Eastern European women.
  • Send messages to ladies you like; control who can send you messages to avoid the wrong connections; control the number of messages you see in your Inbox.
  • Live video or audio chat with other members allows you to build a genuine relationship in real-time. You don’t need to download an app for this feature.
  • Speed dating events (with video chat).
  • You can send gifts to women you like.
  • Simply Dating is also an IATA Registered Travel Agency that can provide travel and tours which include flights, accommodations, meetings, guides, excursions, translators, and so forth.
  • Simply Dating has a matchmaking service that is specifically designed for those who are truly serious and would like to get results fast.
  • 24/7 customer service is available.


  • Simply Dating provides full transparency – there is no hidden cost. You can find their pricing easily because everything is straightforward.
  • All members are vetted thoroughly so every dating profile is real.
  • Simply Dating has won multiple awards because of their outstanding services.


  • All pros, no cons. (That’s why Simply Dating is No. 1 on this list.)

#2. Ukraine Brides Agency is an international dating website that specifically introduces Ukrainian women to western men. It’s been on the market for more than ten years and is a well-respected international dating platform.

Main Features:

  • Create a dating profile and adjust your personal settings which let you search for the ideal match and communicate at a pace that suits you.
  • Search and find your perfect partner in the database.
  • Control the number of messages and lady requests from your settings.
  • Send messages to other members and keep a record of your messages.
  • You can view public photos and videos. Eastern European women are always very presentable.
  • Online chat: both text chat and audio/video chat are available.
  • Weekly Speed dating events (with video chat).
  • Ukraine Brides Agency can arrange any gift that you would like to send to Slavic ladies you like.
  • Ukraine Brides Agency is an IATA Registered Travel Agency and can arrange your tour and accommodation to give you a hassle-free trip. In this way, you are always looked after by this international dating site & you can maximize your time with your Slavic lady in person.
  • Matchmaking services are available if you’d like to find the fast track to a beautiful love life via this international dating website.
  • 24/7 customer support is available online.


  • Ukraine Brides Agency displays Ukraine local time at the bottom of their web-page so that you can easily see what time it is in Ukraine.
  • This international dating site offers a knowledge base which has answers to most questions that you might want to ask.
  • Ukraine Brides Agency is recognized by the iDate Internet Dating Executive & has been nominated as finalists for the annual awards ceremony in Florida in five categories since 2016. Most noteworthy, they won the supreme award for the Best Product Design Dating Website in 2016 and 2019. Therefore, this is a high-quality international dating site.


They have significantly more Ukrainian ladies than Russian ladies in their database.

#3. Dating International is a reliable international dating website that introduces western men to single women in Eastern Europe. It provides a safe online dating environment for international daters looking for love.

Main Features:

  • Personal verification of every member to ensure the safety of their community.
  • Live video chat.
  • 24/7 live support.


  • Dating International has many free extra features that members can access.
  • Every member’s dating profile is manually verified by their team.
  • All traffic from their website is secured by Cloudflare SSL certificates. That’s the most advanced technology in the industry.


  • Some of their success stories are so moving that you might tear up while reading those members’ stories.

#4. Russian Dating Info is an international dating information website which advises on Russian women to western men looking for love online. People using this international dating site for advice are looking for serious relationships or marriage partners.

Now you are aware of the most trusted four international dating websites in the world. Hence, you are equipped with the right information which will help you with your dating journey.

Bonus tips:

  • The advice is to actually go to Eastern Europe and meet your lady in person, thereby building a strong emotional connection before marriage. As you can see, most of the above-mentioned international dating sites offer international tours to help their members meet Slavic ladies in person, so you should use that service to your advantage.
  • Most Slavic women are very fashion-conscious because they want to look good and be presentable at all times. Hence, you should also dress well when you meet your Slavic lady. This shows your self-respect, improves your confidence and increases your perceived value as well. Most noteworthy, further analysis reveals that when you dress well, your internal confidence will be boosted too because external confidence directly influences internal confidence.
  • Learn some Russian or Ukrainian language that may help you build a strong connection with your Slavic lady because she will appreciate your effort. You don’t have to speak Russian or Ukrainian fluently, but you’d better take a Russian or Ukrainian course which can teach you some basic sentences. In this way, your international tour in Eastern Europe will also be a bit easier, although these international dating websites provide translators.

“Choosing the right international dating site makes everything in the dating department much easier.”

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October 31, 2019 by

These days there are many international dating websites on the market; hence, how to tell whether an international dating site is reliable or not is a frequent topic of discussion. Now I’d like to show you 10 ways to evaluate these dating sites effectively.

international dating site

1. Does this international dating website have offices in different countries?

If an international dating platform actually has offices in various countries, then that’s a good sign because it means this dating site operates internationally.

Otherwise, the entire company can be based in one country only and may not have international candidates. Let me explain.

Usually, a legitimate international dating site should have at least one office in a western country where western men are looking for foreign brides (e.g. beautiful Slavic brides). Meanwhile, this dating website should also have at least one office in Europe where Slavic brides live. In this way, this company has access to both men and women joining their website.

You can find out a dating website’s team by looking at their “About Us” page where you will see the photos of their team members. If you can see their team members are actually Eastern European employees, then that’s good news which indicates they have an office in Eastern Europe.

2. Does this dating site have 24/7 live customer support?

If the answer is yes, that’s a good sign because it means they actually have a real team that’s ready to help their customers at all times. That shows their professionalism and dedication.

However, if the answer is no, that’s a red flag because offering 24/7 live customer support is a standard service in the international dating industry – members are from different countries (in different time zones), so of course, their team should be ready to answer questions any time.

3. Does this international dating website offer a money-back guarantee?

The best international dating site definitely offers its members a money-back guarantee because they actually care about their members. That means when there is an issue, their team will conduct a detailed investigation and you will receive a full refund.

Without a money-back guarantee, it doesn’t necessarily mean the dating site is a scam, but it does mean you will take a bigger risk.

4. Does this dating website comply with the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) as well as the laws of the United States?

The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA) requires background checks for all marriage visa sponsors and limits serial visa applications. It also specifies which rules an international dating site must obey. As an international dating website, they must comply with this regulation completely. A large number of western men looking for Slavic brides are from the United States. The international dating platform must comply with all laws of the United States of America.

If a company that offers international dating services doesn’t even declare that they comply with IMBRA, a new member should at least raise an eyebrow.

5. Does this dating platform respect your privacy?

Although Gary Vaynerchuk famously said, “People care about their privacy less and less these days” (as evidenced by a large number of people sharing their private information with social media platforms and Google), you still should protect your privacy on dating sites and dating apps. That means using a dating website is usually better than joining a dating app because nine times out of ten, a dating app needs to access your Facebook account which has lots of your private information. But a dating website generally doesn’t need your Facebook account.

A reputable international dating site would respect your privacy. It wouldn’t sell your email address to digital marketers who want to spam you.

If you are really concerned, you can create a specific email address for a dating site that you plan to join. In this way, your primary email address is still your secret.

6. Is this dating site the winner of any award in the industry?

Nowadays there are many awards in the dating industry. Dating is one of the most important industries on the Internet. In case you are curious, these are the three major industries online: 1) health and fitness; 2) dating and relationships; 3) money and business (because these things significantly influence people’s happiness).

Obviously, dating is a significant industry on the Web; therefore, every year there are many awards that are given to outstanding dating websites.

7. How often do they update their blog?

Usually, a reliable international dating site updates their blog quite frequently because they would like to give their members more value regularly. Members can read useful articles that offer dating advice.

But if a dating site doesn’t care, then they probably wouldn’t update their blog frequently – why would they spend time and energy doing something like that if they don’t even care?

8. Does this dating website offer international tours?

If a dating site offers international tours, that means their male members can visit Eastern Europe to meet their ladies in person with the help of the website. This is very important because if you are looking for a wife, you certainly want to meet her before you marry her, right?

An excellent international dating website should offer international tours. That can help western men to visit Eastern Europe where they can meet beautiful Eastern European women to have real dates. This comprehensive service is handy and convenient.

By contrast, when a dating site doesn’t offer international tours, then that’s purely online dating without any offline dating opportunities. Hence, you may want to think twice before joining such a website.

Ideally, you should combine URL with IRL when it comes to dating. In this way, you will maximize your chance of meeting someone suitable.

9. Is this website’s English reasonably good?

No, we aren’t looking for perfection because we know perfection is a joke. But we should have some common sense: If an international dating site doesn’t even invest in good writing. Consequently, I don’t know what they want to invest in. The English version of their platform is one of the most important aspects in their business.

Clearly, an international dating website with self-respect wouldn’t have a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes on their web-pages.

In contrast, when you see “evidences of true love” and “3 advices for western men looking for foreign brides”, you know maybe the evidence isn’t real & the advice isn’t correct.

10. Does the website only show you specific women’s photos or do they also have ordinary women’s photos?

It is important to see the profiles of the ladies with realistic phots. Have you ever noticed extremely photoshopped photos and the difference between a video of this very lady? Make sure that photos are natural and without lots of photoshop. When a woman has ordinary selfies combined with professional photoshoots it gives you confidence. You will not have lots of wrong expectations.

Now you are aware of 10 ways to assess the quality of an international dating site. Hopefully, you will make full use of these strategies and find your ideal bride soon.

“Joining a reliable international dating website gives you a head start.”

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October 24, 2019 by

online dating

online datingVery often we hear a question from our clients “How soon will she reply?” However, it is a difficult question, thus let’s discuss it today.

We live in a time of technical progress, when there are lots of ways to communicate with each other, such as different messengers and sites.

Certainly, using any of these ways for communication we usually expect to get a response as quickly as possible.

But is it as simple as it seems?

When you write a letter on the site your only question is “How soon will I receive an answer?”

Another question you should also ask is “How soon will I answer?”

Due to a busy schedule, today everybody has lots of things to do: work, household duties, taking care of family and friends.

Above all, modern ladies do not stay at home, they want to create a great career ladder and spend a nice time at work.

They are as busy as men.


They may also come home late with the only wish to sleep.

Certainly, it doesn’t mean they are too busy to build relationships. In contrast, it means they just need some time to answer. Likewise, ladies try to be online when it’s the most comfortable time for them.

Most noteworthy, you should mind the time difference. You and the lady are living in different countries and in different time zones. The difference in time may be so huge that the lady may go to bed while you are eating breakfast.

Big letters

big letters

Seems like a reason for the delay of the lady’s response to you may be because of big letters. The more information you write in your letter the more time it will take to answer it. In order to understand all the information correctly and don’t miss anything ladies read the letters very attentively. Consequently, it may take some time to think about what to answer and how to make a letter complete.

Some men think that the situation will change after exchanging contact details. It looks like: “Well, I have her personal phone number, now she will answer in a second.” Please, don’t think that way, because it isn’t right. Yes, it will be more suitable as the lady doesn’t need to log in to the site. And maybe she will really spend more time on communication than before.

However, she will still work and do her duties. So she will still need some time to answer your messages. Don’t be disappointed if you haven’t received a response in 2 or 10 minutes. Just be patient and give your lady some time to answer.

We hope this information will help you to understand your lady better.

Follow our YouTube channel to find more useful videos.

Also, feel free to join our site Simply Dating.

We will be happy to help you with your search.

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October 24, 2019 by

Today I interviewed John S., an American man who is married to a beautiful Ukrainian wife. He told me his personal experiences in this journey and some wisdom in life. I think sharing his input will be very valuable on this blog.

Ukrainian bride

  • John had a marriage with an American woman when he was in his 20s.

Now John is 38 years old. When he was 25, he married an American woman. But that marriage only lasted for 4 years. They got a divorce when he was 29 years old.

This is what he learned from his first marriage:

  • His ex-wife was slim before marriage. But after the wedding, she became so relaxed that she decided to put on weight by not going to the gym and eating whatever she wanted to eat. In western culture, single women want to know “how to secure the ring”. After getting the ring, a typical western woman becomes complacent.
  • His ex-wife’s career ambition is an obstacle in that marriage because she worked 90 hours a week and didn’t value quality time with John. Due to the popularity of feminism, western women believe that their career success is very, very, very important. Consequently, they may ignore their family life.
  • His ex-wife doesn’t believe in traditionalism and patriarchy. Whenever John was trying to convince her to do something, she argued that John has “toxic masculinity”.

In the end, John and his American wife got a divorce because these two people’s value systems are incompatible, although they are both Americans.

  • John decided to marry a Ukrainian bride.

After doing extensive research on the Internet, John discovered Roosh V’s blog and forum which talk about dating Eastern European women. He realized that Ukrainian women are the most attractive women in the world.

In fact, John considered dating Asian women previously, but then he changed his mind because he still prefers Caucasian women (John is also Caucasian, so that’s fair enough). No pun intended. Remember: attraction is not a choice. John can only feel attracted to Caucasian women, and he figured out that Ukrainian women have the best looks.

More importantly, Ukrainian ladies have the best qualities in terms of personality as well. For instance, most women from Ukraine highly value family, education, virtue, and motherhood. They neither sleep around,  waste money nor compete with their men.

So, John was thinking about how to meet ladies from Ukraine. Initially, he was planning to live in Ukraine for a year or two. But that requires him to quit his high-profile job in Los Angeles; therefore, it wasn’t practical. John loves his job and doesn’t want to move to Ukraine.

Many western men teach English in Ukraine or run online businesses so that they can meet women in Ukraine (they learned that from Roosh V, the godfather of international dating). Since John doesn’t want to become an English teacher and isn’t interested in running an Internet business, he has figured out something else – he joined Simply Dating, an international dating website that introduces Ukrainian brides to western men.

“Joining Simply Dating is the short-cut because this dating site makes international dating very straightforward,” says John S., “I don’t want to spend several years in Ukraine, so I think the best way to meet someone suitable is to join an international dating site. After doing some research online, I have chosen because it’s a reputable and reliable dating site that introduces Eastern European brides to western men.”

  • How does Simply Dating work?

Creating a dating profile is nice and easy. Within a few minutes, your dating profile is ready and you can browse female candidates’ profiles immediately. Then you choose which member you’d like to talk to and send her a message.

Of course, an international dating site isn’t a charity (it’s a business), so you shouldn’t expect Simply Dating to be a free service. You are asking them to find a Ukrainian wife for you, so it shouldn’t be free.

Simply Dating also allows members to have a video chat. Many members attend online speed dating events and use matchmaking services on their platforms.

“I think the best feature is the 24/7 online support,” says John S., “Because I told the customer service team exactly what I was looking for, they helped me to find the right candidate fairly quickly.”

When online daters are on Simply Dating, they should not exchange their contact details directly without knowing each other reasonably well. According to the dating site’s policy, women can’t give their contact details to men without knowing men well, and all initial meetups between two members should be arranged by the dating website. This is the ideal way to ensure women’s safety.

Therefore, John bought an international tour package from Simply Dating and went to Ukraine to meet his lady. Because Simply Dating is a professional dating service. The team even helped John to book flights, accommodation, translators, and so forth. It’s a comprehensive service that helps western men to meet women in Ukraine directly.

John met Olga in Kyiv in December 2018 with the help of Simply Dating. Within six months, they got married. Now John and Olga live in Los Angeles.

  • John’s advice for men:

  1. If you aren’t serious, you shouldn’t join Simply Dating because Simply Dating is all about helping western men and Ukrainian women find serious, long-term and meaningful relationships.
  2. If you are serious, you should join Simply Dating because it’s a legitimate, reputable and trustworthy business. John has met the Simply Dating team in their physical office and he adored their professionalism, friendliness, and kindness.
  3. When your Ukrainian bride moves to America, she may realize that she is actually a very high-value woman because most women in America are overweight and unattractive, and then your Ukrainian wife may change her mindset and think, “I could have done better than this”. John is a high-profile PR executive in Los Angeles, so all of his friends are high-value men who are married to gorgeous women. Therefore, it’s not a problem for John – Olga can see that all of John’s friends’ wives are attractive women, so Olga wants to improve herself every day.
  4. Dating is harder in western countries nowadays. For example, Street Attraction was attacked by the BBC a few days ago. Street Attraction is an organization that teaches western men how to approach women in the street. Their dating coaches teach western men how to build a genuine connection with women in the day time. But a journalist from BBC pretended to be their client and attended their boot camp. Then the journalist deliberately made those dating coaches look very bad in the press, thereby shutting down their business entirely. Hence, online dating is probably the only way to meet women nowadays.

“If you haven’t figured out your love life yet and you are already in your 30s, you should totally consider marrying a Ukrainian mail-order bride because that’s the fast-track to a happy marriage.”

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Online Dating Tips: 5 Things to Help you Find Love

September 20, 2019 by
online dating tips

Indeed, technology has brought in a lot of wonders to the world and saying that it’s life-changing would be an understatement. The advent of the internet, particularly, has impacted our lives in so many different ways – romance included. This paved the way to the invention of one of the gems in the world wide web – online dating. Online dating has been continually gaining popularity over the years with the way it’s helped singles find their ideal matches and life partners. If you’ve considered turning to online dating to finally find “the one”, you’re on the right page! Read on for some helpful online dating tips to help you find the love you’ve been waiting for.

Upload your best photos

Many online articles will convince you that your online dating profile, or the first message you send will determine your success in online dating. This may hold true to some extent but there are other important factors at play. One of them is your profile photo. Imagine browsing through a sea of profiles in a dating site or app. What’s the first thing you see? People’s photos in little thumbnails. Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of success in online dating, choose the best photo that will stand out among all others.

It is your photo that will help people decide whether or not to stop by and take a peek at your profile. Select the photo that lets people see how interesting and fun you are as a person – it should be something that’ll make them want to get to know you more.

Write an interesting profile

Besides an eye-catching photo, a well-drafted dating profile can go a long way. First things first. Be sure to write a description that’s sincere and genuine. While you want to make a good impression and make people more interested, it’s equally important to remain true to yourself. Don’t make up stories or try to “talk” yourself up just to impress people.

Also, your dating profile doesn’t have to be too lengthy. It just has to be long enough to tell something about yourself, your interests, things you are passionate about and the kind of relationship you are looking for. Use positive words as much as possible.

Make the most of your profile

You don’t want to leave empty spaces in your dating profile. Treat it like a job interview process, where you have to highlight your good and attractive qualities. This is your moment to shine so make sure to make the most of it.

Be realistic

One of the great things about online dating is that you have the opportunity to let people know what you are looking for. While you can go into detail of the qualities of the person you’re looking for, remember that you have to be realistic. It’s okay to say that you want to find someone who is affectionate, kind and understanding but you still have to remember that no one is perfect. Be realistic and don’t expect to find one person to possess all the good qualities that you find attractive. You’re not perfect either so don’t expect other people to be. You might push them further away instead of attracting them.

Make that first message count

So now you’re done sorting out your photo and dating profile. If you’re ready to send your first message, here’s what you have to remember.

First, steer clear of the usual and boring line “hey, what’s up?” because it’ll get you nowhere. Instead, take time to read through the profile of the person you want to talk to and look for things that could help you start a conversation. Maybe you could find common interests to talk about. For example, you’re into musical instruments and the other person also shares the same passion. You can ask them about a specific instrument they love playing. This question could lead both of you to talk more about music and other topics eventually.

Online dating is an excellent tool to help people find an ideal match. If you’re ready to take the plunge, these online dating tips should come in handy.

Start your online dating journey with us! Visit Simply Dating for more information.


Does Online Dating Work? Here’s How You Can Make it Work for You

September 12, 2019 by
online dating

In the digital age we live in, almost everything can be done online. Dating is one of those things. However, with all the negating factors, you may ask yourself, “does online dating really work?” Read on for some helpful strategies you can try to make online dating work for you.

Keep an open-mind

It’s a good idea to screen your preferences when dating online. However, if you are too strict, there’s a good chance that you’ll be limiting your choices which may lead to your dismay. As much as you want to click and be aligned with the perfect person right away, it probably won’t work out that way. After all, good relationships are built with differences that strengthen both of you in one way or another. Simply make sure to filter out the traits that you dislike a lot to avoid future deal-breakers or heartbreak.

Make sure your photos are recent and honest

You may be tempted to use a couple of filters to improve your image in your dating profile, but too much processing will only make your image look fake and overly done. Most people don’t like it when images are too edited because they find it unnatural. They are looking for an authentic partner and the last thing they want is to be surprised when you meet in person and you look nothing like your profile picture. Let them be attracted to what you currently look like. Imagine the awkwardness if you show up to your date looking completely different from your picture.

On the other hand, research suggests that men’s online dating photos look more attractive when they look away from the camera and don’t smile. Also, try showing off your hobbies like your love for sports or your talents.

Be a little mysterious

Make sure your profile describes your personality well but don’t write an autobiography. Let your potential date get to know you more through conversations and not just by reading your profile description. Besides, not exposing everything at once is a good way to make people want to find out more and get to know you better. This little trick is how online dating can work effectively for you.

Also, when on your date, don’t reveal everything about yourself in the first hour. Make meaningful conversations instead of rushing things. A good date builds over talk and time.

Proofread everything

-Again. Wrong grammar and spelling errors are not very attractive and will cause people to skip over your profile. Be sure to spell check your profile description every time you post something new. Today, no matter how attractive you look in your profile image, if you still don’t know the difference between they’re/their/there, you become unattractive to the reader.

Don’t wait too long to take it offline

As soon as you’ve found someone you would like to meet while online dating, take it to the next level. Go on a date to get to know each other better. If you are too far from each other, try video chatting. You can try video calls through FaceTime, WhatsApp or Viber for example. This will ensure that you build your relationship in a real-world setting.

In doing so, it proves how online dating can work. Meeting in person can also decrease the chances of the person you are interested in continuing their search and looking for love elsewhere.

Keep your expectations realistic

Putting too much pressure on a new relationship is never a good idea. Expecting too much from your date will also put pressure on them. Don’t try so hard to impress your date that you look uneasy and uncomfortable. If it works out, great! If not, you can always try again.

Read more at Simply Dating and ensure a smooth-sailing relationship with tips from the expert in online dating.

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