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How to be truly confident with Slavic women

September 14, 2021 by in Slavic Women
Slavic women

When you think you lack confidence, you probably only lack confidence in certain areas of your life. By that I mean confidence is actually environment-dependent: You may feel absolutely confident in one area of life, e.g., career, investing, health, etc. However, you feel unconfident in another area of your life, e.g., public speaking, dating, etc…. read more

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The most important international dating advice if you consider blending your family

September 4, 2021 by in International Dating
international dating

The entire process of forming a blended family is oftentimes a rewarding & challenging journey. Before considering forming a blended family, you should do these things first. No. 1: Make sure that your relationship with your partner is actually strong and solid. A strong and solid relationship with your partner is the real prerequisite of… read more

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Why you have to actually move on before meeting the right Eastern European woman

August 25, 2021 by in Online Dating
Eastern European woman

You know a relationship is over, but you still talk to your ex. You think this is perfectly okay – you text each other; you share movie recommendations; you look at each other’s Facebook page every day. You are still friends. But truthfully, in this situation, you get some benefits of a romantic relationship without having any real substance. That’s… read more

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