10 Best Ways To Show Your Love For Someone

April 6, 2019 at 4.50pm by in Dating advice
Man shows her love for her woman with flowers

Showing affection. For some of us, it’s natural. Simple. It’s neither a labor of love or a chore, but an honest and healthy display of admiration and respect.

But for others, showing your love for a partner can be tricky. After all, modern living can be both insular and frequently cold. We’re not always encouraged to open up to one another emotionally or show any form of warmth. Sometimes, quite the opposite.

But showing your affection creatively requires thinking creatively. For couples, that can present its own unique challenges. It can mean more than simply words of affection. Even something as simple as a nightly kiss or a hug can become dull and routine.

Most couples therapists and psychologists stress the importance of open communication and honesty. But if you’re finding yourself in a rut in your current relationship, that same open communication and honesty can seem forced and lifeless. It can seem like a chore. And it can seem utterly predictable.

The worst part? It doesn’t have to be.

There are ways to show your love that can be both creative and heartfelt. And ways in which you can rediscover that spark between you both. Here are ten inventive ways that can rekindle your romance.

Discover New Places And Experiences

One of the easiest ways to rediscover each other is through discovering new things together. Consider taking a day trip out to a town you’ve never been to before, or a new restaurant. From hang gliding to visiting foreign countries, from kayaking to dining, new experiences are always waiting for you to discover.

Surprise Them At Work

Often, our work days can seem as monotonous as they are busy. In what’s frequently a whirlwind of emails, voice mails and “to do” notes, it’s easy to forget about your partner’s needs. Stopping by their work for an unexpected visit or sending them a playful text is a great way to show how much they mean to you, even in spite of your busy day.

Do What They Love—Not What You Want

One of the most mysterious things about being in a relationship is the fact that the best ones don’t always have common ground. We’re frequently too selfish to examine just what it is that our partners are so interested in. By taking the time once or twice a week to do what they love not only shows affection, but a deep desire to get to know the “real” them.

Unplug To Unwind

Make each other a priority with your time together, not your cell phone or the workplace. There’s no need to follow social media when you’re alone. Make them a focus and not your gadgets.

Cook Their Favorite Meal

No, you don’t have to be Julia Child. But if you’re an adult, then you should have already learned at least the basics of cooking. And learning how to cook their favorite meal can be as simple as following recipes. Never forget that the simple act of sharing food is one of the most common ways to express your intimacy.

Support Their Goals

Never forget, you’re both friends and lovers. Which means sharing your hopes and dreams, even if they do seem far fetched at times. The world might knock them down for both of you at times. Be their support as much as you need them to be yours.

The Best Gifts Are Handmade

Yes, an expensive piece of jewelry or a bottle of wine will indicate you care. But if you truly want to impress them, nothing says you’re speaking from the heart like a handmade gift. A piece of art. A mix tape. A poem. The more energy and thought you put into it, the greater your affection will be returned.

Workout Together

It’s no secret that the couple who sweats together tends to stay together. And let’s face it, not much is more intimate than building up a sweat together. It doesn’t have to be high impact. It could be a fun run,r a dance class, or a hike. But try to schedule some form of physical activity at least once a week.

Share Your Passions

It’s a common human trait to want to share our passions and interests, and in couples, that trait tends to be magnified. However, we often refrain from doing so out of fear our partners simply won’t understand—or even worse, show absolute disinterest. If you’re completely honest with your partner, that should also include sharing your passions and loves, even if it’s not necessarily going to be their cup of tea.

Never Be Afraid To Show Your Vulnerability

Couples tend to pick up on cues unconsciously, particularly if you’re guarded or defensive. Often times, that can lead to feelings of rejection and insecurity. Don’t be afraid to admit your fears or your weaknesses. Your partner isn’t there to exploit them. Chances are they have their own. Cherish them and revel in them, and don’t be afraid to reveal your own. Your relationship will be much stronger as a result.

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