5 Important Things To Know About Dating in Your 30s

June 21, 2019 at 3.44pm by in Dating advice
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Dating in your 30s is more challenging compared to when you were in your 20s. Younger people tend to have more time and energy to date and more carefree. And since you are young, you will always have this thinking that eventually you will meet someone later in life – no pressure.
What do you need to know about dating in your 30s?

When you reach that 30th marks of your age, there comes more challenges and pressure with each day that passes by. The playing field becomes narrower, your biological clock is ticking and lots of baggage to carry. There is a sense of urgency especially when you see all your friends setting down. And you get asked by family members when you will finally get to meet “the one”.

While seeing your friends starting a family, you can’t help but feel left behind. But do not fret. 30 is actually the most exciting part of your life to be “single and ready to mingle”.
So, how to start dating in your 30s and make the most out of it?
Here are the 5 things you should know about:

Relax and do not rush into things

Yes, the 30s is the age when you start thinking about marriage and kids. However, do not put too much pressure into that thought especially on your early dates. Scaring the person off is not a good way to start a happy relationship. Do not come across as someone too intense and passionate about settling down. Relax and have fun along the way. The most important thing in dating is finding that ideal person who perfectly fits into your life – one day at a time.

Perfect timing

A perfect time to date is actually in your 30s. You are more mature, financially stable and more responsible at this age. You make choices that will definitely make a positive impact on your life. At this point in your life, you have already gathered enough valuable knowledge and life experiences that give you a better concept of what a real relationship really means. Additionally, your failed relationships in the past would have given you a better idea on how to explore the world of online dating and find that person who is worthy of your time.

Be comfortable in your own opinion and ideas

As we grow older, we learn more about ourselves. We know what we want and we stand for what we believe in. This makes you less concerned about how other people judge others. You become more open-minded and will have no qualms about throwing the rules out of the window. Dating people who are not in your league and isn’t your normal type will be out of the question – and that is perfectly fine for you. So get out there, explore and experience different things.

Be yourself

Being single for a long time is not something to be bothered upon. It is not the end of the world. This is the time when you can concentrate on focusing on things that matter to you – being yourself. If the right person has not arrived yet, you should not be depressed. Be happy being single – be happy in yourself alone. If and when the right person comes, you will be more than ready for whatever comes your way.

Time is precious

When you are in your 30s, you have more responsibilities and your life will be busier. You won’t have time to play games – you become more serious. When you start dating in your 30s and you tend to choose people who are worth your precious time only. So if you date someone and you probably do not want to see them again, be honest and tell them upfront. Forget about the normal rules of waiting – three days for a text message, five for a call or seven for another meet-up. If you like someone and want to spend more time with them, arrange for another meeting. Your 30s is the time to be more straightforward and honest.

In conclusion, in every dating scene, it is always important to know what you want. Just because you are already in your 30s and time is ticking fast you will simply settle. Never settle for anything less, but stop looking for perfection and be ready to compromise. If you change your mindset and be open to new experiences and new people, you will be in a better place to meet that “one’ person to complete you. The 30s is a transition period – you are not “old” yet but definitely not your “younger” self anymore. Dating in your 30s is fun and interesting, only if you make it be like that.

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