5 Online Dating Mistakes You Should Avoid

April 22, 2019 at 4.47pm by in Online Dating
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Once upon a time, online dating was considered a fairly unconventional alternative to traditional dating. Not only unconventional, but at times unsavory. It was the sort of platform only to be considered as a last resort; one which was meant in no way, shape or form to be taken seriously. And woe be unto you if you dare introduce a partner to your family and letting them know you met online…

But times have changed. Not only has online dating become standard, it’s become the predominant method for finding romance for millions of people. So predominant that revenues for the online dating industry are expected to top $12 Billion by 2020 alone, according to some analysts.

Chances are you know at least one couple who have successfully met online. And there’s a very strong chance you’re wondering why that success seems to have eluded you so far. Unfortunately, when it comes to dating there is no such thing as absolutes. And that’s especially true with online dating. It’s not you. And it’s not them. Whether it’s fate, luck or circumstance—there’s simply no magic formula that can introduce you to the person of your dreams, whether it’s online or at your favorite watering hole.

But there are some fairly common online dating mistakes many people make unintentionally. Avoiding them won’t necessarily bring you true love. That’s entirely dependent on chemistry. But avoiding them can save you both heartbreak in the long run—as well as some unexpected trouble.

If you’ve ever wondered where you’ve made your mistakes when dating online, here are some tips for what to avoid.

Online Dating Mistake Number One: Putting Your Best Face Forward (Not Your True Face)

We all have that one picture in which we look undeniably attractive. Sometimes it’s a candid shot. Other times, it’s heavily retouched (yes, Photoshop is a single person’s best friend). Regardless, it’s our cherished picture. The one we use to remind ourselves we’re desirable and worthy of true love. And naturally, it’s the one we use for an online dating profile.

But it’s hardly the best picture you have. “You look nothing like your profile” isn’t just the butt of lame jokes; for many of us, it’s a reality. We really do look nothing like our profiles. And anyone who is going to fall for you sight unseen based on the strength of your profile picture is likely bound to be fairly shallow. Instead, consider posting a more recent photo of yourself. Let them fall for the real you—not the Photoshopped you.

Online Dating Mistake Number Two: Reading Is Fundamental—Especially When It Comes To Profiles

Many people will spend a great deal of time crafting the perfect profile. Intelligent profiles. Witty profiles. Provocative profiles. And nine times out of ten, their intentions are well-meaning. Like you, they want to detail as much of their background and lives as possible so you know what to expect.

But learning to read between the lines is fundamental. There are some online dating profiles you simply might want to avoid. Are they revealing too much of their lives? Do they boast a little too frequently? Do questions of sex pop up unsolicited? Do they focus too much on past relationships? Is there a hint of desperation in their self description? If so, these are red flags to consider before treading carefully. Very carefully.

Online Dating Mistake Number Three: Asking Too Much Personal Information

When it comes to dating, it’s natural to be curious about someone’s background in interests when gauging their compatibility. But “too much information” isn’t just an over-extended euphemism. It’s very much a real thing. Your initial exchanges with someone should be a relatively casual affair—no different than if you were talking to a stranger at a coffee shop. But asking for (or being asked to reveal) deeply intimate feelings and thoughts isn’t merely inappropriate. It’s downright creepy.

Keep in mind that identity thieves don’t just send out anonymous emails claiming to be your long lost relative who has a sizable inheritance if you simply forward your banking information. Many of them prey on online dating profiles, and have gotten highly sophisticated with their methods with just a few scraps of personal information. If you give anyone your full legal name, phone number or personal email after one or two brief exchanges, you may be asking for trouble.

Online Dating Mistake Number Four: You’re Not A Robot. Don’t Act Like One

Many people like to think they’ve created the perfectly worded response or initial message. One that’s as wittily self effacing as it might be sassy. One that’s thought provoking but not too thought provoking. One that’s light hearted but intelligent. So they copy and paste it. Over and over again. And wonder why they never get a response.

People don’t like to be thought of as just one in another row of anonymous applicants. If they’ve taken the time to craft you a well thought out message or create an articulate profile, they deserve the same respect. Take the time to mention common interests you might have. Ask questions. Personalize your message. Get to get to know them. After all, that is why you’re using an online dating site.

Online Dating Mistake Number Five: They Really ARE Just Not That Into You

Did you fail to get a response after repeated messages? Did they tell you that “you seem like a nice person, but…?” No, they’re not playing hard to get. They simply aren’t seeing any connection.

That may be a hard truth to swallow. And it very well could be their loss. But repeatedly contacting them after they’ve established their lack of interest isn’t just a case of not getting the hint. It isn’t just annoying. It’s harassment. Chalk up your loss and move on.

As the old saying goes… there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

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