7 Tips on How to Build a Successful Relationship

August 27, 2019 at 11.17am by in Dating advice
successful relationship

A happy and lasting relationship is not without challenges. It’s not one without fights and arguments. It’s not one that can be likened to fairytale happy endings because no such thing exists. A successful relationship is an imperfect relationship, yet it is a happy and meaningful one because a couple makes the little things count; because they work on their differences; because they don’t give up on their love without a fight. The journey is not easy to navigate but here are some helpful pieces of advice on how to build a successful relationship.

Always tell your partner you love them

While it’s true that actions speak louder than words, it’s still important to remind your partner that you love them. Never stop telling them how much they mean to you. Verbalize your feelings and let them know you love them even on random days or at random times. Letting them know they are constantly loved is key to building trust and security in the relationship.

Communicate effectively

Communicating effectively is another important step to building a successful relationship. You can never expect your partner to read your mind. If there are things that bother you, be sure to speak up and let your partner know. Don’t hold them back or resentment might just grow in your heart.

In the same way, be sure to listen to your partner when they tell you something that concerns them. Listen intently and make sure you understand the message they’re trying to get across. Don’t just listen to prepare a response or to defend yourself. Listen so you understand where they’re coming from and be able to meet halfway.

Create a foundation of trust

Just like love, trust is a vital element in a healthy relationship. A relationship without trust is doomed to fail so if you want yours to last, create a foundation of trust. So how do you do it? Start by making sure you’re not keeping anything from each other. No secrets, no lies. Be open and honest. Tell each other everything. Also, be trustworthy. Do not do anything that will break your partner’s trust. Stay away from things that will cultivate jealousy and doubts.

Show constant appreciation

It always feels good to know that someone appreciates you. It motivates you to do and strive to be better. Therefore, don’t forget to let your partner know what you appreciate about them. Tell each other what you love most, no matter how little these things are. Thank them even for the tiniest things they do for you. Doing this will help both of you overlook each other’s flaws and appreciate your strengths better.

Respect each other

Couples in a romantic relationship don’t necessarily share the same values and principles. In fact, they may have contrasting beliefs about a lot of things. But don’t worry. That’s perfectly okay. Loving someone doesn’t mean you have to accept the things they believe in even if they oppose yours. This is where respect comes in.

Discuss the things about your relationship that make you feel uncomfortable. Agree to disagree. Even if you disagree on things, be sure to have mutual respect. Look for a common ground and try to meet halfway.

Spend quality time together

Spending quality time as a couple means more than just sitting next to each other and spending hours getting lost in the world of social media. Quality time means enjoying each other’s company. Find time for the things that help strengthen your bond as a couple. Even if it’s just as simple as watching the sunset or doing a movie marathon, what’s important is you’re sharing a fun experience together.

Let each other grow

Being a romantic couple doesn’t mean that your world should only revolve around each other. Give yourselves space and allow each other to grow. Spend time on other things that matter. Have your own hobbies and spend some time apart. Support each other’s dreams and aspirations instead of pressuring each other to give up the things that matter to them.

There are no shortcuts to achieving a successful relationship. It is something you create and nurture day by day as you work with your partner. If you want the kind of relationship that lasts, the kind that is strong enough to overcome the hurdles and the kind that will make you say “this is everything I need”, these are the tips to bear in mind.

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    Thank you. I’ll try to follow these tips.


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