8 Secrets To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

June 26, 2019 at 12.24pm by in Dating advice
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If you’re assuming “love at first sight” is a given for everyone but you—you’re mistaken. Love at first sight is a rarity. It’s neither automatic nor promised. For love to blossom, it takes work and sacrifice. A lot of work and sacrifice. Your best friends know this. Your parents know it. And their parents knew it, as well. But attraction? That’s a different story. If attraction is the seed and love is the flower, then your attention and efforts are the careful nurturing from which it grows. An overused analogy? Perhaps. But a necessary one. Wishful thinking won’t make love blossom. And neither will playing hard to get. And technically, there’s no real way to “make” a girl fall in love with you. There’s no magic wand you can wave, nor can love be forced. But there are ways to make her happy. And happiness is the soil from which love grows…

You Can’t Hurry Love

And if you’re pressuring yourself to make love happen—don’t. At best, you’ll seem awkward. At worst, you’ll seem desperate. And no woman appreciates either. You have to be confident; not only in yourself, but in the fact that love will happen only if it’s meant to happen. More importantly, if she allows it to happen. If she doesn’t know what she’s missing, that’s her fault not yours. You can only hope to be yourself. Anything less is beneath you.

Your Mother Was Right—It’s What’s Inside That Counts

More specifically, the gift of gab. You can work out eight days a week. You can be Brad Pitt’s dead ringer. But it’s all for nothing if you’re incapable of starting (and more importantly, maintaining) a conversation. Believe it or not, women can be just as shy as you are. But ice breakers don’t have to come off like a cheesy pick up line. They do, however, have to come naturally. Think of a topic that stirs your interest. A relatively neutral one; one which you both can relate to. This isn’t just establishing common ground. This indicates you’re genuinely interested in her thoughts, not your own assumptions.

Master The Lost Art Of Body Language

Maybe you do have a way with words. Maybe you can make a crowd swoon by a simple retort alone. Maybe you’re even too eloquent or too clever for your own good sometimes. But you can be a veritable Shakespeare and still manage to send out the wrong signals. Body language is an unconscious quality, one which we all use but never quite seem able to articulate. And it’s also something you need to be conscious of at all times. It’s not just words that can sway her. Your gestures, your posture, your failure to make eye contact… all of these send subtle cues that can either persuade or dissuade. Confidence means both direct eye contact as well as openness. If you have you’re hunched over or have your hands folded across your chest, there’s only one message you’re sending: “Don’t bother with me.”

Laugh And She’ll Laugh With You

A sense of humor is fundamental in most any given situation (funerals aside). If you take yourself too seriously, you either appear dull or simply too intense. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself, and learn to laugh at her jokes—no matter how boring. She’s attempting to convey something to you through a universal language. Laughter. If you can’t speak it, chances are she won’t be able to speak yours.

But Don’t Be Afraid To Show Sincerity

That means your own vulnerability, as well. There’s a difference between making her laugh and being a court jester every waking moment. She might find it to be amusing for a week or two, but pretty soon she’ll learn to think of you as nothing more than a one-dimensional cartoon. It’s an inherent human trait to want to share our concerns, our fears, our tragedies and what’s truly important to us deep down. Learning the difference between diffusing a grave situation with humor and showing empathy and concern in times of need is an art form. When in doubt, always opt for the latter.

Compliment, Don’t Creep

Think women are inherently vain and persuaded by flattery? Well… we all are, regardless of gender. But showering her with a torrent of incessant praises won’t make her fall for you. It doesn’t show your romantic side. It’s just plain obsessive. Women respond to subtlety, not desperate fear—no matter how much of a puppy dog you are deep down inside. She’ll respond much more positively to a compliment on her clothes or perfume than she will by getting her face tattooed two weeks into the relationship. And it will be a lot less painful.

Playing Hard To Get Means She Won’t Want To Get You

That rule about waiting three days to return her call? That’s as much of a fairy tale as love at first sight. You’re not playing it cool and aloof. You’re simply being a jerk. And toying with her emotions if you’re already several weeks into the relationship. No woman wants to feel like she’s not a priority. Nor does anyone. If you can afford to respond to coworkers or your mechanic in a timely fashion, you owe as much (in fact, more) to the woman of your dreams. And if you can’t manage that and insist on using distance as a strategy, don’t be surprised if she finds someone willing to do so in the meantime.

Attract Her, Don’t Chase After Her

That doesn’t mean putting on airs. That doesn’t mean trying to impress her with empty bragging and shiny new toys. But that also doesn’t mean neglecting hygiene, acting crudely or disrespecting her either. It means being yourself—the best aspects of yourself. Make a list of those qualities about yourself you truly appreciate, and work to emphasize them. It could be your sense of humor. It could be your compassion. It could be your open mind. Whatever they are, chances are if you find them redeeming then she will, too. And if she doesn’t?

Well, as we said early on… that’s her loss.

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