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June 29, 2022 at 10.56pm by in Dating advice
dating agency in Ukraine

If you are a single man looking for love, our dating agency in Ukraine (Simply Dating) has something extraordinary for you today – the advice in this blog post is to be highly appreciated.

  • Do you truly know what you want?

Some people think they know what they want, but in fact, they don’t really know what they want. Please let me explain.

Example: Chandler is an employee who wants to have a real job, so he asked his manager to give him more shifts. He told his manager that his parents are disabled and they rely on his income, but he is often late for work, demonstrates lazy behavior and gives the manager fake results.

It seems that Chandler knows what he wants (a real job); however, in actuality, he doesn’t know what he wants at all because what he really wants is a job that comes with responsibilities (almost every job involves some responsibilities) – he must arrive at work on time, work hard and give the manager real results. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have a real job.

Similarly, if you think you want a relationship, please be aware of the fact that a relationship comes with hard work – truthfully, every relationship is work because you have to nurture your relationship (otherwise, the relationship will not be sustainable in the long term). I’ve never met a happy couple who don’t need to work on their relationship.

Basically, that means you have to organize date nights with your partner regularly. You need to plan holidays with your partner. You must treat your partner with respect, love and affection at all times, even though you are very tired after working for 8 hours in an incredibly boring office. 😉

dating agency in Ukraine
  • What do you need to be okay with?

Some single men’s checklists are very long: The ideal partner has to look a certain way, be within a certain age group, have a certain job, come from a good family….

There is nothing with having high standards. As a matter of fact, I highly encourage you to have high standards. That being said, there is a difference between having high standards and having high expectations.

Having high standards means you know what you deserve and you don’t want your boundaries to be crossed. In contrast, having high expectations means you can’t see that life is actually a process of solving one problem after another problem – you can’t expect everything to be great in reality. That also means having high expectations is oftentimes the recipe for disappointment.

Many years ago, I was a retail worker in a department store. At that time, I was working in Womenswear as a new employee. Although I did a good job, the senior manager was unhappy with the fact that I wasn’t experienced enough in the retail industry. As a result, the senior manager hired a Womenswear manager. The new Womenswear manager Patricia was a very ambitious woman because she accepted the job offer for the job title and was looking forward to becoming the senior manager in a few years. Nevertheless, she was unable to handle the relationship between the senior manager and herself. What’s more, she couldn’t stand the Menswear manager who was supposed to be in an equal position. It turned out that the Menswear manager was the actual concession manager in that department store according to the senior manager. As Patricia was pursuing power, she quit her job within 3 weeks.

If Patricia were more patient and able to be okay with the Menswear manager as well as the senior manager, she could easily get a senior position quickly in that industry because the senior manager retired one year later and the Menswear manager was obviously not smart enough anyway.

Likewise, if you are looking for a partner, you would be well-advised to look at what your non-negotiables are and what is negotiable. Take Luke as an example. Luke’s non-negotiables include: 1) This woman has to be well-educated; 2) This woman must be kind; 3) This woman should be under 40 years old (because Luke wants children).

These are negotiable for Luke: 1) This woman should be slim; 2) This woman should have long hair; 3) This woman should have a good job. Apparently, Luke is a practical guy who knows what’s more important and what’s less important to him.

“Simply Dating, a dating agency in Ukraine, claims that single men need to know the difference between standards and expectations.”

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