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In 1982, if you needed to do some research for a project, you had to go to the library and probably spend a whole day there just to find out one piece of key information. In contrast, nowadays, this can be easily done within 1 second on Google. That means the amount of work that you are able to do today has to be significantly larger than what you could do in the 80s. Yet are you more productive than before? In this blog post, experts from a dating agency in Ukraine will share with you the power of a structured life, so that you will achieve much more every single day! (Please note that this article isn’t just about work; it’s about how to maximize your accomplishments and your happiness.)

The unexpected benefit of a structured life

Perhaps you already know that having a structured life that is best characterized by peak performance and high productivity will surely improve your career and your life in general. Nonetheless, there is a hidden benefit that almost nobody talks about. Please let me explain.

According to Dr Steven Phillipson (a leading psychologist from New York), unemployment is actually a mental health problem because an unemployed person doesn’t have a structured life. Similarly, not having a relationship is also a mental health problem: let’s say someone has a job, but this person doesn’t have a relationship, so this person wouldn’t have a relationship to go back to after work, and this looks like a mental health issue as well because after work, this person also needs a structured life. I know this theory doesn’t sound politically correct, but it makes complete sense to me and a lot of people who have experienced unemployment and singledom for a long period of time. Also, a major study shows that those who have recently retired tend to have more anxiety and depression as well because they don’t have a structured life anymore. I have met many individuals who have recently become entrepreneurs. The most common challenge they talk about is “Now I can plan my own schedule, but this seems to be incredibly hard because now I must have the self-discipline, the momentum and the consistency to be well-organized! I think I have anxiety now.” Clearly, when you are self-employed, you must create a structued life by yourself because now nobody tells you what to do every day. (Yes, I said “must”, not “should”.) In other words, when you have a structured life, your mental health would improve. Mental health is extremely important because it not only influences your state of mind and your motivation, but also directly influences your physical health.

In his book Lifespan: Why we age – and why we don’t have to, Australian biologist David Sinclair states that when he was in his 20s and 30s, he was very nervous, but then he studied more about the biology of ageing as well as lifespan extension, he became a very calm guy in his 40s and 50s. Now he is 53 years old, but he looks like a 37-year-old young man. He says anxiety causes too much cortisol in the body, which accelerates ageing. Hence, everyone would be well-advised to look after their mental health so they can live longer! The easiest way to notice stress hormones such as cortisol in your body is to monitor your gastrointestinal system. You may experience heartburn, nausea or diarrhea due to too many stress hormones like cortisol. Research shows that heartburn is becoming increasingly common these days, and more and more young people have heartburn now due to high levels of cortisol. Clearly, a structured life helps you to maintain the balance in your body and your mind, which is good for your longevity! Research shows that married men live longer than single men!

Fast-track to peak productivity:

American author Ed Mylett is well-known for his highly effective time management strategy, i.e., every day becomes 3 days in his reality:

Day 1: From 6am to 12pm – he gets a full day’s work done.

Day 2: From 12pm to 6pm – he has meetings, phone calls, interviews, etc. (This is a day for connection, relationships and getting things done).

Day 3: From 6pm to midnight – it consists of the same activities (work, relationships & success).

The amount of work that a person can get done if they adopt this special schedule is absolutely incredible, according to many high achievers who have tried this mind-blowing method – you can literally get 3 days of work done in 1 day only.

When you get started, perhaps you will mess up a few times, yet if you keep yourself committed to this strategy for several weeks, the new schedule will gradually become your second nature.

Basically, that means in 1 week, you get 21 days’ worth of work done. Think of what would happen in your amazing life. Then stack that up over 5 years. How dramatically different is your life going to be? This level of productivity and compounding in life will literally transform who you are. You will achieve your goals faster and make many more fun memories as well as relationships along the way as well.

Yet a lot of entrepreneurs don’t really realize that when they become entrepreneurs, they actually take on 4 or 5 jobs because entrepreneurship requires way more time and effort than a standard 9-to-5 job! Nevertheless, some entrepreneurs assume their time is theirs and they love their freedom. But in reality, that is probably the biggest fallacy on the planet because as an entrepreneur, you obviously have more obligations, more responsiblities and more accountability than ever! Therefore, you can’t think that you have all the free time in the world.

“Experts in the dating agency in Ukraine have shared their important insights into love, life and work with us.”

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