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When you are still looking for a partner, are you happy with your single life? Shani Silver (a podcaster) says the single lifestyle is underrated because society only values the partnered lifestyle. In actuality, the single lifestyle can be as great as the partnered lifestyle. 😊

  • A single lifestyle: When your family and friends are concerned….

Because the mainstream culture values a partnered lifestyle rather than a single lifestyle, whenever you catch up with your family and friends for Christmas (or Thanksgiving), they oftentimes would ask you, “So, how’s your dating life?” if you are single.

I know sometimes this question is so annoying because it’s really none of their business, but their rationale is “I just want you to be happy” when you challenge them in terms of why they ask you this question.

Now, this is what you will say whenever they ask you that question: “How is your married life?” – Well, this is exactly the same question. Yes, “How is your dating life?” is the same as “How is your married life?” because both questions are asking a person’s relationship status/quality of their current personal life. 

Many people would argue that we cannot ask “How is your married life?” because we shouldn’t ask what’s happening behind closed doors. Yet why can we ask questions about a single person’s love life? Apparently, something isn’t right – everyone is supposed to be equal, correct?

Therefore, if someone asks you, “Why are you single?”, you can ask them, “Why are you married?” – That’s the same question as well.

Being single isn’t better or worse than being married. It’s just a stage of life.

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Russian women
  • How alike do you and your Russian wife need to be in order to have a great marriage?

Some candidates on this website wonder whether they’re suited to each other. How similar do you and your Russian lady need to be to have a wonderful marriage?

In my view, it depends on which aspect of relating you are talking about. Here is my understanding:

  1. You need the same value systems.
  2. You need shared interests (not necessarily the same interests).
  3. You and your Russian wife can have different personalities. 

Realistically, it’s pretty good to have very different personalities because you will appreciate different ways of viewing this world as well as different ways of being in this world. Different ways of feeling/thinking/expressing can enrich your life as a couple.

Of course, you must understand and appreciate the differences instead of making each other wrong because of the differences. What’s more, the same traits could have positive and negative aspects. For instance, a dependable person might seem a bit dull because they don’t take risks and aren’t spontaneous. By contrast, someone who is adventurous and exciting can also be overwhelming at times.

When you totally accept each other’s personality, you will be able to enjoy the benefits as the exciting person brings ideas and energy to the marriage, whereas the dependable person brings a sense of safety to the marriage. 

Therefore, you can have totally different personalities and enjoy an amazing marriage. Nevertheless, when it comes to interests, you need an overlap because you must have shared activities, e.g., traveling, dancing, gardening, and so on. When you have topics of common interest, you are able to have deep and meaningful conversations with your Russian wife – you may talk about history, literature, music, etc. Having said that, it’s good to have some different interests as well. If there is an activity that gives you some time apart, this activity invigorates you, so when you come back to your Russian wife, you feel energized. For instance, you attend a foreign language class and come back with a smile, and now you are ready to engage with your Russian wife. 

“You and your Russian wife are supposed to have the same values because when your value systems are aligned, the marriage is sustainable and rewarding.”

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