Advice from a dating agency in Ukraine: How to be motivated and stay motivated

July 25, 2022 at 8.41am by in Dating advice
dating agency in Ukraine

Research shows that when it comes to looking for love, a lot of men are single because they are not motivated. In terms of motivation, some gurus might say, “Just write down your goal and put it somewhere you can see each day. Then you will become motivated.” Although I don’t have anything against that idea, I’m going to share with you a new approach to becoming motivated today. I’m sure you will know how to stay motivated effortlessly when you finish reading this blog post which is based on the best advice from a dating agency in Ukraine – Simply Dating.

  • It actually begins from an identity statement.

A company has its vision statement and its mission statement; therefore, its employees follow those statements and can make sure that their behavior & those statements are aligned.

Similarly, an individual can have an identity statement which states exactly who this person is and influences this person’s behavior, feelings and thoughts.

An identity statement represents who this person is.

You would be well-advised to think of who you want to be and become that person before starting to look for a variety of ways to be motivated.

Phil has had depression for many years and was seeing a clinical psychologist. It turns out that psychology can treat the symptoms of depression only (which is necessary and helpful), but psychology cannot really cure the root cause of depression. In contrast, religion, literature and art are able to cure the root cause of depression, although things like religion, literature and art don’t look like highly useful things in a modern world where making a profit is the top priority. The good news is Phil figured out that seeing a clinical psychologist is not enough at all, so he began to paint pictures, listen to music, read novels and practicing Asian Zen. More importantly, his identity statement is written down on the first page of his new journal: “I am an intelligent, artistic and creative man. When difficult situations rock up, I am very calm, for I always maintain my inner stillness.” As I’m writing this blog article now, Phil is already a changed guy.

That’s right. You can change who you are and become someone else by changing your identity. You can have a brand-new identity. You can have an alter ego. Your identity statement is absolutely paramount due to these reasons:

  1. An identity statement takes the thinking out of your life. You simply write down an identity statement and keep reminding yourself that this is who you are.
  2. Once an identity is correctly established, it’s easy to maintain because it doesn’t even require any motivation; it just is (this is about BE-ing).

In actuality, an identity statement is fundamental to everything in your life because it drives your emotions, behavior and thoughts. Oftentimes, an individual’s identity is either unexplored or totally dismissed, for the majority of the population only want to find the quick fix – run 20km, eliminate sugar, practice yoga for 30 minutes per day, and so forth.

But if you actually get your identity sorted, everything else naturally falls into place in your life!

dating agency in Ukraine
  • The new mentality:

Let me explain the BE – DO – HAVE mentality if it’s something new in your reality:

In order to stay motivated, Step One is to find a way of BE-ing that completely aligns with your value system. For instance, if your inner peace is important to you, include “inner peace” in your identity statement.

Step Two is to do what you should do so as to become the individual that you would like to become, as your new way of BE-ing propels into real action.

Step Three is to have what you desire – the results of your action organically bring you to the life you deserve.

Your beliefs as well as your value system are totally underpinned by your identity statement. Thus, here is the suggestion from our dating agency in Ukraine (Simply Dating): before finding out your why, you must find out who you really are.

  • An analogy:

Here is Dr Bailey Bosch’s human onion analogy: What’s on the outside is definitely the reflection of what’s happening inside. As a result, before changing the outside, you have to change the inside in the first place.

In other words, you have to look at who you need to be first.

A question for you: Who do you need to be, to do what you need to do, to get what you really want to have?

Once you’ve figured out the answer, please think, behave and act like your new identity. You will surely get what you desire in life. This is literally guaranteed according to Western Australian psychologist Bailey Bosch.

After creating your new identity statement, you may want to set a few rules for yourself, e.g., eat vegetables every single day; go to bed before 11pm every single night; etc.

“A new identity leads to new rules; new rules result in commitment; commitment brings you results; results give you motivation.”

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