Advice on Dating a Mature Woman from Ukraine

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On, all of our female candidates are Eastern European women who are above 25 years old. We prefer sophisticated, elegant and mature ladies who respect men and understand love.

Your online dating profile determines the results you’ll get.

Firstly, don’t resort to very long lists in your online dating profile like this: “I am outgoing, extroverted, fun, friendly, adventurous, kind, open-minded, nice, interesting, curious …”

Who cares? Nobody.

Remember: Talk is cheap, so it’s better to convey who you are through your actions and your stories or by talking about what you are interested in as well as what you can’t even stand than by writing a very long list of adjectives to describe your personality in your online dating profile.

My advice is – show, don’t tell. For instance, rather than writing something like “I’m a very loving, kind and generous individual”, you can write “One of the most important activities in my life is supporting the charity in my city” in your online dating profile.

Secondly, ‘why’ tells Ukrainian women more than ‘what’. Let me explain.

In your online dating profile, it’s much more important to say why you enjoy doing something than to tell what it is. If you talk about a movie you like, say why you like it. Ukrainian ladies may not relate to the movie, but they will possibly relate to your reasons. Likewise, other people may not relate to your job, but they may relate to why you are so passionate about your career.

Hence, the real advice is: rather than spouting facts about yourself in your online dating profile, you’d better show who you are through your stories and your opinions.

Also, you shouldn’t be preachy in your online dating profile. To show enthusiasm, some dating profile writers even rail against ladies who are shopaholics, or declare everyone should be a vegan. Yet being preachy would only make you look judgmental and inflexible. If you tend to become preachy in this kind of situations, please add some humor to your profile by describing your likes & dislikes in a fun and playful manner.

Incidentally, don’t include deal breakers in your online dating profile. Things like “not into women with short hair” is not going to help anyone. You may think you’re being candid about what you dislike, yet the Ukrainian lady is only reading your profile at this stage, so you need to keep an open mind right now.

Moreover, don’t be the everything man. “I like all kinds of movies. I love music, too. My favorite places are galleries, museums, cafés and libraries. I love cooking and I also watch football. I am interested in internet marketing and I enjoy reading novels, too.”

This online dating profile has lost its focus completely and is a true disaster – by trying to attract all Ukrainian girls, you attract no one. You must choose your audience carefully and be honest about your likes & dislikes. You shouldn’t relate to everybody. You can’t attract everybody.

Lastly, your online dating profile on a Ukrainian dating site must include the kind of lady you’re looking for.

Your online dating profile is a useful tool for pre-framing how you would like the date to act around you as well. For instance, “I am looking for a true lady who’s passionate about literature and loves talking about novels as much as I do.”

Now your online dating profile tells others that you don’t just let anybody into your life. You have high standards which raise your perceived value and builds some perceived challenge for Ukrainian ladies. Furthermore, your online dating profile provides people with a very clear indicator of how they are supposed to act around you in order to get you attracted. If an attractive Ukrainian girl hasn’t opened a book after leaving school, chances are she will fix that before the very first date with you in person.

In other words, your online dating profile is an effective way to dictate a woman’s behavior before she meets you in real life.

Chat with women from Ukraine via video / audio online.

After building a true connection on the Internet with someone, it’s significant to move things further as quickly as possible. Sending text messages online is not the ideal way to communicate with people. In my opinion, having a video / audio chat with someone is more effective and intimate as this will certainly build an emotional connection more quickly.

You can also tell your Ukrainian lady that you would like to visit her in Ukraine. You simply say you have had enough of sending text messages on the Internet, so the lady will understand that you’re not addicted to online dating and you don’t want to become attached to any website.

If you still feel a bit awkward or nervous, you might want to send this text message to your lady in Ukraine: “I will have a video chat with you tomorrow and we will see if we can get along or we hate each other 😉 Is that okay?” (The wink is the key – she will know you two won’t hate each other!)

Make sure the first date is awesome.

Actually, you would be well-advised to meet your lady in Ukraine as soon as possible. With online dating, it’s your responsibility to arrange a date so as to find out if there is true chemistry.

Here are some first date ideas for you:

  1. Rather than taking your Ukrainian woman to a dinner-and-move date which could probably make you yawn before the movie ends, you might have a coffee date with this lady because a coffee date is clearly more flexible. If there is real chemistry between you two, you may stay in the coffee shop for a few hours. But if the chemistry is non-existent, you may end the date sooner.
  • Inform Simply Dating of your first date with a Ukrainian lady – Simply Dating needs to make sure that every woman on the website is safe.

Please note that you mustn’t have bad breath. Remember: women respond to cleanliness and cleanliness is easy & very affordable: daily soap and water, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, laundry liquid, and so forth. If it’s necessary, you can keep a packet of mints in your pocket so that you always have fresh breath. Further, you may invest in a cologne which will boost your attractiveness. If you think that’s too expensive, you can try some cologne in the shopping mall and decide which one suits you, and then you can buy it online with a discount. Don’t underestimate the power of a man’s scent. Let’s say you use CK One when you meet your lady and then you go back home for several months. I’m pretty sure whenever she smells CK One, she will think of you immediately.

“Never underestimate the power of the first impression – you only have one chance to create a great first impression!”

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