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July 30, 2020 at 1.53pm by in Slavic Women
Eastern European women

An elegant Eastern European woman deserves a real gentleman,” says Maria, a lady from Eastern Europe who has been helping singles find true love for ten years, “Perhaps every woman has her own definition of a top 10 man, e.g. a handsome man, a successful man or an honorable man.”

What does the research tell us about marriage and divorce in western countries?

Research in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia shows that the biggest reason for divorce is money. Sadly, a lot of people have negative / bad associations with money; consequently, they avoid talking about it. They literally think wealthy people must be evil and have cheated the system. Therefore, their subconscious mind tells them to avoid the rich. But as a matter of fact, money itself is not negative; money is only value.

Many people say, “If you are actually in love, money doesn’t matter.”

Unfortunately, money still matters in reality. That’s the unpleasant realism that we have to acknowledge and accept. You and your partner’s financial health directly influences your relationship. As a result, a switched-on person would be well-advised to date someone who is financially savvy, not just a person who is rich. Remember: there’s a difference between “financially savvy” and “rich”.

It’s time to get yourself ready!

1)         External confidence

This level of confidence is all about your style and your body. You must have enough external confidence so as to meet and attract the best candidate. Without external confidence, people probably wouldn’t even pay attention to you, no matter how accomplished or clever you are, as everyone is visual. I know this isn’t something you want to hear, but it’s true.

Apparently, you should be health-conscious and take care of yourself. Sleep well, eat well and stay active – these strategies to become fit are extremely well-known, but many individuals simply cannot do it. The fact that you’re reading this article right now means you aren’t one of those individuals – most people wouldn’t invest time in this area of their lives; most people don’t really take advice (they just want others to tell them what they want to hear). Hence, I strongly believe that you can look after your body.

In terms of your style, the main principle is to be classy and elegant. If you can afford to buy natural fabrics like silk, wool, cotton and leather, you’d better wear 100% natural fabrics. Let me put it this way: Which shirt is more elegant, a silk shirt or a polyester shirt? I think the answer is pretty clear. By the way, a major study indicates that polyester contains many harmful chemicals that can be bad for your health.

If you can’t afford silk, you can buy clothes made of cotton. Your clothes don’t have to be expensive; they just have to be right.

2)        Internal confidence

A high-quality candidate will pay attention to you because of your external confidence, but you still need to have enough internal confidence to keep that person. That means your external confidence must be backed up by internal confidence!

Where does an individual’s internal confidence come from?

After doing some research amongst singles in Eastern Europe, here is the finding: an individual’s internal confidence is usually derived from their education and their financial success.

Leaders are readers. Elite singles are well-educated, but it doesn’t mean all of them went to the world’s best universities. However, it does mean they are avid readers and lifelong learners. So, if you are keen to keep a top 10 candidate, you are supposed to be an intelligent and knowledgeable person.

Since most people are looking at Instagram instead of reading books, they aren’t even your competition if you take care of your attractiveness AND value your knowledge. Yes, I know you highly value knowledge because you are carefully reading this article right now.

Indeed, reading is an effective and easy way to give you interesting things to talk about when you are on a date with a top 10 candidate. It’s also the ideal way to make you more sophisticated and elegant. Top 10 candidates are growth-driven; thus, they feel internally connected to growth-driven individuals. If you value knowledge, you also value growth, as knowledge directly leads to growth in a tremendous way.

As to your personal finances, you have to learn as much as possible about how to manage your money. Although money is a taboo topic in western culture, it’s super important, as your finances determine your lifestyle. Frankly, to meet a high-value candidate is a real project that possibly requires some financial investment in the first place. So, you will need to either plan a budget or figure out a way to increase your income, and then you can divert funds to this important project. You have to become a financially savvy person if you want to keep a high-value partner. Wealth attracts wealth; high value attracts high value; success attracts success.

3)         How you behave:

Maria’s advice for single women looking for love: “If your goal is to be the girlfriend-then-wife rather than the kept woman or a mistress, you would be well-advised to talk like a cultured woman and act like a respected woman. Psychologists point out that a refined woman tends to hold her hands close to her body when she is walking & has more precise and controlled movements. A cultured woman pronounces each syllable of every word & her grammar is perfect.”

If you are a western man looking for an Eastern European bride….

Western men looking for brides from Eastern Europe need to understand that Slavic ladies are elegant, respectful and modest. Their behavior is very classy. They dress well. They respect men. They value family and traditions. More importantly, they don’t feel entitled. This is very, very different from most western women who are overweight, feel so entitled & can’t take criticism well.

That’s also why many western guys are quite interested in meeting Eastern European ladies. The dating climate isn’t very healthy in western countries these days due to mainstream feminism that is overdone. No wonder a lot of men in western countries are turned off by western women and have started to look for women in Eastern European countries.

If you are one of these switched-on men in western countries, you should totally consider joining where we offer online video chat and automatic translation & Ukrainian ladies in our database are learning English every day so that they can communicate with guys like you better. No, I’m not telling you what to do; I’m just sharing what I know based on the research I’ve done before writing this blog article. Hopefully you’ve found something useful here and I wish you all the best! Good luck in this journey.

“Watch this space because I will share more practical strategies with you in terms of how to meet, date and keep a top 10 candidate!”

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