Are Eastern European Women on Dating Sites Genuine Brides?

April 10, 2020 at 12.41pm by in Slavic Women
Eastern European brides

Are Ukrainian women on international dating sites genuine ladies looking for true love? Let’s find it out.

Why ladies from Eastern Europe on Simply Dating are NOT gold-diggers:

According to millionaire matchmaker Patti Stanger, a gold-digger is someone who gets cash fast and leaves quickly (source: Become Your Own Matchmaker: 8 Easy Steps for Attracting Your Perfect Mate, book written by Patti Stanger).

If you’ve seen the well-known movie Heartbreakers (2001), you would know that Sigourney Weaver’s character and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character are gold-diggers because they get married fast, get cash immediately and leave their men quickly. Basically, they use their attractiveness and dating skills to seduce men for money.

Any woman who reads G. L. Lambert’s books is probably a gold-digger.

By contrast, women who read Ginie Sayles’ books are probably not gold-diggers because these women are looking to find successful men for serious, long-term and meaningful relationships.

If an Eastern European woman is looking for a real marriage, she is a genuine lady.

You would know your Eastern European girlfriend isn’t a gold-digger if she invests in this relationship as well – Does she buy you gifts on your birthday and on Christmas Eve? Does she make international phone calls in order to listen to your voice?

If the answer is yes to these questions, the Eastern European woman you are dating is probably wife material – she is not a gold-digger.

Also, you can look at whether she actually cares about her future happiness with you – Does she care whether you love her or not? Does she care about her future life with you? Does she have a blueprint which includes you in it?

The bias in the mainstream society:

In western countries, it’s very common for men and women to go Dutch when they are dating – women can pay 50% of all bills.

Even British dating coach Matthew Hussey says women should offer to pay and can pay 50% of all bills.

However, in Eastern European countries and Asian countries, men are supposed to pay for everything. Yes, you read that right – I said “everything”.

That’s because in Eastern European culture and Asian culture, people are more traditional – they expect men to pay for everything & they expect women to be traditional wives.

Now when a western guy is dating an Eastern European lady, chances are she would expect him to pay for things due to her cultural background. But the western guy may wonder why she doesn’t even offer to pay for things. But in reality, it’s only a cultural difference.

To be fair, although men are supposed to be providers for Eastern European wives, Eastern European ladies treat their husbands with respect, love and admiration. In love, you can only get what you give. That’s why the divorce rate in Eastern European countries is significantly lower. Also, the divorce rate of Eastern European woman/Western man marriages is also much lower.

In contrast, western women pay for stuff, so whenever there is a conflict in their marriages, they tend to think of getting a divorce pretty quickly – western women don’t really rely on their husbands anyway; as a consequence, the emotional connection is not very strong.

If you believe in traditionalism and patriarchy, you should marry an Eastern European bride.

Note that there are too many blue-pilled men in western countries – they support globalism and feminism; they argue that red-pilled men have “toxic masculinity”.

Personally, I am not a fan of blue-pilled men, and I tend to agree with red-pilled men more often: I think traditionalism, nationalism and patriarchy are more sustainable and correct most of the time. Yes, I support men’s rights, but it doesn’t mean I hate women.

As a matter of fact, by supporting men’s rights and traditionalism, I’m protecting women – I would like to promote a traditional dating culture so that women can be looked after by their men. Isn’t that better for women?

In this way, men will feel like real men; women will be taken care of by their men. Don’t forget that a man’s primary need is to provide and protect.

To be honest, I think only capable men deserve happy marriages with Eastern European brides.

Can’t you see that Eastern European ladiesare much more attractive, more elegant, more radiant and more respectful than most western women in modern-day society? It’s a fact: the majority of women in Eastern Europe are slim, feminine and traditional, whilst many women in western countries are unattractive and overweight.

I don’t think a successful guy would marry an overweight woman if he can choose an elegant and genuine Eastern European bride.

“Only men without options date overweight women,” says Roosh V who even asked Dr. Oz whether Dr. Oz would date a woman whose weight is 50kg or a woman whose weight is 100kg. Interestingly, Dr. Oz didn’t answer his question on live TV.

Basically, Dr. Oz only told Roosh V off on live TV in order to be liked by his overweight female audience in western countries, thereby selling more medical products to his overweight female audience.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think fat-shaming is a good idea. What I’m saying is if we can’t even talk about this issue in western countries, we can’t improve the situation.

For example, a doctor in a western country can’t say, “You are too fat” to his/her overweight patients who are in danger. As a consequence, people keep eating more and more, thereby increasing the obesity rate in western countries.

But if every doctor can be completely honest with their patients and frankly say, “You are too fat”, then western society would become a much better place as people will be aware of this real issue more clearly and will want to address this common problem faster.

Sadly, westerners are too diplomatic and too politically correct. As a result, there are more and more overweight women (and men) in western countries in today’s day and age.

No wonder a growing number of western men want to marry Eastern European wives who are slim, fit and nurturing.

By the way, Roosh V only dates Eastern European womenas well. You might learn a thing or two from him by reading his books or his blog.

In conclusion, the majority of Eastern European brides are the best wives in the world, as they are looking for genuine relationships with men. If you are talking to an Eastern European woman online right now and you want to know whether she is the right candidate, I think you’d better go to Eastern Europe to meet her in person. Then you will know if the lady you are talking to is the right woman for you.

“Western men who believe in traditionalism and patriarchy must date Eastern European women. Other western men also must consider dating Eastern European ladies. Yes, I said ‘must’, not ‘should’.”

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