Are you self-aware about your needs in an international relationship?

international relationship

In a relationship, you must be self-aware about your needs and be fearless in communicating your needs to your lady. Don’t pretend everything is fine while hiding your needs and concerns. The faster you express your needs, the faster you figure out if you are with a lady who is able to fulfil your needs, so long as your needs are reasonable!

  • Cultivate your independence in the first place.

Independence isn’t just about getting your own place, finding a job, etc. It’s also about having emotional independence. In other words, you are emotionally independent and don’t need to rely on someone else in order to be happy.

In dating and relationships, the fastest way to lose somebody’s attraction is to not show that you’re actually willing to walk away if you aren’t treated in the right manner.

Please be totally honest with yourself – What is 1 dating habit which either makes you miserable or sabotages you in dating & relationships? (e.g., waiting for a text message back, becoming jealous, worrying about rejection, and so forth) What would the most confident version of yourself do from now on?

Remember to have your own standards. Don’t be afraid to call your lady out when she doesn’t meet those standards. You need to teach her how to treat you and how to behave in the relationship! 😉

  • Never put a woman on a pedestal.

When you put her on a pedestal, you give her qualities that don’t even exist. You have to see the reality of people instead of the fantasy version. Everybody has their own flaws.

I remember when I was young, I put celebrities on a pedestal. But as I get older, I have met some celebrities due to the nature of my work and lifestyle. Now I can confirm that every celebrity has flaws – they aren’t perfect.

Therefore, please do not put anyone on a pedestal!

In an international relationship, you cannot change who an individual is. An individual may change themselves, but not because you want that person to. Yet what you are able to do is to influence an individual to want to be the best version of themselves around you!

Note that a person can reach their highest potential or become the most mediocre version of themselves, depending on what or who inspires them!

In order to attract a remarkable woman, you must be remarkable. Why not invest in yourself in the new year?

There are many ways to invest in yourself:

  1. Researchers used the image of a barrel (AKA Liebig’s barrel) to explain the well-known Liebig’s law, i.e., the capacity of a barrel with staves of unequal length is limited by the shortest stave. What is the shortest stave in your life? Find that out and work on yourself! For instance, I have to overcome OCD as I keep rinsing my cup for too many times with cold water and hot water. Hence, in the new year, I have decided not to do that!
  • Work on your career. I know the pandemic has made many people change their careers due to the uncertainty. If you are changing your careers, do you have a plan? Why not use the uncertainty as an opportunity to improve your career?
  • Hire a dating coach. When you go the gym, you might hire a personal trainer to help you improve your fitness. Similarly, when you are looking for an international relationship, you can also hire a dating coach who will give you the right guidance and show you the fast track to success!
  • What makes you genuinely happy? Do that more often! The real reason why anxiety is so common these days is because most people stop playing when they become adults. Nevertheless, human beings are designed and biologically programmed to be playful all the time. You don’t have to be a child in order to do that! For example, singing, dancing and fashion all make me very happy, so I listen to some music and read fashion blogs every day. This new habit has alleviated my anxiety during the uncertain times.

“In the new year, do you have a new plan which will improve your love life?”

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