Are you single and trying online dating?

online dating

Being single is a common state for a lot of modern men because dating isn’t easy these days. If you are a single guy trying online dating nowadays, this article is definitely for you!

  • Five things to do when people ask you, “Why are you still single?”

1. Remember: people who are in relationships are only one breakup away from being single again.

2. Playfully ask them, “Why are you married?” / “Why are you in a relationship?” (If they can ask why you are single, you can also ask them why they are not single because that’s the same question).

3. Go to the most upmarket department store and try on the most expensive outfit. In the fitting room, fully enjoy the glamor.

4. Watch Episode 3 of Mad Men Season 1: “Marriage of Figaro”.

5. Have a cup of chamomile tea.

  • Five things to do when the person you are dating makes your life miserable

1. Notice the red flags.

2. When this person becomes hot and cold, turn off the tap.

3. If this person makes your life more stressful, end this relationship (or “situationship”) because keeping them around is masochism rather than an act of love.

4. Remember: dating is only one part of life; it’s not your entire world.

5. Life is long, so the best day of your life might not have even happened yet.

online dating
  • Five things to remember before you find real love

1. Don’t play hard to get; instead, play hard to keep, because you have high standards. When you respect your standards, you are teaching other people to respect them as well.

2. Don’t expect someone to change. Ask yourself, “Can I be happy with things exactly how they are?” If your answer is no, consider if it’s worth your time. Expecting more than this person can give you is a recipe for unhappiness.

3. Loving you means making you feel appreciated, safe and certain about your feelings. Never settle for somebody who makes you feel the exact opposite.

4. Know what you really need from a romantic relationship – that is self-awareness. Learn how to ask for what you want – that is self-respect. 

5. Never assume something is serious based on the fact that somebody spends lots of time with you.

  • Five assumptions that you must avoid in a relationship

1. Blindly assuming that somebody wants the same thing as you do.

2. Making assumptions about what somebody is feeling.

3. Assuming that just because you are married, you don’t need to keep dating your partner anymore.

4. Assuming that your partner will be with you no matter how you treat them.

5. Making assumptions about your partner’s standards and expectations.

  • Five movies that you must see when you are dating someone

1. Girl with a Pearl Earring – This movie shows you how to mentally create erotic friction without physical touch.

2. Serendipity – This movie tells us that we have to allow destiny to unfold in front of us. Finding true love isn’t easy, but you only need that to happen once.

3. The Reader – This movie makes us think about the truth behind love, lust, self-respect and honesty.

4. The Age of Adaline – This movie makes us feel the power of time, memories, love and courage.

5. The Bridges of Madison County – This movie teaches us the importance of knowing what we want; it also makes us rethink the decisions that we’ve made in life.

“Online dating has transformed the way singles meet each other and interact with each other in today’s day and age.”

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