Attract Slavic women through interesting questions

Slavic woman

On each date, the quality of your questions indicates the success of the date because high-quality questions lead to meaningful answers. Also, the way a Slavic lady handles your questions shows her intelligence. So, which questions are high-quality questions?

Ask questions that give her lots of conversational threads.

A question such as “What’s the most absurd thing that has become a reality in your life?” results in infinite possibilities: She may talk about her dream in childhood, her ambitious plans, her intelligent business blueprint, and so forth. This question basically gives her an opportunity to talk about anything that may surprise you.

Then you can keep talking about her childhood dream, her ambitious plan or her intelligent business blueprint. There is always something wonderful to discuss on the date.

Due to law of reciprocity, the Slavic woman will also ask fun questions about you. In that case, you can simply talk about anything that will impress her in an organic way without showing off!

A question like “What’s your favorite smell or scent?” makes her think about food or perfume. She might tell you that she is good at cooking and you should totally experience the aroma of her soup in the kitchen. Or maybe she will tell you that her favorite scent is Estee Lauder’s perfume Beautiful, including its body lotion. And that can be the perfect Christmas gift for her.

Ask bold questions.

Sometimes asking her a bold question can add some flavor to the date! So, why not try the following questions?

1. “What is the craziest thing that you’ve done?”

Perhaps she will tell you that she flew to Australia all by herself when she was 18 years old in order to meet Daniel Jones and Darren Hayes. Or she might say that she has written a novel which was accidentally deleted by herself on her computer. Her crazy stories will tell you a lot of interesting things about her.

2. “What’s the worst thing you’ve tasted?”

Let’s say you are on a coffee date with a Slavic lady. You can mention that you will take her out for a dinner date next week, but you’d like to know the worst thing she has ever tasted before the dinner date. She may tell you that durian is really off-putting! And now you know what not to order on the dinner date!

3. “What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve worn?”

Fashion is always a good conversation starter. The most embarrassing fashion failure definitely leads to a memorable story that she can share with you!

Ask unique questions.

Most men would ask women boring questions such as “What are your hobbies?” and “Where were your born?” for one thousand times. But you are one-0f-a-kind. You ask unique questions. 😊

1. “What’s the thing that you are willing to do occasionally but not happy to do every day?”

This might reveal how adventurous she is!

2. “If you can only drink one type of beverage for the rest of your life, what would that beverage be?”

If she says, “I’d like to drink coffee for the rest of my life”, you say, “How can you drink the same coffee for 70 years and still like it?”

Let her explain and justify her answer! 😉

3. “What takes most of your time on a daily basis?”

This question will show you her work/life balance.

4. “What are you too old to do but still love doing now?”

Dr Stuart Brown states that play is more than having fun. He argues that throughout a person’s life, play plays an important part because it makes an individual more intelligent and more creative. The opposite of play isn’t work. In fact, the opposite of play is depression and anxiety.

Indeed, Charlie Hoehn wrote a book called “Play it Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety” in which he points out the importance of play – it cures mental health issues such as anxiety!

Children actually know it naturally – more play means more joy; more joy means less pain!

Therefore, what you wanted to do in your childhood is still something that makes you happy. Why don’t you do it NOW?

5. “What flavor combination is bizarre yet you truly like it?”

If the Slavic woman mixes coke with milk, don’t laugh at her! Just tell her it’s interesting and you’d like to try that flavor combination as well! Be adventurous! 😉

“Remember to ask the Slavic lady which is better to listen to, her brain or her heart – her answer will tell you whether she is more creative or more analytical.”

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