Be inspired by international dating: The meaning of life VS the feeling of being alive

June 27, 2022 at 1.31pm by in Dating advice
international dating

Many people are pursing the meaning of life, which isn’t an easy task. During this journey, we shouldn’t ignore the feeling of being alive – enjoy what we can when it’s still here: freedom, dark hot chocolate, savoury crepe, the sunshine, etc. After writing many articles about international dating, I am very inspired by some new ideas these days.

  • You have either excuses or results.

“Dating is too hard. It’s full of mixed signals and ghosting.”

“I can’t do dating right now because I’m still working on my confidence.”

“I don’t have time for dating.”

All of these are excuses. Period.

If you don’t have the results you want after joining the international dating scene for a long time, chances are you are using an excuse without being aware of it. Some excuses that a lot of men unconsciously use include: 

  1. They are too busy.
  2. They are not in the right headspace right now.
  3. They are not slim/young/experienced enough.

Remember: If you really, truly want to achieve something, you will find a way to make it happen. 😊

Mylo is a concession store manager in a big department store. He is a switched-on and ambitious man: Instead of waiting for customers to go to his concession store, he meets customers near the escalator and takes customers to his concession store directly. Mylo hired a casual employee who was unable to achieve the sales target. When he was asking the casual employee why she couldn’t make the budget, she said, “COVID is only getting worse; it’s not getting any better.” Mylo told her that was an excuse because sales definitely could be done in spite of the pandemic, as long as she could use the new strategy. Nevertheless, the casual employee literally said, “I personally know people who have lost everything because of COVID. It’s not an excuse. COVID-19 is real.” Obviously, this casual employee has already been fired now.

Of course, everyone knows COVID-19 is a real thing, but that was not what Mylo wants to hear because what he really wants to hear is how to strategically find customers who can afford high-end clothes in spite of COVID-19.

Interestingly, what that casual employee said was not really true because research shows that the retail industry is actually doing better during the pandemic as people have nowhere to go – they just go to shops. Since people can’t spend money on overseas holidays, they spend money on clothes!

The example above shows you the difference between someone who is full of BS excuses and someone who is full of useful ideas. 😉

international dating
  • How to appreciate the feeling of being alive:

When someone is looking for excuses to justify their behavior and their result, they are missing out on something very important: the feeling of being alive.

Please note that the feeling of being alive isn’t necessarily about eating healthy food and getting enough sleep. It’s also about being honest with yourself and people around you because honesty is always the best policy. When you use lame excuses to trick yourself or other people, you are lying to yourself and underestimating other people’s intelligence. In truth, most people know what you are really thinking about and why you tell them those excuses. For example, Mylo knows that the casual employee was unable to use strategic sales methods to generate revenue for the concession store, so she had to use some excuses to keep her job. However, she has underestimated Mylo’s IQ – Mylo could see it through immediately. As a matter of fact, if Mylo tells her this is how to clean the pad, she wouldn’t disagree with him because cleaning the pad is something that she could do! But because she couldn’t do sales effectively, she had to hide her poor skills behind her excuses.

When it comes to international dating, you’d better start from appreciating the feeling of being alive. This begins with 100% honesty. For instance, you can write down a list of your advantages and a list of your disadvantages. Then you write down how you can make the most of your advantages so that you will find the right partner faster & write down how you can turn your disadvantages into your advantages (or how to find creative ways to work on your disadvantages so that they will not hinder your progress). 

“Knowing your truth is the prerequisite of everything you want to achieve.”

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