How to be a savvy dater: online dating in the contemporary dating climate

online dating

You are on a date. This woman is looking at her smartphone or her watch. Yup. This can happen. Some dates are not interesting. But there is a way to change the dynamics instantly! 😊

If she is checking her cell phone on a date, please do not panic.

In most cases, when a woman gives a man a non-verbal cue which indicates that she doesn’t really want to talk to him, he starts to panic.

Personally, I had a similar situation: I went to a pub with some like-minded people for a networking event. I sat down with a guy who was talking with me. However, because I never like noisy venues such as pubs and bars, I didn’t enjoy that night very much (my voice is naturally low, so it was a bit hard for me to talk in a noisy environment). I really didn’t want to raise my voice all the time; as a result, I kind of became relatively quiet. In that moment, he thought I didn’t want to speak to him, so he left.

But he didn’t know what actually happened. He still doesn’t know it.

Since this blog is about online dating, I’m going to talk about how to manage a dating situation where a woman gives you a non-verbal cue that she doesn’t want to speak to you any longer.

First and most importantly, you need to notice that a woman is not responding very well to what you are saying or doing and then adjust what you say or do to handle the situation. Yet most men just start to panic. ☹

The solution is simple: Don’t internalize what happened; simply verbalize it! 😉

Just live in the moment.

Yes, when a woman checks her mobile phone, she is basically giving you a sign that she is not very interested in you.

Now you will do this: acknowledge it verbally!

I want you to confidently and calmly state that you have already noticed her non-verbal cue. (Say it with a very friendly smile on your face.)

Of course, you’ll need to preface what you say with something positive, e.g., “I like how you can multitask by speaking to me while checking your smartphone.”

In other words, you are literally giving a negative comment as a compliment which allows you to be very direct. What you are saying suggests this: “Your indifference is a bit funny. I’m a guy who deserves your attention.”

Now you’ll be the confident and cool guy that she definitely wants to speak to!

Another example: “I love how much you want to go. Your feet are shuffling in that direction.” 😊

Most men don’t have the confidence or the courage to say this clearly, so you will stand out immediately! Now this woman begins to wonder, “Wow. This guy is unique. I want to know more about him.”

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