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December 8, 2020 at 10.56am by in Slavic Women
Russian women

It is said that hitting your goals makes you a confident and competent guy that Russian ladies are attracted to. Now we are going to discuss how to hit your goals in record time.

  • Do you have any daily rituals?

Are your daily routine and rituals supporting your goals right now? Having the right daily rituals makes hitting your goals inevitable!

If your goal is to build a six pack before Christmas, then your daily routine or rituals could be working out in the gym every single day, carrying out the diet plan from the personal trainer’s recommendation, getting enough sleep at night, and so on. That means each day you have to do something relevant that actually moves the needle forward.

Of course, you have to see your goals each day, so please write down your goals and put the piece of paper on the fridge. Out of sight, out of mind.

In my view, you would be more motivated when there is a reward once you’ve achieved your goal. Keen to buy yourself a better smartphone for the New Year? This should totally be the reward when you get a six pack before Christmas!

  • Stop overthinking, start living.

Stress usually comes from overmanaging life and overthinking. Now let’s have a look at how to stop overthinking so that you will become a more relaxed and attractive guy that Russian women like.

First of all, you have to make the transition from Mind Full to Mindful. Let me explain.

Mind Full: You focus on your thoughts and your thoughts just keep growing and growing and growing….

Mindful: You focus on your senses and you notice what you can hear, see, smell & feel. Therefore, you think less in this process.

Second, you have to let certain thoughts pass. Note that not every thought deserves your time and attention. When an unhelpful and intrusive thought rocks up, you must let it pass. Do not argue with the thought; do not resist it. Simply let it be there. As time goes by, it will be gone!

Third, you would be well-advised to think like a child. At times thinking like a kid may cure overthinking quickly because it can give you a fresh and new perspective while stimulating your creativity. Please note that this isn’t childish. I would say it’s just childlike.

Next, you need to do more physical exercise. A lot of health professionals highly recommend physical exercise to those who overthink and have anxiety. Please try a 30-minute workout every day, and then you will think less automatically.

Finally, you can choose therapeutic surrender. As I see it, whenever you overthink things, you are probably trying to control things that are totally outside your control. Hence, in terms of things that are totally outside your control, you must choose therapeutic surrender immediately because surrendering to destiny is extremely powerful. Now you are ready to meet the right Russian woman!

Russian women
  • If the pandemic makes you want to change your career or make your side hustle official….

I understand that many confident and competent men have their own businesses on the side when they are working full-time.

Are you actually ready to quit your job so that you can make your side hustle a full-time gig? Well, please answer the following questions first.

  1. Is your side hustle making enough money for you?
  2. Can you really imagine yourself doing this side hustle with complete passion in 20 years?
  3. Have you already built a network or community that supports your side hustle?
  4. Is your current job affecting your wellbeing negatively?
  5. Have you got enough savings that could make sure you’ll be fine in the next 18 months if the side hustle does not work?

If your honest answer is yes to all of these questions, you’re ready to make your side hustle official.

However, if at least one answer is no, you’re not ready to make the side hustle official yet.

Last but not least, I’d like to point out that Russian women like disciplined men who manages their emotions very well. In my opinion, lack of discipline oftentimes implies lack of emotional management, i.e. if you cannot control your behavior effectively, then I would argue that you probably cannot control your emotions.

A disciplined guy almost never has highs and lows when it comes to his emotions. His emotional state is stable most of the time. You can try mindfulness which will help you to manage emotions well.

By the way, please do not expect yourself to be highly disciplined at all times. If you want to work on your fitness each day and suddenly you are not in the gym on the weekend, do not beat yourself up. Remember: You’re only human. Not going to the gym for the weekend does not make you a bad person. It only means you have to get back on the right track immediately. 😉

“Russian women like men who are disciplined, ambitious, confident and competent.”

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