How to become the best candidate that Ukrainian women like

December 29, 2019 at 9.33am by in Slavic Women
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If you are wondering how you can become the best candidate on an international dating site, you are reading the right blog post today. Congratulations!

You should go to Ukraine and meet your lady in person.

Do not spend 6 months chatting online without meeting anyone in person. A dating website provides you with a platform so that you can meet many candidates. However, it’s not designed for a long-distance relationship – you still need to visit your lady in Ukraine if you are sincere.

When you meet your lady in Ukraine, make sure you connect with her fast. You can achieve this by creating a romantic energy when you are with her. For instance, you can shake hands with her when you meet her for the first time and linger as your hand leaves; you can use knee-pointing when you make a point. This creates a nice tension that you will enjoy.

Chances are the international dating website’s Ukrainian office will introduce more than one candidate to you. If some of these candidates aren’t the ideal women you are looking for, be okay with it. Never be dictated by someone’s energy. Always project positive energy first and let everyone else follow – deliver first, expect second.

How you react to situations will determine whether you can build attraction or not. Note that attraction is ongoing and it needs to be built more as time goes by.

When you are interacting with someone and it doesn’t feel right or they give you a negative response, you need to understand that there are three factors which contributed to their negative response: 1) their history; 2) their current mood; 3) you. As you can see, you are only 33% of the cause, so chances are their negative reaction probably has nothing to do with you. You shouldn’t take things personally.

Let me put it this way: 1) You are interacting with a woman by showing your interest; 2) she gives you a negative reaction; 3) you give her a further response.

In the dynamics above, 3) is the most important part of the entire interaction. That is to say, how you handle a curveball determines who you are and how attractive you are. Period.

Of course, most Ukrainian women are very nice ladies, so they shouldn’t be difficult. As a result, you don’t really have to worry too much.

How to deal with social fear and rejection:

When you fear rejections, it means you focus on result-based action, i.e. you only feel good when you get the results you want.

Now I’d like you to change your mindset: Instead of focusing on result-based action, you will focus on effort-based action from now on. When you do this, results will happen indirectly. This is interesting, huh?

To be honest with you, if you do things right, you should be rejected – when every woman that you approach accepts you, that only means you are reaching for the low-hanging fruit (you haven’t realized your potential yet). With this mindset, isn’t it liberating?

When something goes wrong in your online dating journey, choose a label to give it, e.g. learning opportunity. Ukrainian women who challenge you or intimidate you because they are too beautiful will only help you grow.

Whenever you feel intimidated by the beauty of a Ukrainian woman, remind yourself how fussy you are – you have standards and boundaries! Learn to love the process. Adopt a holiday mindset: be relaxed and curious, and the results will come.

Whenever you learn something new, always immediately implement it. When you get the experience, you will have new reference points.

Let’s say you feel awkward on a date. Just note that it takes two to feel awkward – it only means she is also awkward. It’s not about you at all!

When you are a member of an international dating site, you have many options. Choice is empowering. You can build a positive landscape of your love life: online dating, social circle, hobbies, career, where to go, etc. This will stretch your reality.

By the way, if you don’t worry about your issue, then the Ukrainian woman you are dating wouldn’t worry about your issue. Therefore, it’s time to stop worrying about your insecurities now. Remember: nothing is really true. We decide what our truth is! Whatever we want to be the truth will become the truth.

Get rid of the negative thoughts that hold you back.

If you have fears, I’d like you to do the thing you are scared of, and then you will get the confidence and courage, thereby creating new reference points and new beliefs, i.e. “I can do it.”

When you want to change your mindset and remove the negative thoughts that hold you back, you can choose to be around people who have good results.

The first step in this process is to ask yourself, “Have I been selective in terms of my memory?” This is an important question because emotional intensity leads to selective memory. Maybe your past isn’t as bad as you think.

Please note that what Ukrainian women want logically isn’t what they want emotionally.

Objective attractiveness matters in GQ magazine, whereas subjective attractiveness is the only thing that matters in your love life in reality. That means you can increase your subjective attractiveness (AKA perceived attractiveness) if you are willing to learn dating skills.

Some mature men are worried about their age as they think it’s harder for older men to marry beautiful Ukrainian brides. What I would like to say is this: Statistics don’t matter to the individual because it only needs to happen once.

The next step is to analyze whether you have any of these relationship destroyers:

First, do you have neediness? Neediness is a symptom caused by insecurity. What you are telling yourself is, “I’m not self-validated.” If this is something that you need to deal with, you can use this affirmation: “I am my best friend.”

Second, do you have jealousy? Jealousy is caused by comparing yourself to other men. If this is something that you are concerned about, say this to yourself, “I am a unique package that cannot be replaced.”

Third, do you have over-analysis? Overthinking and overmanaging your life are both caused by trying to control factors that are uncontrollable. The solution is to focus on “me” and “what I’m doing” only.

Next, do you have competitiveness? That means whether you are always in competitive mode. Usually, this symptom is caused by this belief: “My self-worth is determined by yours/whether I am in the driving seat.” My recommendation is you can write down this new motto: “My self-worth is determined by what I bring to the table.”

Moreover, are you taking a back seat whenever you are in a relationship? This symptom means you always put a woman’s needs ahead of yours, so you are a people-pleaser thinking “I won’t be enough”. Remember: your needs first!

Lastly, do you have laziness? When you stop creating, you get comfortable. I encourage you to keep creating!

“Give your Ukrainian lady a holiday test: Suggest two of you go to an exotic country for a holiday next year or at the end of this year.”

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