Before entering the online dating world…. Why are you still single?

online dating

In this blog post, I’ve summarized several brutally honest reasons why many men are still single. Actually, I strongly believe that there is nothing wrong with being single. Yet I understand that when you’re single and would like to meet a lady, you may want to know why you are still single. Interestingly, knowing why you are single can help you to meet the one faster! So, before you enter the online dating world, please think about the real reasons why you haven’t found one yet.

  • Reason 1: You are too humble on the first date.

This is actually quite common: A man and a woman meet each other for the first date. Instead of trying to impress her by showing off his achievements, he literally starts to talk about his unprivileged and humble background which isn’t really that humble in the first place. Let me show you an example below.

Kevin is a store manager of a clothing shop. When he meets Donna for the first date, he says, “I’m a retail worker in the service industry” because he feels intimidated by Donna’s beauty while putting Donna on the pedestal. As a matter of fact, Kevin manages a high-end clothing shop in the best CBD location, so realistically, Kevin doesn’t have to be so humble. He could have said, “I’m the store manager of XYZ clothing shop in the CBD” which is an accurate description of what he does.

Because Kevin makes Donna feel that he isn’t good enough for her, they never have a second date. It turns out that Donna doesn’t care what kind of job Kevin has, as long as his job is legitimate, but Kevin thinks Donna is too good for him. As Donna’s intuition is pretty strong, she could feel Kevin’s lack of confidence. End of story.

Ultimately, Kevin’s lack of confidence makes Kevin too humble on the 1st date. Well, as a man, you don’t need to brag on the first date, but you have to be confident.

online dating
  • Reason 2: You are not proactive enough.

Dating is definitely about putting yourself out there consistently & being happy to make some changes when things aren’t working. That can be dedicating time to join an online dating website. It can be taking up a new interest or hobby. It can also be sitting down with a friend and ask whether they are able to introduce someone to you. In other words, you have to make effort in your dating life in order to find the lady you really want to meet.

The good news is men have more power in this area because men are supposed to be proactive. For instance, men can approach women in a supermarket; men can send the first message to women online; men can initiate conversations with women in a social setting – all of these are easier for men to do. In contrast, it’s a bit harder for women to approach men.

You are lucky because you are a man who is supposed to be proactive. Don’t waste your power! You can be the chooser; you don’t have to be the choosee. By contrast, women are usually the choosees.

  • Reason 3: You can’t find the right woman in your social circle.

This is the most common reason why many men are single. Living in a western country means you meet a lot of western women in your social circle. The majority of western women probably can’t meet your needs if you want a stable and sustainable relationship (and if you are reading this blog post right now, because this article is published on an international online dating website which introduces Eastern European ladies to men like you).

In reality, most western women in modern-day society don’t have traditional values and certainly can’t take criticism well. In order to be a good wife, a woman should have traditional values and must respect her husband. That’s why we highly recommend Eastern European women to men like you – women from Eastern Europe still have traditional values and they surely respect men. Without respect, a relationship isn’t even real.

“Respect is the foundation of a real relationship.”

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