Before finding a soulmate on an international dating site, you need to have a soul

international dating

Most women and men have seen romantic comedies and read romance novels. As a result, when people look for a partner, they automatically think they are “looking for a soulmate”.

  • Having said that… Do you have a soul?

Without a purpose in life, you let your life be on auto-pilot each day. In that case, you don’t have a soul because without hopes and dreams, interests and hobbies, career goals and future plans, where is your soul?

When you are truly passionate about something that’s important to you, you have a soul. This can be a beautiful job that you deeply love, a wonderful author that you completely admire, or a fascinating activity that you have to do once a week. A guy who has a soul brings impressive passion to everything he does.

  • You’ll meet your soulmate on an international dating website when you actually have a solid soul.

If you like fitness, you will possibly meet your soulmate in a fitness class at the gym. Perhaps you like music – you will probably meet your soulmate at a concert next week. That means when you have a soul, it’s very likely for you to find a soulmate while doing the group version of the activity which you really love.

Since you have a soul, you are an interesting guy who attracts women. You are a woman magnet who has options in international dating. When you choose one out of one option, it’s often a lousy choice; nonetheless, when you choose one out of lots of options, it’s likely to be a fantastic choice. Remember: in international dating, in order to find qualityquantity certainly matters.

  • Never stop nurturing your own soul.

If you have already found a soulmate, you still can’t stop nurturing your soul. Everybody should be responsible for their own wellbeing and happiness instead of expecting their partner to act like they do all the time, which creates disappointment and obligation most of the time. It’s important to show your soul & have your wife love you for who you really are, not who she wants you to be. There are a lot of individuals wanting their spouses to want what they want & they become disappointed or even feel unloved, which isn’t true. Having a soul is what creates freedom, flavour and difference to a long-term relationship.

Over so many years, I’m finding a large number of ladies reaching out whose husband has no soul, no communication skills, no passion; as a consequence, a lot of women are very bored and I’m also yawning. Note that having a soul is paramount, because it’s not only good for your own wellbeing, but also good for your relationship.

international dating
  • How to tell whether she is your soulmate:

When you’re dating a woman, sometimes you don’t know whether she is the one. Fortunately, there are a few signs that you may pay attention to (they indicate that you have probably found your soulmate.)

Sign 1: You can’t explain why you are attracted to her.

If you need to logically explain why you want to date someone, maybe you don’t actually have the chemistry, and that’s why you must use logic to justify and explain why you choose somebody, e.g., she comes from a good family; she has a great job; she has an advanced degree…. In reality, if chemistry is absent, you cannot manufacture it.

Yet if you feel major chemistry when you are with a woman, that means your body is literally telling you she is the right person for you. You’d better trust your body’s wisdom and intuition.

Sign 2: You feel safe when you share all your insecurities with her.

If you are concerned about your age/weight/height but you don’t have the courage to share those insecurities with her, that oftentimes means you don’t feel absolutely safe when you are with her. The real reason why you don’t feel absolutely safe in terms of sharing your insecurities with her is because deep down, you know she may judge you, disrespect you or leave you if she figures out what your insecurities are.

By contrast, when you feel safe when it comes to sharing all your insecurities with her, it means you know she is on your side. Fundamentally, you feel taken care of by her; you wouldn’t feel looked down upon or taken advantage of by her.

Sign 3: The connection between you and this woman is much more meaningful than mutual benefits in this romantic relationship.

A lot of couples stay together due to mutual benefits, e.g., they have kids / they run a business together / etc.

If the connection between you and this lady is stronger than mutual benefits in this relationship, it means you have found your soulmate as your love is true and authentic.

“When all three signs are present, you know you have already found your soulmate on the international dating site.”

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