Being married to an Eastern European lady: Different stages of an international marriage

November 8, 2020 at 3.07pm by in International Dating
international marriage

The divorce rate in western countries is very high (about 50%). Additionally, that does not include couples who never got married in the first place and they just broke up. If you would like to know why so many marriages and relationships fail, please keep reading. More importantly, you will also learn how to manage different stages of a marriage and keep the peace.

⦁ The Honeymoon Stage VS Power Struggle Stage:

The first stage of a marriage is the honeymoon stage. At this stage, you like each other so much that you would do anything for each other. Happy hormones give you all kinds of enjoyable, amazing and positive emotions. This is the nice and easy stage.

The second stage of a marriage is power struggle. “Power struggle” doesn’t sound very pleasant, yet it’s the ugly and raw truth. After the honeymoon stage, a man and a woman begin to look at the reality much more carefully. At this stage, the man and the woman both try very hard to change each other so as to fit their own wants. If you’ve been there, done that, you probably know what it means. However, not everyone is aware of what they are doing, even though they’ve done it already. American author Robert Greene points out that trying to influence others is actually human nature; as a result, everybody wants to do it. Truthfully, there is nothing wrong with that. This key point sounds quite right. Nevertheless, this is the most dangerous stage of a marriage, as the most common problem at Stage 2 is failure to mold each other correctly. A large number of individuals try to mold their partners into ideal or perfect partners because they have a wish list. That’s exactly why many couples break up at this stage and never enter Stage 3. As a matter of fact, most people are not on their best behavior anymore after the first stage is gone. At the second stage of a marriage, things get real. Sadly, not everyone knows how to influence their partner in the right way.

Here is how to keep the peace at Stage 2. You must make sure the communication is open and highly effective, as this is the best way to understand each other well and know what you can work on in your marriage. Indeed, a marriage is also work. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t feel like extremely hard work if you are able to communicate well with your Eastern European lady.

⦁ Harmonious Love Stage VS Complete Trust Stage:

After you went through Power Struggle Stage, you arrive at Stage 3 – Harmonious Love Stage. This is when you have figured out how to get along well with each other in your marriage. For example, both you and your Eastern European lady agree that cooking together every night is great; both of you agree that having a date night once a week is right. Although that sounds like a flawless relationship, there is still a common problem at this stage. The most common issue at Stage 3 is lack of excitement. When everything becomes stable, the relationship can be quite boring. A relationship consultant argues that what you have in common builds rapport; by contrast, your differences make the marriage interesting, exciting and stimulating.

In order to keep the peace at Harmonious Love Stage, you have to introduce new things back to the marriage. For instance, you can create new experiences. Shared experiences are the foundation of a strong, deep and solid emotional connection. Another significant and useful suggestion is you two should grow together, i.e. attend personal development workshops, read books, watch educational documentaries/movies and even start a company together. In this way, you will grow into the same direction with a wealth of interesting things to do together.

The fourth stage of a marriage is complete trust. Now this is the best stage where you are satisfied, relaxed and happy. If you have reached this stage of a marriage, you completely trust your Eastern European woman. You have already shared everything together and will keep sharing this journey in the future. You have gone through all those ups and downs in life together; thus, you have built true love. Your Eastern European lady has become the one. To be honest, I don’t believe a person is the one. Instead, I believe that someone becomes the one. In fact, when you meet a person for the first time, they haven’t even proven themselves yet; hence, that’s not the one. After everything you went through together, your partner is still here to look after you, love you and support you. As a result, you completely trust each other. Now this person has totally become the one. Having said that, the most common problem at Stage 4 is taking each other for granted. Now you can easily predict each other’s behavior; consequently, your partner has become predictable. Moreover, maybe the marriage has become predictable; as a consequence, now you don’t have romantic feelings in your daily life. That’s when people don’t want to make an effort anymore.

Let me show you how to keep the peace at Stage 4. The key to a peaceful long-term marriage is bringing the courtship back. Start to impress each other and appreciate each other’s effort; give each other gifts and cards.

“In summary, going through these four stages of a marriage is not the easiest thing in the world. That being said, as long as you can keep the peace in your marriage, your big effort will certainly make you truly satisfied and happily married.”

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