How to build a romantic relationship with the right Eastern European lady

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lady from Eastern Europe

When you are looking for love, you have to showcase your real personality. In this way, you are more likely to meet like-minded women, and then you can filter these candidates according to your standards.

How to keep everything alive:

The more you invest/commit, the more exciting it becomes – if you feel this way, that means you have met the right Eastern European lady. This technique is called “invest and test”. If she doesn’t reciprocate after you’ve invested in her, you know she isn’t the right candidate.

Every time when she does something good, you should show genuine appreciation. This will encourage her to do great things for you in the future, thereby building a healthy, sustainable and long-term relationship. In psychology, this technique is called “positive reinforcement”. Even if it’s a small gesture, it is still important.

You can also set up some standards for yourself, so perhaps this can become your new motto: “I want to be a loving and caring person no matter what.”

If you feel jealous because your Eastern European girlfriend is so attractive that other men are looking at her whenever you go out with her, note that this feeling is only transient – ignore what’s transient.

How to prepare your state:

You should totally manage and protect your own energy, especially before you go out with an Eastern European lady. Let’s say you have a date with your Eastern European girlfriend at 7pm tonight. That means you can start moving/dancing/laughing at 5pm this afternoon – this exercise will make you more relaxed and charming when you are on the date with your lady.

As you are dating a woman from Eastern Europe, you will realize that she operates differently, particularly if you used to date western women previously. If your ex-girlfriends are western women, perhaps you know that most western women don’t put in the same effort to their looks as they used to after being with a guy for a while. However, Eastern European ladies are different – they put time in their looks no matter they have been dating you for a week or 10 years.

Men want to feel needed and special. Men want to feel that they can add something to their women’s lives. Men need to provide and protect. A guy feels more attached to the woman he is saving. Interestingly, ladies from Eastern Europe naturally know these facts. That’s exactly why they want to be feminine at all times.

At the initial stage of a relationship, you don’t have to say yes to everything she says. If she asks you to do her a favor but you aren’t able to do it immediately, you can say this to her, “I can’t do it now. But I can do it on Tuesday.” Then you will increase your perceived value and perceived challenge, thereby becoming more desirable.

Use proactive encouragement to your advantage.

Proactive encouragement gives a woman the license to do something. For example, when you catch her eyes, you should maintain eye contact. When you see her smile, you can give her a half smile and become flirtatious. When she is talking to you, you can get close to her.

You may use some playful statements to add some variety to the date, e.g. “You are very tall.” (Say it with a rising tone).

If this is the first date, you can even say something along the lines of, “I love when women wear those shoes.” (You are pre-framing a relationship.) If you are already in a romantic relationship with a lady, you can say, “I love when you wear that blouse.”

My advice for guys who have just started a new relationship: When you are having a date with your lady, make sure you have a meaningful day. Don’t spend too much time preparing for the date; otherwise, you will get more nervous. Go to a place where the date can last for 20 minutes or 5 hours. This gives you flexibility. Some good places are coffee shops, the beach, and so forth.

If this is the first date, don’t sit in a restaurant – you don’t want to get stuck there for at least 2 hours if the chemistry isn’t there. Also, you shouldn’t buy her an expensive dinner before she proves herself to you. You can buy her a fancy dinner as a reward after she has done something nice for you.

In my opinion, galleries are great because going to a gallery is an externally focused date – you always have something to talk about and look at, so you won’t feel nervous.

Another great idea is to go to a comedy club where you can see a comedy show and then have a few drinks in the bar. This gives you a Plan B as well – if the date is fantastic, you can have more drinks in the bar with this Eastern European lady. If the date isn’t very good, you can end it sooner.

If this is the second date, you may go to different locations because every new venue is a chance to re-invent yourself! For example, you can take her to a coffee house for a cup of coffee, and then take her to an ice cream shop for a dessert. Later on, you can take her to the museum for a longer date if it’s necessary.

Don’t complain about anything on the date.

How to tell whether she is the right woman or the wrong woman:

When you are on a date with an Eastern European woman, notice how she treats staff in restaurants. Is she rude/impolite? Is she okay? This will tell you a lot about this woman.

How does she react when things don’t go to plan? For instance, you two have planned to see a movie on Friday night, but for some reason, you’ve missed the film. Does she become upset? Or does she laugh stuff off?

How does she react when you forget to bring your wallet on a date?

Does she pick it up when you need something?

Does she lie about little things?

Does she agree with you on everything? If she agrees with you all the time, it’s a red flag.

Is this Eastern European woman sarcastic? Sarcasm is a red flag.

Does she look at her phone during the date? Checking her Instagram is a red flag.

How does she talk about her ex-boyfriends? If she is gossiping, that means she is not classy. That is a bad sign.

Does she get really drunk?

Is she a drama queen?

Does she play the victim card?

Is she a moaner?

Is she a charmer who is good with words but no follow-through/substance?

If you want to find the right Eastern European lady, you must set the standards now. Decide what your non-negotiables are and clarify what you can accept in a romantic relationship.

If she rejects you by saying, “You deserve better.” You say, “You are probably right.”

“A great woman needs a guy, but she is not needy.”

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