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When you chat with Ukraine women, do you know your attachment style?

September 12, 2022 by in International Dating
chat with Ukraine women

Research shows that there are four types of attachment styles: 1) secure attachment; 2) anxious-insecure attachment; 3) avoidant-insecure attachment; 4) disorganized-insecure attachment. Which attachment style is your style in romantic relationships? 😉 Secure attachment: Those who experienced secure childhood attachment usually move on to very successful and happy romantic relationships when they become adults. 😊… read more

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How a Ukrainian lady becomes the one

August 4, 2022 by in International Dating
Ukrainian lady

After having one romantic relationship after another, have you wondered whether the one exists? Love songs and Hollywood movies make us want to believe everybody will finally meet the one, yet realistically, the one is actually shaped by the way you communicate with the woman you are seeing: When you meet a Ukrainian lady, she… read more

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