Change management in online dating and work during COVID

June 19, 2021 at 5.50am by in Online Dating
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COVID has certainly changed many things in the world. Many people are still trying to get used to the new normal life. When it comes to online dating, I have some useful tips to share with you today.

  • Use the video/audio chat feature on!

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In the digital era, online dating has become mainstream. Actually, research shows that the pandemic has made online dating even more mainstream nowadays as this is probably the only practical way to meet someone suitable in this day and age.

That is to say, offline dating has become almost impossible due to the pandemic. Almost every offline speed dating event has been cancelled around the world. It’s also quite difficult to meet someone new in venues like coffee shops, supermarkets and restaurants when everyone is wearing a mask!

Before COVID many people met their partners at work (or through their professional network). Nonetheless, during COVID-19, a lot of individuals have lost their jobs. For example, currently, Hawaii has the highest unemployment rate in the United States because Hawaii relies on the tourism industry (but the pandemic has eliminated this industry entirely).

Clearly, meeting someone through work is getting much harder right now. That being said, I have heard stories about how remote team members meet each other online and started relationships on the Internet. For instance, my friend Henry started to work from home since March 2020 because of the pandemic. His entire company operate remotely during COVID. In October 2020, Jane joined this company as a secretary. As they started chatting online, they gradually built a connection. On New Year’s Eve, they went out and met each other in person & had a social distancing date. Now they are in a real relationship. Obviously, even offline dating started from online dating in today’s day and age.

  • Change management at work during the pandemic:

Previously, I mentioned that Jane joined the company as a secretary in October 2020. In fact, Jane has a Master’s Degree and had a very good job in another organization (she was the Chief Marketing Officer). However, because of COVID-19, that organization was shut down permanently. Basically, it stopped operating in June 2020, so Jane had to figure out what to do next. Luckily, Jane understands that she must be flexible. If she kept thinking about looking for another high-level job like a Chief Marketing Officer or a Chief Executive Officer, probably she will be unemployed for a very long time due to the current COVID economy. As a result, she decided to work as a secretary for Henry’s company. Interestingly, this is a smart move because now Jane and Henry are so in love – isn’t that serendipity?

Well, you may say now Jane is underemployed, but I would argue that as long as she is happy, whether she is underemployed or not doesn’t really matter. She says she quite enjoy being a secretary because this new role has forced her to stop overthinking – now she has realized that when she was a Chief Marketing Officer, she was able to delegate a lot of the tasks to employees who were working for her. As a consequence, she had more time to overthink things. Yet now she is a secretary who must multi-task and handle a large number of details every day, so she doesn’t have time to overthink things anymore, which is good for her mental health!

As to Henry’s job, although his company isn’t closed permanently, he has to get used to the new normal, i.e., working from home every day. Now instead of going to the office every morning, he starts his day at the kitchen table. This situation may keep going for another year, and Henry is very well prepared.

“COVID has changed the way people find romantic partners and the way people do their work. Now we have a new way to approach online dating and our careers.”

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