Confidence and Competence: What you need in your love life with a Ukrainian lady

December 16, 2019 at 9.41am by in Slavic Women
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There are two main things that every guy needs to have in his love life: confidence and competence. Do you have both of them?

Competence leads to confidence.

As a matter of fact, competence and confidence are intertwined because competence leads to confidence, and then more confidence creates more competence.

We are all going to look back at photos of where we are today and we are going to say to ourselves, “Look how attractive/handsome/fit I was. I can’t believe I was telling myself that I should wait.”

In life, you either wait or create. Therefore, you should be a creator rather than a waiter.

From now on, you will have a risk-taking mindset in your love life if you are still looking for the right Ukrainian woman. Now I’d like to give you a blueprint which makes success inevitable:

First of all, you need a roadmap, i.e. you need to know how to meet the right Ukrainian lady. For instance, you can join a reliable Ukrainian dating site; you can go to Ukraine and meet local women there. Looking at pretty women’s photos on the Internet won’t take you anywhere.

Second, you need accountability, i.e. something/someone gets you to take action. In this case, it means you can have an accountability buddy if you know another guy who is also interested in meeting Ukrainian ladies. This is actually quite common these days because nowadays a growing number of western men are attracted to Eastern European women – western women are becoming overweight and unattractive currently.

Third, you would be well-advised to find a mentor if you are willing to invest in this area. By that I mean you can hire a dating coach who understands attraction and how to write the best dating profile on a Ukrainian dating website.

Lastly, you must choose the right peer group. That means you have to avoid single and moaning men who are complaining without taking action in life. These men are probably bored, lonely and unmotivated. Worse still, they discourage their friends from taking action. So, if you are hanging out with men like that, you need to change your social circle NOW.

When you have mastered this blueprint, you will have competence which leads to confidence in record time. Then your confidence will generate more competence as a result. That is a virtuous circle in your love life.

Think like a chess player because success is not a straight line.

Life will throw curveballs to you and this happens to everyone. What really matters is how you handle curveballs in your love life.

As I see it, a wise man understands that what stands in the way becomes a way. Put it another way: if you are unhappy with your love life now, you can learn some dating skills, thereby improving your love life and wellbeing in general – what you’ve learned in this process will make you a much more competent and confident man. As a result, you will be able to attract the right Ukrainian lady.

When you go out with a Ukrainian woman, please learn to be in the moment and embrace who you really are. Dating is about learning to let go and be in the moment. As you are flirting with a Ukrainian lady on a date, remember that you are not flirting because you want something from her, but rather because you love being able to enjoy life, express yourself and be who you are. With this mindset, you will instantly look more confident.

If you would like to let this philosophy sink in, write this down: “I’m a human being and I want to express myself & have fun. I want to be in the moment, be spontaneous and understand others.”

When you are on a date, the only thing that matters is that she feels your full attention. The only way to give her your full attention is to be completely present and in the moment. Remember: flirting should feel like something you do just because you enjoy letting go and having fun for its own sake. Flirting is more like dancing – a dancer delights the people who watch his dance, but the true value is what he feels when he moves his body and expresses himself in new ways. Therefore, you are not trying to win the dancing competition; you are trying to create delight for yourself and others around you. So, the right mindset when you are on a date is: just relax, let go and have fun.

Master the art of showing desire without dependence.

Let’s say you are on a date with a Ukrainian lady. She smells great. Now instead of feeling intimidated by her attractiveness, you simply say this to her, “What is that perfume you’re wearing? It’s so good!”

Then you lean in a bit to smell it and say, “Wow, I can’t resist that smell on a woman. We are going to have to keep away from each other for the rest of the night because this is only our first date!” You say this in a playful way and what she hears subconsciously is that: 1) she is desirable; 2) she hasn’t earned you yet, so she needs to prove herself and work hard to attract you.

A Ukrainian woman needs to see that you want her, but don’t need her. You desire her, but you are capable of having fun without her.

When you are on a date with your Ukrainian girlfriend, you can use lightness of touch to drive her crazy. Please note that touch doesn’t always mean sexual touch. Touch is just a way of establishing a quick connection with a woman. All you have to do is to lean into her a bit closer when you want to listen to her or lightly touch the top of her arm when you make a point or slightly touch her back when you move next to her at the bar.

Let’s say you go to Ukraine and Simply Dating’s Ukrainian office introduces a Ukrainian lady to you. Now you can introduce yourself to her and touch her twice before you finish your introduction: start with a handshake and end by touching her arm as you say “It is so great to meet you.”

If you’ve been dating a Ukrainian lady for quite a while, I think you may even want to mix up the energy by embodying many different characteristics, i.e. sometimes you want to be excitable, high-energy and tons of fun – you’ll be making jokes, high-fiving, sticking your tongue out in a cheeky way, and generally making her feel relaxed. But sometimes you’ll slow it down, be more intense and give her attention in a more focused way, e.g. you can say “You know what’s really cool about you…” then pause.

She will say, “What?”

Then you look like you are thinking about what to say, then give her a compliment such as “You have a way of making someone feel really relaxed and open around you” or “you have this really intelligent look in your eyes.” Just make sure that is delivers some insight into her personality rather than her looks.

“Note that Ukrainian women are attracted to men who show many different qualities, which is why you have to be able to be shallow and deep, slow and fast, intense and then playful.”

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