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Nowadays being a good conversationalist is getting harder and harder because even though people around you have intriguing things to share with you, you have a cell phone as well. A lot of people are looking at their smartphones while having a dinner date with their partners. Yet how many people actually have the courage to say, “By the way, could you just stop looking at your phone while we are having dinner?” If you are looking to be successful in the international dating world, you need to do more than not looking at your phone on a date.

Ask her interesting questions.

In order to get the best out of your Ukrainian girlfriend, you should ask creative questions, e.g. “What is the latest movie that has your attention and interest?” & “Which book have you been reading these days?”

More interesting questions:

  1. What’s the part of accounting/nursing/teaching that stimulates you most?”
  2. “What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start dancing?”
  3. “How do you manage the dynamics in the office?”

In other words, when you ask deeper questions, your Ukrainian lady will have the opportunity to show her feelings, emotions, insights and knowledge that she hardly ever shares with others.

The average Joe will look at the above list and choose one question to ask on his next date, whereas an outstanding dater will ask more questions and give his Ukrainian woman more space to share more ideas.

Most individuals wouldn’t open up as they tend to think that other people are not interested in them or they just don’t want to be vulnerable.

Yet if you are a mature guy who shows your genuine interest in your Ukrainian bride’s life, she will be very happy to share her true feelings with you.

Are you a giver?

If your lady from Ukraine asks you a question, please give her more information that can excite her. Use this technique: “Yes, and…” then you will be able to drive a scene forward.

Please have a look at the example below.

HER: “Did you see that movie last weekend?”

HIM: “Yes, it’s a great movie. And I also ordered the best pizza in the world, so the movie became even better!”

That is to say, you simply build on what has been provided by her already.

If she asks for your opinion, remember to explain why your viewpoint is correct. This is an effective way to give her many hooks to grab and lead the conversation to a more stimulating direction.

More examples:

“Yes, reading books is important, but reading books alone won’t make a person successful, because if reading books can help someone achieve success, then librarians should be the most successful people in the world.”

“Well, paying a cover charge is paramount, because it keeps the wrong people out.”

More importantly, when you are talking to your woman from Ukraine, please do not make every story about yourself. I know people love talking about themselves, but if it’s her turn to talk, you should let her share her thoughts without being judged.

Here’s how most people have conversations:

HER: “My neighbor’s dog is so annoying. I hear the noise every single day.”

HIM: “Oh. I also have a neighbor whose kids can’t stop screaming. They really give me a headache.”

Now this guy has made the story about himself instead of focusing on the lady. In fact, he should let her get into details and then he can go into his own story.

Truthfully, if you actually have something valuable to share with your date, you should make it sound helpful instead of a method to express yourself only.

Pay her a compliment in the right way.

If your girlfriend from Ukraine says something really cool, you should pay her a genuine compliment such as, “This is a very good point” & “What a great idea! How did you get that conclusion?” & “I will surely use your suggestion.”

You would be well-advised to acknowledge her insights. You can easily make her feel intelligent around you.

Apart from that, you can also recommend something that she will like to her afterwards, e.g. “I remember that you like Kate Northrup’s articles. Here is her new book that you will enjoy.” & “Oh, you like Katy Perry’s music? Here is a list of her new songs.”

Note that giving high-quality recommendations shows her that you care about her and you are a source of joy and inspiration. The point is when you become the source of valuable things, you become highly valuable to her!

Be more assertive.

Some people are willing to sit back and relax so that other people can take the reins, but this approach may lead them to places that they don’t even like.

If you oftentimes avoid confrontation, it will cost you in relationships because when an issue can be rapidly solved with a tough conversation, you might just avoid the difficult conversation and be stressed out for a very long time.

When a relationship gives you that kind of feeling, it’s a sign that you are not assertive enough.

Let’s say there is a situation in your relationship that makes you feel bad or a decision gives you a negative feeling within, you must confront it quickly.

No, I’m not saying you should act in an impulsive way. You should pause and think about it first, and then take action accordingly.

When you are more assertive, you feel less stressed. You are supposed to prioritize enjoyment in a romantic relationship. You are entitled to make fun more fun because life is short.

Yes, because the average person only has about 30,000 days in their lifetime, you must take more chances in your life. Constantly taking small risks is a great way to live an exciting life. Of course, don’t risk your health or your money, but most things that scare you are actually temporary.

In this day and age, most individuals expect more of dating and relationships than ever and that probably includes you as well. That’s fine. Yet it obviously means you have to be happy to give candidates a chance when you go out for dates.

When you are not dismissive / confrontational / cynical, you approach the dating scene more lightly and with a sense of humor as well as curiosity. That’s how you attract the right woman in record time.

Honestly, if you expect the best candidate, you have to work on being that yourself. Please let go of your ego and focus on connecting instead of judging. Period.

How to make your Ukrainian bride respect you:

Firstly, you should follow through on your word and do what you say you’ll do. If you can’t keep your promise, just don’t promise anything.

Secondly, you need to uphold your standards of behavior at all times. You not only need your wife to respect you, but also need other people in your life to respect you. Make this a daily habit.

Thirdly, don’t be an avoider. Make sure you have the courage to have challenging conversations.

“In order to make a relationship work, you need to maintain the spark and keep the respect going.”

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