Daily habits that help you meet Ukrainian women

Ukrainian women

Everyone’s life consists of daily habits. Do you have any habits that hold you back from having the love life you want?

  • Consistency is the key to success.

Ordinary things done consistently lead to extraordinary results. For instance, in order to learn a foreign language well, you have to learn some new words each day. In order to build a successful business, you have to take action to achieve your goal every day. Without consistency, you only have a dream. In other words, consistency makes your dream come true.

During the pandemic, life isn’t easy. Therefore, it’s more important to focus on having better thoughts these days. When you feel terrible about yourself on a hard day, chances are you have forgotten about consistency. Please let me explain.

Look, life is hard enough without a pandemic. Not every day would be perfect. Right now, you would be well-advised to have certain rituals and routines to maintain your mental health and wellbeing, thereby helping you become the best version of yourself and meet your Ukrainian lady.

Many people only work on their mindset when they already have some kind of big problems in life. Frankly, that’s nearly too late. Rather than starting to work on your mindset when the crisis is already huge, please create systems in life that allow you to feel good every day. In this way, when you experience a difficult day, the impact of your mood isn’t major & you’ve got a range of practices that make you happy already.

For example, your systems may include taking yourself on a self-love date every week (buying a takeout on your way home and having a dinner & movie date at night by yourself), having a massage/facial every fortnight, listening to your favorite podcast, etc. This list could be endless; you simply need a system that can work for your positive self-image.

You only have 1 life, so you are supposed to live the most fabulous life that is possible. However, no matter how great you look on Instagram, your social media photos will not make a difference when your inner world is chaotic. 

As I see it, giving yourself compassion and love shouldn’t be something that you do once a month (or once a year). Many people only treat themselves during Christmas holidays because they have worked hard and have earned it. Nevertheless, in my opinion, showing yourself compassion has to be a non-negotiable daily practice. The system should be a part of your daily life, just like brushing your teeth and having a bath/shower, as your emotional health is as paramount as your physical health. Sometimes your emotional health can determine your physical health. When you have the emotional strength, you will be ready to meet your Ukrainian lady (and will be able to stay ready as well)!

  • Life is always uncertain, so how do you handle uncertainty?

We live in uncertain times due to COVID-19; consequently, many people are struggling with sitting in the waiting as well as the unknowing – are you able to make the unknowing a fabulous and fun space?

In my view, being uncertainty’s friend is a lifetime task. Nobody can achieve this by looking for the answer on Google. Everyone wants to predict & know what is going to happen in the future. As your brain rewards certainty, you steer towards it. Indeed, not knowing is very uncomfortable. Actually, everybody does all sorts of things just to figure out what is going to happen next. 

Realistically, life is full of uncertainty. As a consequence, you might feel like you are simply sitting there and waiting for what will happen and you may look like a passive bystander. Nevertheless, when you evaluate the situation in a different manner, you will probably realize that there is so much more going on than what you can see.

A lot of men on our website are overachievers as they feel a sense of guilt when they aren’t constantly making change, creating and building something. Yet no one is supposed to be creating all the time. A year has four seasons. Life has various cycles.

Take myself as an example. My cycle consists of four phases:

  1. Gather ideas – Whenever I’m reading a book, I always take notes. That way, I get inspiration frequently, so I can organize these ideas and synthesize them properly.
  2. Create content – I write content for websites after ideas are collected.
  3. Publish content – I publish blog articles after proofreading what I’ve written.
  4. Rest – I need some time to relax. Hence, I sleep in!

Now you might feel like you are possibly in an unknowing phase. However, perhaps you are actually in rest mode or still gathering and researching information. Please honor the stage you are at by giving yourself the precious gift of allowing your inspiration the space and time it truly needs. Then I’m sure the right Ukrainian woman will want to join your wonderful world.

“When you feel good on a daily basis, you are more likely to attract a high-value Ukrainian lady.”

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