Dating a Russian woman and finding out if she is compatible with you

Russian women

If the first date is all right, please have the second date and keep seeing this person for a while. You need to get far enough into a relationship in order to find out whether she is compatible with you.

  • What is really happening?

If each time you date somebody it merely lasts a few months before you find a fault with her & this fault is so terrible that you must end the relationship, you probably end things too quickly.

That is possibly a sign that you are hyper vigilant instead of properly filtering candidates and keeping your boundaries as well as standards.  I know filtering people and keeping your standards and boundaries are important, but you might have gone too far. When that is overdone, you just get rid of everybody you meet.

Usually, hyper vigilance happens when you feel that your boundaries have been crossed and disrespected previously. Now you become hyper sensitive as for how a woman is being around you. That can also come from a space of feeling awkward to get close to a lady. For a lot of people, the initial stage of a relationship is more pleasant than the daily “good enough” stage. Nevertheless, the daily “good enough” stage is unavoidable as a relationship develops and matures as time goes by.

Are you addicted to the initial honeymoon stage of a relationship? Can you enjoy a relationship when it develops and matures, too? In reality, compromises and settling are not bad words in dating and relationships because these words do not mean you have no standard or self-esteem. That oftentimes means you have a healthy and realistic view of how romantic relationships actually work. Also, it means you can accept your imperfections and limitations as well as your lady’s imperfections and limitations, which is a very human and practical thing. In terms of being picky, I’d like to encourage you to keep your standards, as long as your standards are focused in the right place and are healthy rather than letting great Russian women pass you by. 😉

Russian women
  • When to say “I love you”:

Different individuals communicate in different ways. Some people are verbal communicators, while others prefer being complimented & let known they are loved. Others may show their affection in a different manner. Love languages are different!

When your Russian woman gives you a lot of cuddles, pays you compliments and prepares dinner for you, her action tells you that she loves you.

  • If you are still looking for love….

This journey is a marathon rather than a sprint. The biggest part of dating success is a person’s motivation level. Remaining motivated after some mediocre dates could be difficult. Having said that, the next date might be the one where you’ll meet your ideal partner. 

First of all, you’d better keep your feet on the ground without building extremely high expectations very quickly because having very high expectations usually leads to disappointment.

When you meet a great candidate on the first date, please don’t text all of your friends and tell them that you’ve found the best candidate already. You need a balanced approach.

Remember: the first impression is rarely the last impression in dating and relationships. You have to ground yourself and be mindful. Just allow yourself to gradually develop your expectations around her.

In the second place, you would be well-advised to be realistic about what a lady can offer. Meanwhile, you should talk about your love life in a positive manner. Don’t complain about your dates. A more neutral perspective would be better.

I know one of the most maddening things about being a single guy is that everybody has an opinion or a reason as for why you are still single. Sadly, these people haven’t walked in your shoes or lived your life; nonetheless, they keep saying you have unrealistic expectations or you are just too picky. Even if their feedback is true to some degree, you don’t need to let it be your story. After being criticized by a relative or a friend, you don’t need to worry about your “issues”. In this world, only you know what you are happy with. You are already on the journey to meet a Russian lady and you will certainly get there in your own time and space. Don’t take on others’ narratives or stories for why you are still single.

“Christmas and new year’s holidays are often the time when your family ask why you are single. Do you have the right answer?”

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