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November 7, 2019 at 11.50am by in Online Dating

Since online dating has become the main way for singles to meet each other these days, how to create a great dating profile is a frequently asked question. Thus, now I’m going to show you how exactly you can create an outstanding profile and stand out from the crowd.

  • Your photos must be very good (Yes, I said “must”, not “should”).

If you studied how to manage the first impression before, you probably know that people will notice your hairstyle first when they meet you for the first time, and then they will notice your face and your clothes.

Now in terms of the first impression on a dating website, people will notice your photos before they read your dating profile. That’s why you have to upload high-quality photos. In fact, some dating websites proactively delete low-quality photos and low-effort profiles in order to maintain the quality of their platform.

If you already have some very good photos, you can use those on your dating profile. Otherwise, you may ask a friend who is good at taking photos to help you. If you are very serious, you can hire a professional photographer to take great photos for you.

Ideally, your profile photo should be taken in nature, i.e. on the beach, in the sunshine, etc. That’s because statistics show that men’s profiles with photos taken outdoors are much more likely to get positive responses from women online. Further research shows that women associate men who are active in nature with positive emotions, whereas men who stay in a dark room look unreliable in photos.

Please note that you shouldn’t show off your wealth in the profile photo because you don’t want to attract gold-diggers who aren’t serious. A gold-digger is a woman who gets cash fast and leaves the guy.

Hence, don’t show off your expensive car in the photo, please.

Also, if you show off your money, it only means you are “new money” rather than “old money”. “New money” constantly wants to attract others’ attention and show off their new wealth, whereas “old money” don’t care what strangers think of them.

If you’d like women to know that you have financial freedom, your profession should be able to tell them. When women notice that your profession is very good, they will figure out that you are financially successful.

  • Your dating profile headline must differentiate yourself from your competitors.

On almost every dating site, you can easily see countless run-of-the-mill dating profile headlines. Obviously, most online daters never did any kind of training in the dating department, so they don’t know what they are doing.

The second important item of a dating profile is your headline. That’s why a good headline is paramount. Now I’d like to show you how to write an unforgettable profile headline.

First and foremost, your headline has to emphasize your personality. For example, “a bold gentleman” shows a unique pairing about you, i.e. you are bold and gentle at the same time – that makes you very attractive.

In the second place, your headline should emphasize your interest. For instance, “an avid reader” shows your hobby: reading. In this way, your profile will attract like-minded people in the online community.

Next, your headline needs to indicate your wit. A case in point is “willing to lie about how we met each other” – this headline displays your humor and wit.

Furthermore, you would be well-advised to use the headline to showcase your unique selling point. In business, people use the term “unique selling point” to describe why a product or service is different and better than its competitors’ offerings. As a matter of fact, dating is the only situation in which both parties are buying and selling at the same time! Therefore, you can leverage the headline to imply your unique selling point, e.g. “a thinker who doesn’t overthink” shows your high IQ and high EQ & this can be your unique selling point.

Please note that the following elements must be avoided in the headline:

  1. Negativity. Take this dating profile headline as an example – “looking…but with trust issues”. It says you actually look for problems before they arise.
  2. Low effort. Look at this example – “Hey” (it means you spent 1 second writing your headline).
  3. Neediness. Check out this example – “Looking for someone to rescue me” (it means you are clingy and needy).
  4. Very long sentences. Here is an example – “I’m a reliable, trustworthy, intelligent and healthy guy & my hobbies are painting, poetry, football, singing and playing the guitar.” This headline’s focus is gone.
  5. Grammar and spelling errors, e.g. “Are you the love of my life?”
  6. Repetition, e.g. “A lawyer from Los Angeles” In actuality, other members can easily see your location and your profession in your profile. You shouldn’t be so repetitive.
  • If you aren’t sure, you may hire a dating coach to write your dating profile for you.

I hope you have already learned a lot from this article so far, but if you are still not sure, you can hire a dating coach to help you. There are many dating coaches who offer this kind of services online, e.g. Virtual Dating Assistants, Personal Dating Assistants, Dating Advisors, Online Dating Consultants, etc. Some of these experts are professional wingmen who can give you extra help such as sending messages to women on your behalf. In this way, you will certainly receive many messages from qualified female candidates that you actually like. Some dating coaches can even recommend professional photographers in your local area because they will do the research online for you.

Let me show you some outstanding dating profile examples below:

  1. I’m a caring, loving and interesting man with ten years’ experience overseas. I’ve worked in Egypt, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Germany for 10 years. I also love traveling the world. I’ve been to Japan, France, Argentina, Canada and Fiji as a tourist. I’m very passionate about life because the average person only has approximately 30,000 days in their lifetime – every day is a special day. Make every day count!
  2. As an enthusiastic reader, I read 52 books per year. That’s a book per week. I read books from three categories: A) money and business; B) mastery, i.e. writing, public speaking, etc.; C) health and fitness. I also write blog articles regularly on my personal blog about what I’ve been reading. If you are interested, you may join this journey with me.
  3. I’m a purebred entrepreneur, so I can’t have a real 9-to-5 job. I’ve been doing my own business since 2002 and I really love the excitement and fulfillment that my business has brought me. I’m looking for a lady who is happy to share this passion with me.

Note that these good examples include the following key elements:

  1. They use contractions such as “I’m”, “that’s” and “can’t” because contractions sound more colloquial and more approachable.
  2. They are very specific. None of them says “I’m a good person” which is too generic.
  3. They all show radical self-love, meaning each of them indicates the member’s high self-esteem because they believe “Nobody will value you more than you value yourself.”

“Your dating profile is more important than you think.”

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