Dating Russian Women: The Right Mindset and Attitude

March 17, 2020 at 12.29pm by in Slavic Women
meet Russian women online

Meeting single Russian women online is not hard. All you need to do is to join a trustworthy international dating website such as Simply Dating and you can get started. But you still need to prepare the right mindset and attitude when it comes to international dating, so this article is definitely going to help you in this aspect!

Interestingly, if you’re doing it right, you should be rejected.

Okay. I know, I know. This doesn’t make sense. But please let me explain this key idea now.

If every Russian woman that you contact accepts you, that simply means maybe you aren’t even chasing a Russian lady that is high-value enough because you’re only reaching for the low-hanging fruit.

The only way to know that you have already done your best is to get rejected by some very high-value Russian women. Then you can tell me, “See, I’ve done my best and there’s no regret!”

Truthfully, there are a large number of very high-value women in Russia, and it’s your responsibility to contact them online on an international dating site. Perhaps they will not reject you – Well, you will only know it after you’ve tried!

Incidentally, if you truly want to find a high-quality Russian wife, you should be rejected by many single ladies from Russia in the first place. Here is why:

Some women reject you not because they dislike you, but because they aren’t confident enough to choose you or they don’t have good taste. By the way, if you think every woman must like you, then you are a narcissist! Don’t be a narcissist, please 😊

Shorter dates are better than longer dates at the initial stage of a relationship.

A lot of men make this common mistake – they take ladies to fancy restaurants for very long dinner dates. Yet I would argue that a dinner date is not ideal at the initial stage of a romantic relationship.

If you’ve just met a Russian woman, you would be well-advised to have a coffee date with her as you should only pay for a fancy dinner after she has already given you good value, meaning the dinner date should look like a reward.

Shorter dates usually work better at the beginning because it’s much easier to keep a lady interested when the coffee date is merely 40 minutes maximum. However, if the first date is a 3-hour dinner date, the lady is probably bored by the end of the second hour and perhaps you have run out of interesting things to say before the end of the dinner date.

When you are on a date, you should be able to make a lady laugh in a genuine way. Remember: laughter makes her relax. A lady can’t feel attracted if she is not relaxed, so it’s your job to help a lady relax & laughter is an effective approach in this situation.

Laughter also makes you take yourself less seriously. When you two are laughing, neither of you will be desperate or depressed 😊

Moreover, laughter is a way to test whether this woman has a positive character. If a Russian woman can’t understand humor or has no sense of humor, that possibly means her English isn’t good enough or her personality is not ideal. Consequently, maybe she isn’t the right woman for you.

The fast-track to a beautiful love life: an international matchmaking service

Let’s say you would like to meet single Russian ladies in real life by yourself. In that case, you may meet 3-5 qualified candidates per year.

By contrast, if you use an international matchmaking service, you can meet at least 3-5 qualified candidates per week. Obviously, without the matchmaking service, you surely can’t meet so many qualified women so fast. Clearly, an international matchmaking service has good value.

Having said that, you still need to be choosy! Yes, a Russian matchmaking service is able to offer you many qualified leads (you can date with confidence as you have abundance rather than scarcity). Also, quantity tends to lead to quality – meeting more qualified candidates means you can find the right person faster. And now it’s time to be choosy. Don’t settle for less than you actually deserve – you are a high-value guy.

When you are on an international dating site such as Simply Dating, you should meet single Russian ladies online and talk to them via video or audio chat. Then you can go to Russia and meet your lady in person. Don’t chat with someone via text messages for half a year without meeting her!

A Frequently Asked Question (warning – the answer includes the uncomfortable truth): “What if I prefer a perfect 10?”

A perfect 10 knows that she is very attractive. She knows it based on the feedback she has got from people around her. People compliment her, and that makes her feel very proud. Unfortunately, her ego is your energy, which means if you act like every other guy out there and compliment her, she can’t see your high value.

Also, as a perfect 10, she probably doesn’t have a lot of female friends as most women are possibly jealous of her beauty. That’s the reality of a perfect 10. Sad but true.

If you are literally dating a perfect 10, you can make her want to prove herself first. Alternatively, you may indicate that she is probably not up to your high standards. In this way, her ego isn’t your enemy anymore.

For example, you can ask her, “Can you cook?” “Which books do you enjoy reading?” & “Are your nails real?” Now this single lady from Russia knows that you’re not easy to get as you have high standards. Hopefully this makes sense 😊

When a perfect 10 figures out that you are a high-value guy with high standards, she will want to know why you aren’t intimidated by her beauty. Oftentimes, a perfect 10’s power is to get compliments from men, yet you have changed the dynamics completely. As a result, she wants to get her power back – she wants to show you how great she is. So, she begins to wonder, “Are you a powerful man?” “Are you an influential guy?” That’s why your perceived value is increased in her opinion.

The perfect 10 may show you that she is less interested as she wants her power back. Nevertheless, when she wants to win & make you feel attracted to her, that’s exactly what you want. Actually, if you can keep the interaction going, that means her confidence is real. Anyway, no matter what you say, you can never put her down & your comments must be charming and positive 😉

Some examples regarding what to say to the incredibly beautiful Russian lady:

  1. “You look intelligent. Do you like reading books?”
  2. “You look interesting. Do you have a great sense of humor?”

Try not to compliment her looks as that’s what she gets from other men in the dating scene all the time.

“The key is to present your comments as real compliments without putting a Russian lady on a pedestal.”

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