Dating Slavic women: What do men want in a woman?

Slavic women

If you are a man dating a Slavic woman and you are reading this blog post, you will possibly learn more about yourself. If you are a woman reading this article, you will probably learn more about male psychology. That being said, the content in this post is for general information purpose only, so I’m open for discussion – please feel free to discuss the ideas with me or disagree with me – I’m still learning. 

  • An interesting quiz:

Here is a quiz that can test how much you actually understand male psychology – decide whether each statement below is true or false:

  1. Men like feminine women because of erotic polarity, i.e., things that can’t appear on themselves seem to be more appealing, e.g., traditionally, men can’t wear pearl necklaces, high heels, stockings, etc. So, women who present themselves in the most feminine way are the most attractive ladies from men’s point of view.
  2. A man wants an exclusive relationship because this lady gives him spontaneity, playfulness, fun and variety – he doesn’t need to look for any of those outside the relationship.
  3. Most men consult with relationship advisors in order to fix their women (they are looking for more pleasure), while most women consult with relationship advisors so as to fix themselves (they are looking to avoid pain).
  4. When a man fundamentally knows that his lady is able to leave him at any time as she can attract high-value men quite easily, he actually admires, respects and likes her even more.
  5. Nothing is more vulnerable than the male ego, so when a man is looking for an ideal woman, he would choose a woman who never hurts his ego, even though another woman looks significantly hotter.

Okay. According to a dating and relationship consultant, all of these statements are true.  But please feel free to have your own opinions

Slavic women
  • Offering Slavic women key support: How to tell if a man likes you (Answer to the common question “Does he like me?”)

Keen on a very attractive man? Well, perhaps you’d like to find out whether he also likes you or not, right? I’ve created a checklist for you:

  1. If he likes you, he will find a way to get close to you. Let’s say you and this guy are at a party where there are many other people. If he likes you, he will find a way to sit or stand next to you. Proximity is a huge indicator!
  2. If he likes you, he will re-initiate the conversation after you’ve ended the conversation. 
  3. If he likes you, he will find excuses to touch you. Examples: A) When he tells you a secret, his lips “accidentally” touch your ear. B) When he passes a glass of wine to you, his hand “accidentally” touches your hand.
  4. If he likes you, he will want to know whether you are in a relationship or not. So, when he asks you questions about your relationship status, he is actually sending a strong signal which indicates that he likes you!

Has he demonstrated any of these behaviors so far?

“ is here to give both men and Slavic women support every single day so that our members can find true love in record time.”

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