Dating Slavic women: What if you have a private personality?

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Slavic women

In modern-day society, more and more people have become private individuals. If you are a private guy, chances are you are an introvert with a very strong desire for privacy, so you don’t share your personal world with anybody except people who have already earned a place in your inner circle. In this case, if you are keen to date a Slavic woman, you’d better learn a thing or two about yourself first. 

  • Your social media activity is almost non-existent.

Nowadays, the most obvious characteristic of a private person is lack of social media activity. If you don’t need to get shares, likes and/or heart emojis to be validated by your Facebook friends, you definitely have a private personality.

Take myself as an example. I don’t even have a LinkedIn page. My career counsellor told me that it was wrong, but I truly don’t need a LinkedIn page because frankly, I don’t even need to use LinkedIn to get a job.

  • You have a relatively small but high-quality circle of close friends.

Interestingly, although extroverts have more friends, their friends are usually not very close to them. In contrast, introverts have fewer friends, but their friends are apparently closer to them.

Similarly, extroverts tend to date more people and have more relationships, whereas introverts don’t date a lot of people but they have a few high-quality relationships.

  • If you have been called “closed off”, you are probably a private person.

Last year I attended a job interview during which the employer literally asked me questions about where I live, my age, my marital status, whether I have children or not, etc. I answered all of her questions; however, she still told other people that I was closed off.

In truth, she shouldn’t have asked those personal questions because she looked extremely unprofessional in that context. It turns out that she asks every candidate those personal questions. No wonder that organization can’t find new employees.

To be honest, that experience has made me realize that I do NOT want to go back to that industry anymore. End of story.

Statistics show that most people want to talk about themselves because that’s their favorite topic. Yet introverts rarely talk about themselves.

Slavic women
  • Before you speak, you think carefully.

That’s just how you operate – you always think before you speak most of the time because you don’t want to say something that might reveal your personal life.

As an introvert, I’m very careful with how I spend my time. I really don’t see a point in spending my valuable time or energy on useless things that don’t even matter. Two years ago, I said yes to a business partnership because I was about to be made redundant by my employer at that time. Sadly, that business partnershp didn’t work out because the business partner didn’t have enough time to work on that business; consequently, I broke up with my business partner in time.

  • According to Slavic women, being a private individual is great.

Some Slavic women have told me that being a private person is very good because you don’t need to worry about your personal life becoming a frequent topic of discussion.

A Slavic lady says a private man is much less likely to say something that offends people, so she prefers dating a private man.

As I see it, if you are a private person, no one has any informatiom about your personal life, meaning they can never use that information to hurt you. Nonetheless, since they know nothing about your personal life, they also can’t use that information to help you.

Like I said earlier, 2 years ago, I thought I was about to be made redundant by my employer at that time, so I spoke to a colleague about that. That colleague told me that he was about to take leave due to the stress at work; therefore, he was happy to give his workload to me so that I still could have a job. I was grateful for him. Nevertheless, several days later, I realized that he actually resigned – he didn’t tell me that. Truthfully, if he had told me that, I would have let him know that the entire company was probably going to be shut down soon, which means everybody could be paid out. But because he didn’t tell me anything about his resignation, I didn’t even have the chance to tell him about the redundancy pay. As a consequence, he missed out on the redundancy pay entirely. That colleague is a very private individual – he is much more private than me.

“A private person has a happy life because the private personality minimizes drama.”

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