Dating Ukrainian women: Surprising similarities between love & business

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Interestingly, love and business aren’t that different. In many ways, the psychology of relationships and the psychology of business are very similar! In order to further explain how this understanding can help you date Ukrainian women, I’ve decided to share some insights with you today.

A detailed case analysis:

In this introduction, you will understand why McDonald’s isn’t doing well in some countries. Then you will understand that in many relationships, similar mistakes are being made every day!

First, customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors when it comes to maintaining a healthy and high profit. In business, customers who are satisfied are much more likely to bring repeat business. Repeat business refers to a situation that appears when a customer returns repeatedly to buy something from a company. It is of vital importance to keep repeat customers because this requires minimal additional marketing efforts. In other words, when a company has to keep looking for new customers, there is a customer acquisition fee. Therefore, the ability to keep steady customers who constantly bring repeat business is highly valued (Griffin 2002, p. 4). However, McDonald’s has a persistent issue – this company has difficulty satisfying customers with friendly and speedy service.

Similarly, in a relationship with a Ukrainian bride, if you can’t make her satisfied, you will let her down. It’s that simple. In that case, please don’t blame her for looking elsewhere!

Since a large number of customers are unhappy with McDonald’s services, they have complained frequently. More specifically, most customers are unhappy with McDonald’s rude and unprofessional employees. Worse still, this problem has negatively affected McDonald’s revenue over many years. Although McDonald’s has taken several measures such as always introducing new products and managing their Public Relations, satisfying customers is still a persistent challenge due to their unhappy employees. In this case analysis, a specific problem will be identified. Furthermore, reasons for this problem will be explained and solutions to this issue will be outlined as well.

Here is McDonald’s problem: Though McDonald’s has performed reasonably well over several decades, it has a long-term challenge, i.e. satisfying customers with speedy and friendly service. That is to say, McDonald’s finds it quite difficult to satisfy their customers and keep their existing customers for a long time. As a consequence, McDonald’s has to deal with a large number of complaints from customers and keep looking for new customers. Obviously, this has affected McDonald’s business efficiency and profit, as handling a lot of complaints and constantly looking for new customers require time and business expense. Thus, the company’s profit can be affected in a negative way (Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 2018). Closer examination shows that most customers who have complained are unhappy with rude and unprofessional employees at McDonald’s. Hence, it is obvious that performance management is a challenge in this company.

Further analysis reveals that one in five customer complaints is related to friendliness. Worse still, this problem has been increasing, according to a webcast with franchise owners. For example, the most common complaint was about unprofessional or rude employees. In addition, complaints regarding speed of service has also significantly increased recently and some customers even describe the service as chaotic and messy. As a result, McDonald’s media presence has been affected as well.

Likewise, in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman, if you don’t even have a real friendship in the first place, the foundation of this relationship doesn’t exist. End of story.

Note that when you and your Ukrainian wife aren’t even friends, this marriage is vulnerable. You must avoid this mistake!

How to cope:

In order to address this issue, McDonald’s asks franchisees to hire extra employees and offer better training. Meanwhile, McDonald’s has introduced a new system for taking orders, brand-new software to manage the workload more effectively as well as the number of employees on the line, and a structure which gives managers clear responsibilities.

Although McDonald’s has admitted their mistake by acknowledging the fact that the pace of their product introduction is too fast, this company still has to experience a Public Relations battle. Moreover, it is reported that McDonald’s average service time is much slower, compared to its major competitors. Clearly, lack of efficiency is harmful to the company’s productivity, thereby influencing its profit negatively.

Additionally, McDonald’s employee compensation is extremely low, as evidenced by the high rate of turnover which is directly caused by low pay. Interestingly, McDonald’s never reports its turnover rate in public. Yet similar restaurants usually have an average annual turnover rate of 60%. Since unhappy customers are complaining about their unhappy employees, McDonald’s turnover rate is probably much higher than 60%.

When a company has to keep hiring new employees, the business must provide new employees with training. Also, it takes some time for a new employee to learn relevant rules and procedures before this employee becomes highly productive. Therefore, a high turnover rate means more business expense (Contino 2002). It is clear that McDonald’s high rate of turnover is bad for their business overall as well.

Basically, unhappy customers and unhappy employees are the main factors which contribute to the problem experienced by McDonald’s. To be more exact, many employees working for McDonald’s lack efficiency and friendliness; thus, this business struggles with performance management.

By the way, you may want to ask yourself, “Am I rewarding my Ukrainian girlfriend’s good behavior?” This is a very important question because your Ukrainian lady’s behavior will only get better and better when you reward her good behavior.

Causes of McDonald’s problem& causes of issues in relationships:

McDonald’s problem is caused by three reasons: low pay, lack of motivating factors and the current organizational climate all lead to employees’ dissatisfaction and a high staff turnover rate.

According to the above analysis, it is manifest that McDonald’s has experienced a serious problem – unhappy employees make it quite difficult for McDonald’s to keep customers happy. This issue leads to a high staff turnover rate and a high customer acquisition cost, for McDonald’s struggles with customer retention.

There are three causes of the above-mentioned problem: low pay, lack of motivation and unhealthy organizational climate. First of all, employees at McDonald’s are not well paid at all; consequently, these individuals may find it hard to support their families. In other words, these employees’ financial needs are not met by McDonald’s. Small wonder these individuals want to leave McDonald’s; as a consequence, the annual staff turnover rate is very high in this company. Hall (2019) maintains that the cost of staff turnover is a liability and it also makes the team’s morale low. Next, absence of motivation is another reason for McDonald’s problem. Because staff members are not motivated by higher wages, recognition and career advancement at McDonald’s, most employees do not have a reason to keep working for this company in the long run. Thus, direct and indirect costs of McDonald’s high staff turnover rate have to occur. Then, unhealthy organizational climate is another cause of McDonald’s problem. Fortunately, three solutions have been provided as well. First and most importantly, McDonald’s should offer competitive employee compensation. Another recommendation is to provide motivating factors in the workplace. Last but not least, McDonald’s need to create a healthy and positive organizational climate so that this company can keep their employees and have loyal customers.

“Now please evaluate the climate in your relationship with a Ukrainian woman – do you have a healthy and positive dating culture?”

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