Dating Ukrainian Women: What we can learn from a true story

April 4, 2020 at 11.42am by in Slavic Women
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Ukrainian women are pretty, elegant and sweet. More importantly, they are very romantic. Yesterday I wrote a story called A Tale of Two Dates. I think daters like you will benefit from reading this story and learning the lessons from it. (Note that Simply Dating is only for people who are serious – if you are looking for a real relationship, this international dating site is for you. We only have genuine Eastern European ladies who are looking to marry western men just like you. We interview every Eastern European woman, so you know this is a reliable dating website.)

A Tale of Two Dates

This is an interesting and fun story about an American guy called Gary and a Ukrainianladycalled Gabby. (In order to protect their privacy, their names have been changed in this article.)

Gary is a 27-year-old computer scientist; Gabby is a 22-year-old international model. Both of them currently live in Los Angeles.

When Gary’s older brother was dating women in the previous decade, online dating was a taboo topic. However, these days online dating is mainstream. Yes, that’s how Gary meets Gabby – they chat on an internationaldating website.

“I’m going to Lotus Restaurant at 6pm on Friday night. They will have a special Japanese matcha event there. The ambience will be amazing,” says Gary, “I think you should come.”

The way Gary asks Gabby out is unique – he doesn’t ask a question such as “Would you like to come?” because if he asks a question, Gabby would have two questions in her head: 1) “Do I want to go out with this guy?” 2) “Can I go out on Friday night?”

Since Gary only uses a statement “I think you should come”, Gabby only has one question in her head, “Can I go out on Friday night?”

Clearly, Gary’s confidence and certainty make him very attractive, so Gabby is on the first date with Gary at Lotus Restaurant on Friday.

As Gary and Gabby are talking about general topics that most daters discuss on the first date, Gary slows down… and then he pauses.

Gary looks at Gabby’s eyes, her nose, her lips and her eyebrows. His eyes are “traveling” on her face slowly and gradually during the silence.

Now very strong attraction is being built at this moment.

Although Gabby is a Ukrainian lady, she has seen enough American chick flicks to understand what that means – she can feel the massive chemistry between them.

A few days later, Gary asks Gabby out for a second date.

When they go out again, Gary says, “Gabby, your perfume smells really good. After I went home on Friday night, I was still thinking about the beautiful fragrance. And I must see you again as the scent was so memorable – I think this fragrance matches a Ukrainian lady’spersonality and your beauty perfectly. You are the most elegant Ukrainian womanI’ve ever met.”

“Actually, when I gave you a hug on Friday night, I secretly sprayed some of my perfume in the pocket of your jacket,” says Gabby, “That’s why you were thinking about me all the time. Have fun with that!”

Never underestimate the power of a Ukrainianlady’s scent.

Lessons from the story:

  1. Always default to statements and only use questions sparingly in your conversations with Ukrainian ladiesbecause women from Ukrainelike alpha males – if you use more statements than questions, you look more confident and more certain, this is especially true when you know Ukrainian brideswill probe deeper. This technique is more powerful when your statements are about your Ukrainian date’s motivations and emotions, as even your statements are slightly dumb or wrong, they will still draw out good responses which kick-start a productive conversation.
  2. Women might play hard to get because they don’t want to look desperate or needy. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ask a lady out for a real date. You are supposed to initiate the interaction and keep the momentum in a romantic relationship. In a real relationship, as a guy, you either lead or be misled! If you wait for a woman to be the leader in a relationship, then you will probably be misled. Can you imagine a lady being the leader in the salsa dance? Probably no. Hence, you have to understand that you should be the alpha guy who is the confident and charismatic leader in the dynamics, okay? Don’t wait for a lady to give you opportunities; you’d better proactively create opportunities for yourself and your lady. In life, you either wait or create. Please don’t a waiter. Always choose to be a creator. That’s the most important trait of an empowered man in this day and age. Hopefully this makes sense.
  3. The power of scent shouldn’t be ignored. Thus, you would be well-advised to buy a good cologne for yourself so that you can have a signature scent from now on. If you are married to a Ukrainian wife, you can even spray some of your cologne in your house when you go away for a business trip. I’m sure she will only think of you all the time. Better still, you can spray some of your cologne in her bag! I know that is a bit naughty, but it works pretty well in general. 😊

If you are an introvert….

In this story, Gary is actually an introvert because it took quite a while for him to show his love for a lady. If you are also an introvert, here’s my advice:

Frankly, the quest for love is definitely more difficult for introverts because introverts don’t enjoy meeting lots of people & you have to meet lots of people in order to find the right person (in order to find quality, quantity matters).

That being said, introverts also have many good qualities. For example, introverts are more observant and perceptive, so they can notice other people’s desires and feelings across various situations. Also, introverts are much more empathetic, so they are better listeners in general.

These qualities can help introverts to build deep and meaningful relationships with people because all of these qualities lead to high-quality one-on-one interactions.

If you are also an introvert, you can deliberately add one or two extrovert qualities to your public persona, and then use these qualities in small bursts on purpose.

Remember to say yes to every invitation and attend every party if you can, for you must have a good social circle, abundant social options and an interesting lifestyle – dates will naturally flow from that foundation.

Just push through this uneasy time and join more social activities so that you can have opportunities to utilize some extroversion which will empower you.

When you become empowered, Ukrainian women will find you more attractive because they all want to date fully empowered men.

“Dating Ukrainian women and joining social events will help you speed away from fear if you are an introvert.”

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