Dating women from Ukraine: How to build anticipation and attraction

December 16, 2019 at 9.51am by in Slavic Women
woman from Ukraine

Building anticipation and giving your Ukrainian girlfriend something to live up to or look forward to is a key skill in dating and relationships, for that is about being a challenge – perceived challenge is an important element in attraction.

Give her something to aspire to and make her feel like she wants to be her best around you.

This alone will make your Ukrainian girlfriend feel inspired because dating you is an exciting and interesting experience. Also, this shows her that you have standards – you know what you want and what you deserve & you don’t settle for less.

I’d like to introduce the compliment-and-inspire model to you: You simply tell her something cool about her and then tell her she needs to do it more.

For instance, you say this to her, “That dress makes you look very elegant. You should wear this more.” I can guarantee that she will mentally take notes and begin to wear that dress more frequently. Better still, she will probably look for other dresses with the same style.

Another example is when she tells you about her plans for the future, you say this to her, “That sounds so cool. You have to do that. I could totally see you being a dancer/running a business/touring South America/whatever…”

Another way you can build anticipation is by showing you are attracted to her, yet without giving her everything upfront. Just suggest what she could get if she played her cards right.

For example, a woman from Ukraine gets a bit too excited in a text message (she wants you to go to Ukraine to meet her in person right now, but you are not ready to go there yet). Now you may want to build her anticipation without killing the flirtatious vibe you’ve got going. So, you give her a compliment while also showing that you have standards: “As attractive as you are, I don’t move that fast 😊 But I’m looking forward to seeing you in a few months. Maybe in June?”

Unpack her mind.

Ask questions that seek values instead of facts. Here is a list of examples:

“Wow. You are a great musician. What was the most difficult part of achieving that?”

“I’m impressed by your artistic expression. How did you do that?”

“You are such a good writer. What would your best advice be for someone trying to do that?”

These questions will unfold her value system because when she is answering your questions, she will have to talk about what’s important to her and what she actually values most.

When you are on a date with a woman from Ukraine, remember to use your greatest weapons – smile and laugh.

A lot of men believe in this myth: They think women are attracted to James Bond. Well, technically, yes, women like James Bond. But realistically, it’s incredibly difficult for James Bond to connect with women because a lot of women would be intimidated by him in reality.

Therefore, when you are on a date with a woman from Ukraine, you would be well-advised to relax. Note that being attractive/desirable is way more about being fun than it is about being cool. And the best way to be fun is to seem like you are having fun already.

Flirting is about giving her your best so that she wants to keep pursuing you. Yes, you read that right. I said she will want to pursue you. Please note that women want men just as much as men want women – women simply don’t want to show their desire.

If you have a few months left before going to Ukraine….

Let’s say you have two months left before visiting your lady in Ukraine. Now I’d like to give you a 2-month challenge.

During these two months, you will upgrade your lifestyle and become a better version of yourself.

First of all, you will need to have the right mindset (confidence). Also, you need to know how to get the results you want (competence). Remember: confidence and competence have to go together.

Ask yourself, “Am I doing it? If I’m not doing it, I don’t know it.” That’s right. No matter how many motivational books and dating books you have read so far, if you are not implementing what you’ve learned, then you haven’t learned anything.

Two months later, the landscape of your life will look very different if you start to implement what you’ve read on blogs and in books. In order to help you further, you may have a look at the following questions before visiting your lady in Ukraine:

  1. How do I use what I have? What assets do I have? (Think knowledge, skills, charisma, etc.)
  2. Am I making the best of what I have?
  3. What I can’t change – either love it or ignore it (e.g. age, family background, etc.)
  4. What I can change – change it! (If you are unhappy with your height, learn from Roger Sterling who keeps a secret tool in his shoes.)

Life is like a computer game; you can experience being someone you want to be. Decide who you want to be and become that person, e.g. if you want to be a confident guy, you can start to build confidence today and be that person now.

Maybe your two-month landscape includes five areas: 1) activities that you will do, e.g. read books about communication skills; 2) health – diet, sleep and exercise; 3) grooming – change your hairstyle, upgrade your wardrobe, etc.; 4) work/life balance – don’t bring work home anymore; 5) places to go – perhaps you want to go to a concert, visit a gallery and go to the beach (when you change your environment, you change your vibration energy as well).

Remember: Ordinary things done consistently produce extraordinary results. If you can implement what you’ve learned consistently, you will get extraordinary results in a few months.

When you start a relationship with a woman from Ukraine….

First and foremost, you should never be her therapist or dad. By that I mean you must make sure that you are her partner – you two are a team & she is not supposed to depend on you emotionally. You two are supposed to support each other. Second, when you are interacting with a woman from Ukraine, you can manage the speed – sometimes you need to slow down everything and change the rhythm. This technique alone will build massive attraction. This can be done in a tactful way, e.g. when you are on a date with a woman from Ukraine, you should end the date when it reaches the peak. Now you say, “You are gorgeous. But I have to go now because I must get up at 6am tomorrow morning.” This technique is about paying her a compliment, but you don’t chase her at this stage. She will begin to feel more attracted to you as a result.

“In real relationships, men and women are practical – always value respect for each other first.”

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