Do Russian women face any challenges in dating?

Russian women

Sometimes you may wonder, “Why do I have to learn how to talk to women, date women, etc., whereas ladies have it easy?” But truthfully, Russian women face a lot of challenges in dating as well!

  • Russian women want to know where the good men are.

Please note that a large number of Russian men have alcohol problems, so they don’t treat women very well. As a result, many Russian ladies are looking for foreign men in order to build healthy relationships, and the most common way for these ladies to find love is to join a dating site like where good men like you can meet women online. 😊

You might think because Russian women are high-value ladies, there must be lots of men who are approaching them all the time, right? But in reality, most high-value women aren’t approached by men frequently. Let me explain.

If you are in a bar and there is a very attractive woman there, you may think, “Oh. Everyone wants her. I wouldn’t even try.” Yet realistically, every guy in the bar is thinking about the same thing, so nobody is approaching her!

This also happens to high-value ladies from Russia – they are rarely approached by men because many men don’t have the courage to approach very beautiful ladies.

  • Women from Russia are not sure what is expected in the current dating climate.

Just like you, ladies in Russia are not sure in 2021 who should say hi to who first, how long should each date be, etc. Many individuals are confused in the modern dating climate. Consequently, if you wait for a woman’s clear signal, she may not even give one.

Therefore, my advice is to be honest with the person you are dating: clearly tell her what is expected and what she can expect from the very beginning. You can do this tactfully as long as you have good communication skills. 😉

  • A Russian woman may wonder, “What is he looking for?”

Because the modern dating climate includes a wide variety of commitment levels, some women are unsure what men are looking for.

Fortunately, on, all members are looking for serious relationships. Hence, Russian women in our database know that men on are looking for meaningful relationships – That’s why a growing number of Russian ladies have joined this site. 😊

According to our research on, these are the 3 most attractive traits in guys:

  1. Confidence
  2. Independence
  3. Dominance

If you aren’t confident, you can fake confidence at the beginning, and then you will gradually become confident because your external confidence influences your internal confidence. ✨

Independence doesn’t mean having a career and moving out of your parents’ house. In fact, independence is much bigger than its literal meaning.

Here we are talking about emotional independence, meaning you don’t need other people’s attention, validation and reassurance so as to feel complete. You can learn and improve your dominance and confidence in a day or two, but independence takes much longer to develop.

As to dominance, this is about alpha behavior. Here are some examples:

  1. You plan the date beforehand and tell her what you will do together on the date.
  2. You prioritize your career and don’t compromise your standards.
  3. You communicate with your Russian lady cleanly and clearly without any confusion.
  4. You build a shared vision with your Russian woman so that you two have a blueprint in life.
  5. You know what you need and are happy to ask for what you want without playing any mind games.
  6. You are the leader in a romantic relationship. You are responsible for your happiness and your life.

“Women admire men who are confident, dominant and independent.”

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