Do you have the inner confidence to date an Eastern European woman?

Eastern European women

Inner confidence is also known as core confidence. In my view, it’s about how much you love yourself unconditionally: If you are made redundant by your employer and your wife leaves you, would you be confident? What are your values? Do you love yourself no matter what? A guy with inner confidence knows his worth even if he has lost everything! That’s inner confidence which has already helped many modern men to overcome big challenges in life and become wildly successful again. Since this blog is about dating and relationships, we are going to discuss having the inner confidence to date an Eastern European lady.

The importance of having inner confidence:

Your surface-level confidence could be taken away from you because you may not be handsome forever. Also, your lifestyle confidence can also be taken away when circumstances change – you are merely 1 breakup away from a single man’s lifestyle even if you are married; you never know what will actually happen to your job because many things are outside your control. Yet the good news is your inner confidence is totally controlled by yourself.

I’m not saying surface-level confidence and lifestyle confidence aren’t important. As a matter of fact, those two layers of confidence directly inform your inner confidence, and then your inner confidence underpins your entire identity. I would argue that your inner confidence is the most important layer of confidence because it defines who you really are with or without good looks / a relationship / a good career, etc.

But where does inner confidence come from?

Eastern European women

Inner confidence comes from unconditional self-love.

In this world, nobody will value you more than you value yourself. That’s why men with solid inner confidence are able to do well in life, love and business – they can ask for what they want; others respect them because of their high standards; they aren’t afraid of charging their clients higher fees…

Let me show you a real example that explains how inner confidence works in reality:

Zavier is a very hardworking young man who runs a 7-figure business. Last week he was talking to someone important on the phone (he was about to build a business partnership with that individual, a wildly successful businessman in the industry).

Nevertheless, that telephone conversation didn’t go very well as something wasn’t right. As a result, Zavier asked his business coach for feedback and advice because he thought he must have done something seriously wrong. Then Zavier had the second telephone call with that guy and the same problem happened once again – the telephone conversation didn’t go very well at all.

All of a sudden, Zavier realized something important: He did nothing wrong, for he is a delightful conversationalist. In truth, he doesn’t want that type of energy in his world. Hence, he has decided not to build that business partnership that may help him make 8 figures each year.

This is Zavier’s inner confidence – he does not want / need anyone’s approval. The end.

How to develop inner confidence when you are dating an Eastern European woman:

The first step you need to take is to invest in yourself through investing in your education. Practical education begins after you finish university / school. In my opinion, investing in yourself may include hiring a coach, reading books, studying a digital course, etc.

Second, you would be well-advised to be your own best friend! When you get up every morning, say this to yourself while looking at yourself in the mirror, “You & I are the best teammates!” If you do this for 21 days, you’ll notice some difference.

Lastly, never say anything harsh to yourself. Remember: the stories that you keep telling yourself literally shapes your identity and your personality – those become your personal reality!

I’m sure you will be a very confident man that your Eastern European lady admires!

“A modern man with inner confidence can unleash the alpha guy within because he is a high-vibrational being, an opportunity snatcher, a strong-minded man, a decisive action taker and a dominant thinker.”

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