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These days a popular term on the internet is “red flags” in dating. It seems that everybody is eager to tell you what their red flags are: not ordering the appetizer on the menu, ordering water rather than a real drink on the first date, wearing the wrong shoes on the date …. Perhaps everyone is keen to describe their relationship dealbreakers. Yet a lot of those are just pickiness. Interestingly, those who have a long list of red flags are often people who say “Great candidates do not exist”. Well, in reality, great candidates do exist, but people who complain are not meeting them or just dismissing them.

  • What do real red flags look like?

Here is a list of major red flags:

  1. She cannot admit fault or apologize.
  2. She makes you mad frequently.
  3. She alienates you from your family members and friends.
  4. She doesn’t care about your needs.
  5. She makes you have low self-esteem.
  6. You do not feel safe when you are with her.
  7. You cannot trust what she tells you.

Remembering these red flags can help you avoid sleepwalking into a bad relationship. According to our recent research, the above-mentioned red flags are more likely to happen when you are dating western women. In contrast, Slavic women rarely have these red flags because they have a traditional value system. 😊

  • What is a pink flag?

Things that are just annoying but not really dealbreakers are called “pink flags”. Examples:

  1. She likes complaining about people and things in life.
  2. She doesn’t share your important beliefs.
  3. She criticizes her ex.
  4. She does not have lots of close relationships/friendships.
  5. She has no passion/interest outside this romantic relationship.
  6. She derives all her confidence from her looks.
  7. She is too dramatic.
  8. She cannot manage her time properly.
  9. She is very indecisive.

In terms of this list of pink flags, you need to evaluate how bad it is, e.g., How much do you and your lady disagree on your fundamental beliefs? Does that bother you?

Sometimes a pink flag can become a red flag, so you might ask yourself, “Is this a problem that I can handle? Or is it a dealbreaker that will cause resentment in the long term?”

I understand that everyone has their own flaws. Chances are you love your lady enough, so it’s just not a big deal! Therefore, my advice is to find the human flaws that you are able to live with. Meanwhile, you would be well-advised to have the courage and strength to leave a relationship when you cannot live with someone’s flaws.

Never settle for mistreatment in a relationship. You deserve so much better than a toxic relationship!

  • The truth about manifesting:

Yes, according to Law of Attraction, you can attract a high-quality Slavic lady who will make your world wonderful. But if you find it difficult to master Law of Attraction, chances are you haven’t developed good habits yet.

Manifesting is all about co-creating with the universe. In other words, the universe has a to-do list, and you have a to-do list, too!

Once you have the routines and habits which leads you down that path, it will be so much easier to attract whatever you desire. For instance, if you are keen to have a successful career, you have to work on it every single day. If you are eager to be in love with a great Slavic woman, you must have habits which create attraction and rapport. If you really want a healthy body, you’d better eat organic food, sleep more and do exercises regularly.

Let me give you an example:

Rhonda needs to find a stable job that pays her well so that she can support her family. Due to the pandemic, she lost her job last year and has been working as a casual employee for a few random organizations. On New Year’s Eve, Rhonda sat at the desk journaling. She wanted to work on her career, so she asked herself these questions:

  1. What does my ideal career look like?
  2. What routines will get me to my dream job?
  3. What’s the main reason why I haven’t found a good job yet?
  4. What limiting belief do I need to change?

Now let’s have a look at Rhonda’s answers:

  1. I’d like to be a content marketer in a marketing agency.
  2. I need to send at least five resumes to various marketing agencies in my local area.
  3. The main reason why I haven’t found my dream job yet is because I wanted to achieve the final result directly. But realistically, I should start from an entry-level job in a marketing agency before I can become a real content marketer.
  4. My limiting belief – I am very well-educated, so I am not supposed to be a call center agent. However, if I answer the phone in a marketing agency as a customer service representative, I can join the right industry fast.

I know Rhonda’s example is about her career. Nevertheless, the same principle applies to dating and relationships as well.

“Does your vision require a lifestyle overhaul in 2022?”

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