Do you know your behavioral pattern in online dating?

December 27, 2021 at 11.03am by in Online Dating
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In truth, ladies do not want to be chased by a man that they have shown no interest in. Ladies want to be pursued by a man that they like. Thus, if you keep chasing a woman who doesn’t invest in you by being funny and smart, you are showing her that your standards are low because a high-value man who has options would never do that. If you have a similar behavioral pattern in online dating, please keep reading this blog post.

  • Dating isn’t about chasing a woman; it’s about attracting a woman.

Now I’d like you to imagine a movie star who has a lot of options with women (e.g., Leonardo DiCaprio). Is Leonardo trying very hard to impress a woman when she doesn’t put any effort into the conversation? Probably no. Lack of chase means Leonardo has high standards as well as lots of options.

Perhaps you aren’t Leonardo DiCaprio, so you are not surrounded by options in your love life right now. However, truthfully, the sooner you begin to act like a male celebrity who has a large number of options, the sooner that is literally going to happen for you in reality.

If a woman gives you lame responses on a dating site, you must stop responding immediately. Just withdraw all energy from the interaction. Full stop.

Having said that, if you still want to respond to her messages, you can send her an emoji which is low effort. But your energy shouldn’t be there for her when she shows no interest.

What’s more, asking a woman out has to be justified and based on the effort she has put into the conversation. If a woman doesn’t invest in the conversation, do not ask her out!

Of course, you have to listen to a woman’s cues very carefully. Never pursue a lady who shows very little interest in you. Let’s say a woman tells you that she won’t be online for a week because she is going away for a vacation, you can send this message to her: “Have fun and enjoy the beach & Do not hurry back ^_^” Now she knows you aren’t desperate for more interactions with her.

  • It’s okay to end the date early!

Many dates are actually too long. I remember a friend of mine was complaining about why his dates never went anywhere – he went out with various women for dates, but he has got no relationship from those experiences. Further examination reveals that each date was too long: if a date lasts for 4 or 5 hours, it can become very boring and dull.

I know maybe you want a date to be very long because you enjoy it so much, which is absolutely understandable. Yet in terms of online dating, the first date shouldn’t last for hours because it’s hard to keep the level of tension very high for such a long period of time. I would argue that the first date shouldn’t last for more than 2 hours; you’d better end the first date on a high! 😊

If you have to wake up at 8am and go to work in the morning, ideally the first date at night should be ended at about 9pm. So, if it’s a dinner date, 7-9pm is a good time. Remember: ending the first date early is a power move because it means you are not desperate and you have options as well as high standards!

“If you have already given a large number of resources into a dating situation, chances are you feel a bit compelled to make it actually work. As a consequence, if it doesn’t really work, you may have the fear of losing out. If a woman doesn’t show any interest in you, you have to cut the losses and then take your energy & time back for yourself. Never put up with anyone’s rubbish behavior. Always maintain your high standards in the online dating world.”

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