Do you have fear of rejection when you approach Ukrainian women?

Ukrainian women

When you see a Ukrainian woman in a social context, are you concerned if you approach her, she might reject you? Did fear of rejection prevent you from making a move? Are you getting in your own way?

  • Do you delay approaching a woman due to fear of rejection?

When you see a lady that you are attracted to, you might simply talk yourself out of saying hi because of fear of rejection. You end up being a stranger or her friend rather than her boyfriend as a result. In other words, fear of rejection can cause procrastination which leads to missed opportunities. Very sad.

Yes, she is single. She is there. But opportunities usually wouldn’t stay the same way for a lifetime. If a single woman is open to meeting you and dating you that day, it’s probably not going to be an absolutely constant state forever. That means if a woman is open to dating a man, she will possibly go ahead, take action and meet someone else… quickly.

You would never know whether she can become your girlfriend or not unless you make a move in the first place. When you don’t make your move, this opportunity will gradually (or immediately) disappear; fear of rejection will unfortunately drain your momentum.

  • Do you imagine being rejected before approaching women?

Sadly, a large number of guys imagine every bad way that an interaction may turn out – you might worry that if you say hi to that lady, her friends nearby would judge you or laugh at you. Or she would be offended by your words. Or her brother / dad sitting next to her will slap you in the face. That is to say, fear of rejection could train your brain to focus on negative outcomes that usually wouldn’t even happen. What about the positive outcomes that can happen?

Look, you don’t necessarily have to get a date with this woman. You can simply enjoy a great conversation with a lady that you feel attracted to. At least you will know that you are able to initiate a conversation with a woman that you like. If I were her friend sitting next to her and you approached her, I would secretly think… “This guy is so courageous. Well done.” 

Ukrainian women
  • Fear of rejection can create a pattern that you don’t want.

Each time you give yourself the permission not to make a move, you are sending a message to yourself, “I cannot approach women.” When this is done consistently, you are creating a pattern in your life, and then you slowly shrink into your boring comfort zone.

How about taking totally different actions so that your love life can be transformed in record time? When you can interact with a Ukrainian woman and communicate with her effectively, you will send a better message about what you are able to achieve in your love life! 

  • The mindset shift that you really need:

As you only focus on fear of rejection, you are making this all about one lady. As a result, you assume one interaction determines your entire love life and your future. But that is oftentimes not true.

In reality, there are a lot of ladies in this world who can give you what you deserve and make you very happy. Your responsibility is to discover these women and meet them.

Fear of rejection could stop you from making your move; you focus on one woman for a long time. Consequently, one woman stops you from meeting many women who meet your standards. So, from now on, I’d like you to change your focus: your blueprint isn’t about getting 1 woman’s approval. Your primary goal is to be willing to meet and communicate with new people in your life.

You will create your own opportunities and see what happens. Be curious. Remember: you have high standards that the right woman should meet; the woman that you feel attracted to hasn’t proven herself to you yet. If she can’t meet your standards, you don’t want her anyway. Therefore, please don’t feel intimidated by her good looks!

To sum up, you can overcome fear of rejection through knowing your real goals in life. I’m sure your real goal in life isn’t about getting a certain outcome from a woman that you don’t even know.

“Are you able to connect with Ukrainian women properly?”

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