Does Online Dating Work? Here’s How You Can Make it Work for You

September 12, 2019 at 12.26pm by in Online Dating
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In the digital age we live in, almost everything can be done online. Dating is one of those things. However, with all the negating factors, you may ask yourself, “does online dating really work?” Read on for some helpful strategies you can try to make online dating work for you.

Keep an open-mind

It’s a good idea to screen your preferences when dating online. However, if you are too strict, there’s a good chance that you’ll be limiting your choices which may lead to your dismay. As much as you want to click and be aligned with the perfect person right away, it probably won’t work out that way. After all, good relationships are built with differences that strengthen both of you in one way or another. Simply make sure to filter out the traits that you dislike a lot to avoid future deal-breakers or heartbreak.

Make sure your photos are recent and honest

You may be tempted to use a couple of filters to improve your image in your dating profile, but too much processing will only make your image look fake and overly done. Most people don’t like it when images are too edited because they find it unnatural. They are looking for an authentic partner and the last thing they want is to be surprised when you meet in person and you look nothing like your profile picture. Let them be attracted to what you currently look like. Imagine the awkwardness if you show up to your date looking completely different from your picture.

On the other hand, research suggests that men’s online dating photos look more attractive when they look away from the camera and don’t smile. Also, try showing off your hobbies like your love for sports or your talents.

Be a little mysterious

Make sure your profile describes your personality well but don’t write an autobiography. Let your potential date get to know you more through conversations and not just by reading your profile description. Besides, not exposing everything at once is a good way to make people want to find out more and get to know you better. This little trick is how online dating can work effectively for you.

Also, when on your date, don’t reveal everything about yourself in the first hour. Make meaningful conversations instead of rushing things. A good date builds over talk and time.

Proofread everything

-Again. Wrong grammar and spelling errors are not very attractive and will cause people to skip over your profile. Be sure to spell check your profile description every time you post something new. Today, no matter how attractive you look in your profile image, if you still don’t know the difference between they’re/their/there, you become unattractive to the reader.

Don’t wait too long to take it offline

As soon as you’ve found someone you would like to meet while online dating, take it to the next level. Go on a date to get to know each other better. If you are too far from each other, try video chatting. You can try video calls through FaceTime, WhatsApp or Viber for example. This will ensure that you build your relationship in a real-world setting.

In doing so, it proves how online dating can work. Meeting in person can also decrease the chances of the person you are interested in continuing their search and looking for love elsewhere.

Keep your expectations realistic

Putting too much pressure on a new relationship is never a good idea. Expecting too much from your date will also put pressure on them. Don’t try so hard to impress your date that you look uneasy and uncomfortable. If it works out, great! If not, you can always try again.

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