Don Draper VS Roger Sterling: Who should date a Russian lady?

December 10, 2019 at 9.38am by in Slavic Women
date a Russian lady

Statistics show that many more men than women are fans of the popular TV show Mad Men. Probably you have watched AMC’s best work of all time (Mad Men), so you are familiar with both Don Draper and Roger Sterling. These two charismatic and confident men are many guys’ role models. If you are wondering which of them is more suitable for a Russian lady, please keep reading this analysis now.

Don Draper prefers vulnerable woman, whereas Roger Sterling likes women who are able to challenge him.

These days western women are much more likely to believe in feminism and they generally can’t take criticism well (they feel offended easily and can’t see criticism as feedback). But it doesn’t mean western women are actually stronger.

If all women in western countries are encouraged to find high-profile jobs and are supposed to work, then where is true freedom for women? That’s why feminism doesn’t really work when it’s pushed too hard. In contrast, Russian ladies are less likely to believe in feminism because they are usually more traditional, so Russian women are actually less vulnerable. What does that mean?

Well, please let me explain.

A typical western woman wants to have a university degree and then find a corporate job. When she is on a date, she constantly wants to talk about her achievements (academic achievements and career achievements) because she believes that these things will impress a man and make her look stronger. However, real men don’t really care about their wives’ academic/career achievements because real men are able to be capable providers anyway. In this case, this typical western woman becomes vulnerable because she doesn’t actually know what men are really looking for in women.

By contrast, Russian ladies don’t want to use their academic/career achievements to impress men because they don’t think those are truly important in the dating department. At the end of the day, confident men prefer feminine women who value virtue, innocence and motherhood; real men don’t feel attracted to masculine women who want to compete with men. That’s why manly men tend to be attracted to Russian ladies who are much more feminine and traditional than western women.

Interestingly, Don Draper actually prefers vulnerable women. If you think about Don Draper’s stories, you would know that he mainly dated/married vulnerable women: Betty Draper has a university degree (but she is the most childish character on the entire show); Bobbie Barrett thinks that she is so powerful that she can manipulate men (but it turns out that her mindset and the way she operates are exactly why Don Draper controlled her).

However, Roger Sterling prefers truly strong women who can challenge him. His love for Joan Holloway is impressive: Roger Sterling likes a lady who doesn’t need him to be happy in life. As a matter of fact, many Russian ladies operate like that – they don’t need men to be happy in life because they are already happy; meanwhile, Russian ladies know that dating interesting men makes life more interesting and meaningful.

Don Draper is always chasing women, whilst Roger Sterling chooses respect first.

Mark Manson once said, “Bargaining with someone into respecting you or loving you destroys the entire relationship because if you have to persuade someone to love you, then they already don’t love you; if you have to convince someone to respect you, then they don’t respect you and never will; if you have to convince someone to trust you, then they can’t trust you.”

Don Draper isn’t very good at playing the long game (he can play the short game well). Nevertheless, Roger Sterling is a very dedicated man who is willing to give up the chase if there is a choice between having a relationship with a woman and being respected by a woman. Roger Sterling wants to be respected at all times, which is to be admired.

Since a lot of western women like playing games with men, Don Draper is more suitable for western women. Yet as I see it, Roger Sterling is very different, so Roger is a better candidate when it comes to meeting Russian women. Indeed, Russian women would prefer someone who chooses self-respect first.

Here is Roger Sterling’s philosophy: If you even have to ask “Does she love me?”, then the answer is no – she doesn’t love you. Remember: Love is a very strong emotion. If she loves you, you will know it. And Russian women would agree with Roger Sterling 100%.

Don Draper wants to look invincible, but Roger Sterling has self-awareness.

Although women like honest men who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable when it is necessary, it doesn’t necessarily mean women are attracted to weak men. The fact that Don Draper hides his painful past throughout the show means he isn’t able to be vulnerable when necessary. Don Draper wants to look invincible, but lying forever makes him extremely weak. Yes, in order to cover a lie, he has to remember what he has said and come up with new lies all the time. That alone will make him a weak man, so Russian ladies won’t find him very attractive.

Nonetheless, Roger Sterling has self-awareness. According to Gary Vaynerchuk, self-awareness is the most important thing that every successful man must have. Roger Sterling acknowledges the fact that he is an older guy and his health isn’t the best – this makes him look more attractive instantly because he is honest and he knows himself very well. More importantly, he accepts all facts about himself in his life. That’s why Russian ladies would feel attracted to someone like Roger Sterling, a guy with self-awareness.

Don Draper doesn’t understand value exchange, while Roger Sterling treats women with respect.

Apparently, when Don’s secretary Allison stormed out of his office angrily, we already know that Don Draper doesn’t understand value exchange – Allison deserves more because Don Draper has taken a lot from her already.

However, Roger Sterling operates very differently in this regard. Roger knows how to treat a lady well, although Roger isn’t perfect. Whenever Roger is alone with a lady, he makes her feel like she is the only person worth his attention. And that’s very important to Russian ladies who know what they deserve.

Therefore, Roger Sterling is probably a much better candidate in the Russian dating department. Also, Roger is more relaxed, more affluent and more fun-loving than Don Draper. These traits make Roger Sterling a wonderful guy overall. Moreover, Roger is very generous – When he was dating Joan Holloway, he bought her a luxury fur jacket. When he was about to leave Jane Sterling, he bought her an apartment. After he left Mona, he still gives Mona financial support all the time. Obviously, it can be seen that Roger Sterling respects women in the most important ways – he wants to be the ultimate provider who looks after women very well because he is a masculine, traditional, alpha guy that deserves true love, respect and admiration.

“It is said that psychology can only cure symptoms; in contrast, art, literature and religion can cure the root cause and bring you happiness.”

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