Fascinating questions to stay deeply in love with a Russian woman

January 26, 2021 at 10.48am by in Slavic Women
Russian women

When you are interacting with a Russian woman, you would be well-advised to ask her some fascinating questions which will enlighten her and build chemistry that can last.

  • Impress your Russian lady under the radar by asking the right questions.

The wrong questions are boring and dull. In contrast, the right questions are enlightening, stimulating and interesting.

Right Question 1: “Would you rather be twice as happy or twice as wise?”

This question is asking what she values – whether she values happiness or intelligence. Of course, chances are she values both of them, but if she has to choose one option, she will reveal what’s more important to her. 😉

Well, if she is already wise, maybe she will choose ‘twice as happy’!

Right Question 2: “What’s your secret guilty pleasure?”

Interesting women always have some kind of guilty pleasure, e.g., eating ice cream, drinking hot chocolate, watching 10 seasons of a TV show in one week, etc.

I interviewed a Russian lady last week. She told me that her secret guilty pleasure is listening to Whitney Houston’s songs (she assumes that Whitney Houston’s songs are uncool.)

Right Question 3: “What’s your basic principle to live by?”

Her basic rules show you her worldview and how she operates in life. If she says, “Honesty is always the best policy,” then you know you are probably dating the right woman. 😊

  • You are a true eye-opener if you ask these questions.

There are some eye-opening questions that you can ask your lady from Russia.

Eye-opening Question 1: “If your life were a TV show, which celebrity should be you as the star of the show?”

The celebrity that she chooses will indicate how she perceives herself in her heart! If she says Natalie Portman should play her character, it possibly means she thinks she is an elegant and intelligent woman. 😊

Eye-opening Question 2: “If our romantic relationship were a film, which songs should be on our soundtrack?”

I’ve interviewed several Russian women. Some of the popular songs that they have chosen include:

  1. This Side of Me (Savage Garden)
  2. Roses (Darren Hayes)
  3. Run to You (Whitney Houston)
  4. One Sweet Day (Mariah Carey)
  5. A New Day Has Come (Celine Dion)
  6. Right Here Waiting (Richard Marx)
  7. Home (Backstreet Boys)

Eye-opening Question 3: “Which is better to trust, your brain or your heart?”

An emotional woman tends to trust her heart; an analytical woman tends to trust her brain. That being said, research shows that what her heart says is more likely to be correct because a woman’s intuition is always right! By contrast, listening to your brain leads to overthinking nine times out of ten!

  • Ask high-quality questions that make her think.

A high-quality question makes a Russian woman remember the conversation forever.

High-quality Question 1: “What are you too old to do but still certainly like doing now as an adult?”

Perhaps everyone has something like that in their reality. For example, I’m too old to play like a child, but I still enjoy going to the beach with my friends and playing like kids. In my opinion, the world is not a prison; in fact, it’s a playground!

High-quality Question 2: “What did you think when you and I were on the first date?”

This is a fun question if you’ve been dating this Russian lady for a while. It’s good to know what she was thinking about when she met you for the first time, right? This question also re-ignites the spark if you are in a long-term relationship that needs some excitement! 😉

High-quality Question 3: “What common piece of advice never really makes sense?”

I remember a woman from Russia told me that most people think meditation and therapy can cure anxiety which is very commonplace in modern-day society, but in her opinion, the best way to cure anxiety is to play like a child!

She even says, “The opposite of play isn’t work; it’s anxiety.”

Ironically, the harder you work, the less productive you become if you are anxious. However, when you spend some time playing like a child every day, you can be much more productive and efficient at work!

“Ask a Russian woman how she would describe a perfect relationship in 3 words, e.g., 3 adjectives. Tell her this isn’t an English language test! If you are bold, you can even ask her ‘What’s something that’s very, very important to you yet you haven’t had a chance to tell me about it?’ Listen to her answer if you dare.”

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