Fashion advice: What is the right look that Slavic ladies respond to?

Slavic ladies

Have you wondered what to wear on the first date? If you aren’t sure, it’s time to take some notes! 😉

The first impression is formed within minutes of meeting each other.

Yes, the first impression is paramount because you are meeting your lady for the first time! If you have a very cool style and dress well, you’ll instantly be registered in her mind as a fairly cool and stylish man. William Shakespeare famously writes, “clothes maketh the man”. So, it’s time for you to find your own style! ✨

No, you don’t need to buy the most expensive clothes. But you must look great and know what’s current & what’s congruent with who you are. Please note that what to wear on the first date is probably more important than most men think.

If you wonder what to wear on the first date, maybe you should rethink your own style. Perhaps you need to get a brand-new wardrobe? Based on my observation and experience, people never regret investing in their appearance as this opens doors, thereby getting solid results in dating and relationships. ❤️

Every woman wants to be truly proud of the guy she is dating. She wants to admire his style and show her guy off to her family and friends. Therefore, your fashion sense is key. ✔️

Brian Tracy once said, “If you want to become a fantastic sales person, you must have very good clothes to wear because your style implies the quality of the products or services that you are selling. It starts from your personal presentation.”

I know Brian Tracy was talking about how to be an excellent salesperson, but his theory also applies to the dating context. Indeed, in many ways, dating and sales are very similar. Frankly, dating is the only situation in which two people are selling and buying at the same time!

Don’t look for excuses to explain why you can’t wear good clothes.

Please allow me to start this section by telling you a true story of mine.

Many years ago, I was hired by an upmarket shop which was a successful family business. Because I loved wearing casual clothes previously, I didn’t know much about formal clothes. At the very beginning of my new job, my boss didn’t give me the uniform because it took some time for the uniform to arrive. As I was simply wearing a sweater and dark gray pants, my boss was not happy with that, so she said to me, “You look like you are staying at home! You must wear a shirt and black pants. We are selling high-end products here, so you have to have a formal look. Make sure your makeup is done and your hair is done.”

At that time, I only had one shirt in my closet, so I was wearing that shirt the next day. Yet my boss was unhappy with that again and she said, “You didn’t iron your shirt!” Then I realized that I didn’t even have an iron, so I went to the supermarket after work and bought an iron for the first time in my life. It cost me $12. Also, I bought some high-quality clothes, including a black cardigan and a pair of black pants, from the local department store, a place that I wouldn’t visit as a young woman.

Long story short, that job didn’t last for a long time. But I learned a lot from that experience: I purchased the very first top which cost me more than $100 in order to look good at work. That top still looks amazing today – after so many years! By contrast, all of my cheap clothes wouldn’t last for more than 1 or 2 years. Hence, in terms of the expensive top, the cost per wear is actually lower! In other words, I can actually save money if I buy expensive clothes. (All of those fancy clothes that I bought when I had that job are still in my closet right now because quality lasts for a very long time.)

“Before going out for a date with a Slavic lady, be sure to get some fashion advice so you’ll look wonderful and feel wonderful!”

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