First Date Tips: What to Talk About on a First Date

February 26, 2019 at 3.01pm by in Dating advice
First Date Tips: What to Talk About on a First Date

There’s always something about first dates that makes a person feel excited and overwhelmed at the same time. It’s exciting because a first date opens the door to the possibility of finding a life partner. It’s also overwhelming and daunting because you want to make sure the date goes according to plan.

You make sure that you don’t mess up. Also, you and your date have fun while making sure you leave a good impression. While first dates can be awkward most of the time, you can make the whole dating experience more memorable and positive for both of you. It all boils down to having a great conversation.

So, which topics should you talk about on a first date?

Keep reading and learn from these tips!

Talk about family

Learning about a person’s family will more or less give you an idea about who they really are. It will help you understand their background and the kind of person they are today. Ask basic questions, such as whether or not they have siblings or their relationship to their parents. It will reveal a lot about your date because people can talk about their families non-stop. So any topic surrounding family can be excellent to avoid awkward silences in a conversation.

Pay a compliment

Another great way to start off a good conversation is by giving your date a compliment. Take notice of how they look. If you like the way they are dressed or the way they did their hair, be sure to tell them about it. If you are already in the middle of getting to know each other and they talk about an achievement in career or any facet of their life, let them know you admire their talents and skills. Doing this will make them feel more comfortable opening up to you. It will also give them the impression that you are paying attention.

Ask what’s on their bucket list?

Asking a person about their bucket list can reveal a lot about their dreams and goals. Regardless of whether or not they realize it, we all have something we want to achieve. We all have big and small dreams, short and long term goals. Once you ask them this question, you’ll surely get your date to start talking. And when you see the excitement and spark in their eyes, you know how passionate they are about these dreams. Also, don’t forget to talk about your own goals and ambitions. There should be a healthy exchange of ideas to make the conversation more fun and interesting.

Discuss each other’s interests and passions

Ask your date about what they love doing on their leisure time or ask them to describe how their ideal weekend looks like. What do they do outside of work? Do they have hobbies and interests similar to yours? Encourage them to talk about their happiest experiences. Also, make sure to listen attentively. It’s also a great idea if you could tell them a story you can connect to theirs or maybe a similar experience. It will make the conversation more natural and free-flowing.

Ask about their dream destination

Talking about a dream destination is an exciting conversation starter. After all, nothing beats the feeling of having to travel and explore a new and foreign place, right? Ask them to tell you about a place they have already dreamt of visiting, and why they have chosen that city. Also share about your own dream destination. Who knows, you might share cities or countries you both would like to visit. Or, this topic might pave the way for you discuss future vacation plans together.

Talk about your favorite food

Food is everybody’s favorite topic. So go ahead and ask your date if there is any food they can’t say no to. Or, you can also ask them to describe the best meal they’ve had. It will be fun to find out if you have similar tastes when it comes to food. It will also give you an idea if your date is hard to please when it comes to food choices.

The quality of your conversation is a huge factor that determines the success of your first date. Be sure you have the most fun and memorable conversations with your date by trying out these tips.

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