Food for thought: Empowering ideas on careers, life and online dating

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If someone is worldly and knowledgeable, people automatically associate them with attractiveness.  That means life-long learners are more likely to be attractive. This article is going to provide you with a wealth of food for thought regarding careers, life as well as online dating.

  • How to navigate romance, careers and life:

Three tips on how to continue dating your spouse after “I do”: 1) Have a date night once a week. 2) Go somewhere for a vacation regularly. 3) Learn something new together.

Having too much to do is overwhelming, but you can write down everything that needs to be done in your diary. Now you simply focus on one detail at a time to reduce the stress.

Don’t let your past define your future. If you have things to work on, do it now.

When a relationship ends, you don’t need closure because that’s actually called completion. If you think about it, that relationship still offered you some good value. Even though the ending isn’t pleasant, it doesn’t mean the entire relationship was meaningless.

What’s relevant today might become obsolete tomorrow, so it’s really important to keep learning new skills.

Self-confidence is the state of feeling certain about the truth of your worth. Certainty is the primary attribute of a high-value person. A person who is 100% certain about themselves has a deep feeling of self-worth which informs all their other attributes.

A person of integrity doesn’t compromise what they believe in merely in order to seek approval from other people, nor do they allow bad behavior slide so as to try and fit in.

Usually, what you love doing is also what you are good at. But not everyone can specify what they are actually passionate about. However, everyone knows what they are curious about & what they enjoyed doing when they were 6 years old.

Leaders are readers. How many books do you read each year?

Instead of figuring out how to monetize your passion, I’ll ask you this question – What can you keep talking about all day? That’s what you actually love.

The real secret to finding your passion is to bring passion to everything you do.

Your passion, your talent and what the market would pay for – the intersection of these three areas is your calling.

  • The truth about goal-setting:

Frankly, goal-setting alone will not help you achieve your goals. In my opinion, both goal-setting and daily rituals are equally paramount. That means every day you have to do something that moves the needle forward.

If you can’t see your goal every day, then you don’t have a goal. I’ve written down my goals on a piece of paper which is attached to the glass door in the shower – now I can see my goals every morning when I’m having a shower!

Working hard is important. You can work twice as hard as others, but you can’t work ten times harder than others. That’s why you must work smarter.

Nine times out of ten, when good luck happens, it has something to do with certain people in my life because they bring good luck to me. That means good luck results from a powerful network. Also, as Seneca famously said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Luck is the real differentiator. This doesn’t mean intelligence and hard work are not important. Actually, those two aspects are extremely paramount. But truthfully, there is something that most people don’t want to admit – this world is full of intelligent and hardworking people, so the real differentiator is actually luck. (Sorry for the unpleasant realism.)

Resilient people become successful in spite of obstacles, because of obstacles. It turns out that obstacles are a huge motivator!

If your friends don’t want you to be successful, they are not your friends. You must find new friends because you can only look after so many interests at a time.

Four components of a relationship: 1) admiration; 2) connection; 3) commitment; 4) compatibility. Without compatibility, the other three components won’t work.

Five aspects of dating: 1) chemistry; 2) communication; 3) connection; 4) how you handle conflict; 5) how you handle change.

Do you and your partner have compatible values? More importantly, do you and your partner have compatible flaws?

When you settle for less, you get less than what you settle for.

If you haven’t had a rejection yet, it only means you haven’t tried your best – so far, you’ve been reaching for the low-hanging fruit.

“Reading another onlinedating book won’t improve your love life unless you implement what you’ve learned. If you don’t take action, reading another book is just an avoidance activity.”

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