From a dating agency in Ukraine to you: How to feel better about being single

dating agency in Ukraine

If you are a single guy reading this blog post, you are in for a treat today because I’m going to share with you some very powerful tips that will make you feel so much better about being single in today’s day and age! This is just like a loving letter from a dating agency in Ukraine to single men like you.

  • Invest in your health.

A few years ago, a colleague of mine was single. He told me that he studied nutrition because he would like to invest in his health which is very important to him. His goal is to live until he is 100 years old.

We live in a modern world where junk food is everywhere, so seeing him having such a great goal is very inspiring.

Because he was single at that time, he had enough time to invest in his health. He is the fittest person that I know. His motto is simple: eat well and sleep wellSimple but effective.

When I met him, he was in his early 50s. He decided to go to university and get an advanced degree so that he can improve his career. That means he would invest in his education as a mature single guy. Unlike many men in their 50s who wouldn’t consider going back to school, this guy is highly motivated.

So, if you are also a single man, you may explore the opportunities in your single life: hobbies, journaling, spending more time with family….

dating agency in Ukraine
  • What if you feel lonely or frustrated when you are single?

On the Internet, there are many articles about why you should feel great about being single so that you can meet someone great. Those theories all sound very pretty, but in reality, it’s important to acknowledge the loneliness or frustration caused by being unattached because that’s how a lot of single people actually feel. However, in modern-day society, no one can say they are lonely because loneliness is almost a taboo topic in our culture, even though it’s extremely common.

Let’s look at this scenario:

If you tell others that you are lonely, you might be concerned about whether other people see you as a loser because a high-value guy wouldn’t be lonely, right?

I’m going to admit something that is totally true, although it’s unpleasant: When I was dealing with anxiety as a younger person, I felt a combination of dread, grief and loneliness. I called a counsellor who was recommended to me by someone I trust. When that counsellor heard those three words (“dreadgrief and loneliness”), he was utterly amazed because those words are honest, profound and accurate.

After working with a dating agency in Ukraine, I’ve learned some helpful ideas:

First of all, your perspective on your relationship status determines how you feel about being unattached. Research shows that those who see themselves as being voluntarily single don’t really feel lonely, whilst those who believe that being single is involuntary feel very, very lonely.

As a result, you can reframe your perspective. Instead of focusing on the negatives of being unpartnered, you would be well-advised to focus on the positives of a single life: so much freedom and a lot of time for yourself!

Second, you may find other goals to focus on so that you will feel more empowered and confident. This could be your career goals or other goals that you want to accomplish.

For instance, Jake is learning a foreign language because he is curious about that culture. Because Jake is single, he has lots of time to learn a new language. Jake says this has helped him to develop a sense of satisfaction with his life as a single guy.

  • Don’t compare yourself with your married friends.

If you envy your married friends’ photos on social media, think again.

In fact, you never know all the details of your married friends’ relationships – what seems to be an ideal romantic relationship on Facebook may be completely different in reality.

Also, you don’t necessarily want a relationship like that. For example, the least cool people that I know are all married – I don’t want a marriage like that. I have high standards. 

“According to a dating agency in Ukraine, single men are more likely to have enough time to pursue rewarding careers, so don’t worry about being single now! Why not invest in your education, career and hobbies when you are not partnered? In the future, when you’re married, your goals will change, and that’s okay! ”

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