Going to Ukraine & meeting Ukrainian women: the secret is in the social life

February 22, 2020 at 3.14pm by in Slavic Women

Nowadays more and more western men have become location independent – they work as online freelancers or run internet businesses. As a result, they can move to Ukraine and live in different cities each year. Small wonder a growing number of western men are interested in dating Ukrainian ladies these days.

Identify what kind of women you’d like to meet: Where are these women? And you should be there as well!

Bryan is an Irish guy looking for a Ukrainian girlfriend. He prefers an elegant, sophisticated and well-educated lady. My advice for him is to avoid going to a club where people can buy 2 glasses of beer for $1. Honestly, his ideal lady probably isn’t there (and won’t be there).

I asked Bryan to go to an upscale place where high-value women would frequent, so Bryan attended fashion shows and wine-tasting events. He met a large number of potential partners at those events. Now he is dating a very beautiful lady from Ukraine.

If you are just like Bryan – you are a successful, established and intelligent guy looking for a high-quality Ukrainian girlfriend, you may go to a concert in Ukraine. Actually, you should buy a VIP ticket because concert tickets in Ukraine aren’t expensive anyway, and the VIP ticket will probably allow you to attend the after party or the pre-concert party where you are able to socialize with other VIPs, including many attractive Ukrainian women.

How to build a high-value social network which improves your love life:

Yes, having a vibrant circle of high-quality friends can expand your chances of meeting Ukrainian ladies quickly. An individual with 4 close friends not only has people to go to bars with, but also knows 4 people who have cousins, siblings, co-workers, friends and neighbors. These individuals might become your potential partners / candidates.

I’d like to show you how to build a powerful social network now. You are welcome 😉

In the first place, you should totally say yes to every invitation when you move to Ukraine. Just say yes to everything no matter it’s a picnic or a business dinner. See what happens. Be curious.

For those who need some more motivation, I recommend a movie called Yes Man in which Jim Carrey teaches you how to become more motivated and say yes to all invitations.

This alone will surely maximize your chance of meeting a very high-value Ukrainian lady.

In the second place, you may want to meet people who share your interests and passions. As you sign up for that painting class, it will certainly be full of people who share your passion for painting. What kind of individuals are you going to meet at your one-day poetry seminar? Those who are equally interested in poetry.

That being said, the goal is not to fill your schedule with meaningless or useless events and activities. The true goal is to build a wonderful lifestyle that you enjoy. Please note that the combination of saying yes to events and activities you like, plus enlarging your social circle of friends and contacts, will definitely create an exciting lifestyle which brings you satisfaction, and also may lead you to the ideal Ukrainian woman you like.

Advice on how to become a good conversationalist:

Please remember to invest in your communication skills. You may buy a book on this topic. Or you can borrow some books about communication from the library. Alternatively, you could take a digital course online which teaches you how to improve your charisma. This depends on your learning style. If you prefer reading written texts, then you should totally read books about this topic. But if you prefer watching videos on a screen, you would be well-advised to take an online program.

Again, the resources are abundant, so you simply have to make full use of these resources.

Indeed, every relationship begins with a conversation. It’s not only where you go, but what you say and what you do when you’re there that matters. Exposing yourself to many opportunities is of vital importance, but it doesn’t help if you cannot even have great conversations with others when you go to events. It’s time to learn how to talk to people if you are nervous whenever you go out.

To be honest with you, being social is not about being an extrovert. Learning how to talk to Ukrainian girls is about honing a real skill, not changing your personality. You can be very introverted and still sociable. Everyone is biologically programmed to be a sociable creature as that’s just human nature (nobody is an island).

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you have to be the loudest person when you are at a party. I mean you’d better be prepared to show some interest in other people and open up when you go out.

If you are nervous while talking to strangers, you should totally change your goal right now: Rather than focusing on talking to Ukrainian ladies you like, you should focus on talking to everybody, whether female or male. In reality, the most charismatic individuals are people who can talk to anyone, who can relate to or charm everybody, no matter they are male or female. These magnetic people are not concerned about rejection, for their intent is simply to be sociable in a social context.

When you become a sociable person in general, you’ll feel relaxed while talking to someone you’re attracted to, since you will have good social muscles. When having conversations with other people is a ritual in your life, talking to an attractive Ukrainian lady will be natural and easy. You just need to exercise your social muscles in the first place.

Do you have the tourist mindset?

When you go to Ukraine, you’re alert and full of interesting questions because you are a tourist. Therefore, your curiosity becomes a motivator that makes you more brave than usual. Note that the tourist mindset is characterized by curiosity: travelers chat with local residents when they meet these local people, they ask directions, they ask others about Ukraine, and they usually get chatty when they go out because they are keen to meet new friends.

As a result, when you are a tourist, you automatically have a very inquisitive mind. Because you are curious about people and places, the fear / anxiety about approaching Ukrainian women vanishes. You can’t even remember that ridiculous idea that every interaction has two outcomes: approval or rejection. Hence, you’re just out there living your life to its fullest, meeting interesting friends, building a circle of new contacts, enriching your amazing lifestyle…until one day you meet your Ukrainian girlfriend, i.e. a true lady who would like to be a part of your beautiful life.

“Going to Ukraine means meeting a large number of potential candidates – now you can have options and choose the ideal partner you like.”

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